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Curly Nikki

Most Embarassing Hair Moments

By January 27th, 202148 Comments

Most Embarassing Hair Moments

What’s yours?

CN Responds:

Nothing really stands out… but I hate coming home at the end of the day only to find some foreign object (i.e. leaf, lint, product booger) hanging out with my curls.

I spend the next few minutes torturing myself– mentally retracing my steps, trying to remember where I’d been, and who would’ve seen it. I then silently curse the folks who didn’t tell me, and finally, attempt to convince myself that it must have *just* found it’s way to my head. No worries, lol.


  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, and another time I was sitting in a cafeteria on campus eating lunch with a male friend and his roommate. Out of nowhere I felt movement on my scalp and a few seconds later a small bug just falls out of my hair and onto my plate! Probably came from those damn trees on campus again (I really hate those things).

    All I could do was smile like "Yea, AND??" Then after a few moments of silence my friend says "A bug just fell out of your hair". Oh really now, Captain Obvious?

  • Anonymous says:

    I had blown my fro out to massive heights one day and was feeling extra fly. While walking around campus I tried to duck under a low branch hanging over the sidewalk. My fro got snagged on that stupid branch and yanked my head back. Just killed my style, shut down my groove, everything. I detangled myself quickly and tried to ignore the crazy looks from people

  • BuenaventuraAvenue says:

    Another event, although I'm not sure exactly when it happened. I transitioned between Feb and Nov 2008. I knew my hair didn't look that good during those times (especially the first 4 months) but I didn't realize how bad it was until very recently. Just the day before yesterday, my friend, who was only an acquaintance back in 08, told me that she saw me one day and my hair looked horrible. That stings. I hope it was in the beginning when I didn't really know what I was doing. If it turns out that it was several months in, when I thought i had mastered making my hair lay down, my feelings will really be hurt.

    How many days did I walk around looking a mess? How come no one told me? As you can tell, this is a fresh wound 🙁

  • BuenaventuraAvenue says:

    My freshman year in college I was in my dorm room flat ironing my hair. My room was right by the elevator so it was a high traffic area. A group of girls walk past and exclaim loudly about how it smells like burnt hair and how awful the smell is. I know they're referring to me but I don't get too worked up about it because I go to a primarily white school and those girls didn't know what they were talking about. My hair wasn't burning, it was product on the iron burning. It's not a pleasant smell, but it's not sickening either and that's just what a black salon smells like. I was more annoyed than anything. But over the next 30 minutes, 2 other groups of girls walk past and mention the smell, too. That's when I started to get embarrassed.

  • Kitty says:

    Wow There are some doozies up here!

    I've had most of my embarrassing hair moments during my relaxed days.

    1. Rainy day in HS. Had my relaxed hair in a very tiny ponytail. I took off my hood and my ponytail was sticking up a cockatoo's head fathers! One of the popular girls that picked on me started to laugh and so did everyone else. I was kinda clueless until I saw a mirror. I was so humiliated I got permission not to go to the rest of my classes and stayed with one of my favorite teachers. This event led me to my first BC.

    2. I went back to the creamy crack at 19-20 and I wanted a punk rock hairstyle: spiked in the back and with a smooth bang in the front. So I went to my neighborhood Dominican salon with picture in tow. Handed it to the stylist and waited. I saw myself in the mirror and was horrified! I had an old lady hairstyle! It was curled instead of spiked and the same with my bangs. My Mom forced me to thank the stylist, who could obviously see I was pissed. I broke out into tears when I got to the car. I had a tantrum and was furious. When my fiance came by he said it wasn't that bad and everyone was telling me I was overreacting. From then on I never wanted to visit a salon to straighten my hair.

    3. Here's one as a natural: I went to the salon to get my ends trimmed. The stylist shampooed my hair twice, conditioned and detangled roughly, and then took a fine toothed comb to separate my hair and clip the ends. She broke my hair and it was uneven. I tried to fix it and it got worse. I ended up tryng to hide the damage with twist outs. I had to BC again at the barber. I could see how uneven it was when the barber picked out my hair to shave. UGH!!

    4. Way before incident 3, my afro was a mess! mushroom shaped and gray from dryness. Using all the wrong products for my hair (petroleum, etc…). And I thought I looked good. I still have those pics on my fb. My relatives in Puerto Rico would ask my mom if I combed my hair. Oh boy!

    What's sad is that I've had my fair share of embarrassing bad hair days. UGH. Glad they're over for now. God willing.

    Thank God for hair sites like these or else I'd still look a mess!

  • luvleelox says:

    This is sooo funny…I am at my desk cracking up at all these stories while simultaneously having flashbacks myself! OK…here are my two MOST embarrassing hair moments:
    #1- I was 16 and trying to get cute for the first day of school as a Junior…mind you, my family and I had just relocated from California to Washington State so I was already depressed and near suicidal telling everyone that would listen my new stepfather had taken me and my mom to the Pacific Northwest to DIE (I was highly skilled in teen drama); so getting ready for school that morning, I was pressing my hair and the comb was WAY too hot…why did I watch my bangs disintegrate as soon as the hot comb touched them? Needless to say the rest of that day was a blur…I am not sure if I made it through the day or spent the day medicated.

    #2 This is a TRUE STORY: a few years back I had taken my daughter and son to outdoor volley ball practice and on the way home we heard a cricket in the car with us…I HATE crickets and we live in Phoenix-they are everywhere. All I could think about it that if a cricket jumped onto the dashboard of the car while I was driving we were ALL GOING TO DIE (yes, I’m still dramatic) because I would totally freak out!

    So we pull over, search the car to no avail; driving a bit more we hear the cricket again, this time it is louder and I am like OMgee we have got to find the cricket so we pull over again, get out look all through the car again and just as we were about to give up my son yells at the top of his lungs (he’s dramatic like his mother)- “MOM- the crickets on your head!” The cricket had been sitting on top of my locs all along and apparently comfortable enough to make music…so of course I start screaming and jumping up and down my daughter takes a handful of my locks and starts beating me about the head as she screams and jumps up and down too…cars start to slow down and watch this fiasco (remember we are pulled over on the side of a busy road)…that cricket must of ran for his life and we still laugh so hard we cry when we retell this story.

  • Arianna says:

    ok so one of the most horrible things for me is to smell bad or funny and on top of that being a women is not just about good hygiene but about smelling the best.i used to flat iron my hair and didn't wash it for a while because i got it done 2 times a month and didn't yet know how to do it on my own (my mom didn't like this but at 13 she let me do what i wanted with my hair), b/c of that my hair didn't smell like perfection and it got sweaty like anyone's hair. This guy had been crushing on me for weeks in class, smiling at my, saying hi and telling people how pretty he thought i was.
    i was uninterested yet flattered and liked him as a friend anyway but one day behind my back in biology he came and sniffed my hair(my scalp more like haha) and just burst out "damn your hair is stinky!" i just about died b/c i knew he was right, i just gave him this weird look and asked him what he was doing smelling my hair like a weirdo,I played it off with the help of my friend but inside i was burning up. my friend and i never talked about it and when i got home i begged my mom to take me to the salon but there was not time and i dreaded wearing it curly even for one day at 13, it was also why i washed and flat-ironed so much during HS (killed my ends and eventually the length)
    so one of the best satisfactions i get to this day of being curly is because it never stinks
    whew! had to get that horrifying middle school story off my chest!
    o ya the boy always treated me politely but it took him a while to resume his previous courting tactics 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    In third grade my mom started learning to do box braid extensions on me. One day at the end of gym class the guy of my 9 year old dreams came up to me, handed me one of my extensions, laughed and said "i think you dropped this." WOW

  • Shana says:

    When I wear my nu-age fro (finger styled), people always say, 'you should comb your fro'. I mean does it really look like an uncombed fro – cause that was not the look we were going for!

  • kimmie0810 says:

    OMG! I'd be mortified if all my braids/twists came out floating in the ocean. I'd HAVE to laugh though. What else could I do?

    I've had braids slide RIGHT OUT of my hair before. My hair has to be long to get it braided with extensions b/c it's so soft that it slides right out. I've even been charged extra b/c they say it hurts their hands to have to grip it so tight. I was walking around with braids falling left & right. I didn't even have to cut & unravel them all. I just tugged & slid them right out. Again, being dumb & not thinking about the hair I might have lost but it didn't seem like any of my hair came out. The braids slid out easily.

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG kimmie0810 has me crying laughing at my desk right now whooo!!!

    And anonymous on 11/4 @8:57 am whooo girl, I almost chocked on my lunch at that twists floatin all over the ocean like seaweed ROFLMAO!!! – Onebyd42

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG…ladies, keep 'em coming! These are the best laughs I've had in a minute!!! (But the bug stories are creeping me out!)

  • Andrea says:

    How many people ran to the bathroom to check their hair when they say this topic…. I'm on my way right now, lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    lmbo @ all the hair messes and misses we've had…..well I went back home a about two years ago for a family emergency. Money was a lil tight so I went on CL to find someone to braid my hair in kinky twists….MY MISTAKE….I'm from St.Thomas so I can't go home and not go to the beach….Coki Point is always bangin on Sundays…I am single and always on the prowl, so while we were enjoying our lil beach excursion a group of local guys came up to us and the flirting was hot n heavy…..1 of them thought it was a good idea to pick me up and dunk me in the water (good fun). Baaaabbeeee when I resurfaced so did the plaits….my kinky twists were floatin all over the ocean like seaweed….my fams was laffin soooo hard…the damn beach was sooooo crowded…lil kids were runnin out of the water cuz they din't know what was floatin towards them…I ducked tucked and took my butt home….

  • Unknown says:

    I am so SLAIN!! The best quote from this entire post? "DAMN COCKATOO FOOL!" lololololol I'm sorry Kimmie, but that's almost too much for me to handle 😀

    As for myself…I don't have any embarrassing moments. But I have found all manner of insects and creepy crawlies in the my hair at the end of the day 🙁 The worst was a dead beetle. I think my hair smothered it lol.

  • kimmie0810 says:

    I thought of another story that actually won me a prize on FB: a basket of Cara B natural hair & skin products! Woo hoo!!

    OK, I have really fine, soft curly hair. (Think afro-cuban/dominican). I got "kiddie perms" growing up & thru my 20s. In the 80s & 90s freeze curls & asymmetrical bobs were all the rage. I couldn't get ANY of those styles. My hair barely held a curl so it definitely did NOT stack out like Salt N Pepa or Roxanne or MC Lyte. Everyone loved my hair b/c I could swim & put lotion in it (I was dumb back then) & keep it moving. But all I wanted was a "black girl style". Senior year I go to this woman who tells me that "no wonder" I can't get these styles b/c a kiddie perm isn't doing ANYTHING to my hair. But she's gonna fix that! She gives me some relaxer & cuts my hair. Then proceeds to style it. What I ended up with was a shag rolled under in the back, stacks on the sides, plastered down finger waves in the front and a big ass crimped fan going from one ear to the other. U couldn't tell me NOTHIN b/c I was so shocked my hair was stacked & was standing up across my head! Nevermind I had to spray it down with brown gel spray & then fry the crimps in it with tiny curling iron everyday. I was hittin! Took senior portraits & was flabbergasted to see I looked like A DAMN COCKATOO FOOL! I dunno why nobody told me how ridiculous I looked with that fan of hair going across my head like a peacock's tail. So I had to re-take my senior pics. I am still not happy that I had a shag but by then the bangs & stacks had grown out some & I had a nice, full, bouncy "mushroom"/bob type style & then that dreaded shag hanging in the back lol

  • diamondcurls says:

    You all made me choke laughing!! Woo Lawd! LOL!!

  • Channing says:

    LMAO!!! I am dy-ing over here!! This is just too too funny!

    Ok. My most embarrasing moment was about a year ago w/ my then bf. I had been wearing sew-ins and at the time I was rockin one w/a loose curl that I cut into a bob. Now keep in mind I was lookin super fly that day, getting complimented left and right so i was feelin myself…

    Anywhoo so one night he decided to be all spontaneous romantic and have a mini picnic on the beach, well…we didn't get much eating done so when we left I was hungry and we decided to go to this restaurant to get some dessert.

    Soon as we walk in everyone is just staring, I didn't think anything of it cause it had been happening all day [cause I was fly remember lol] so were waiting to be seated, the hostess keeps staring [im thinkin she's lookin at the boo] everone who walks in and out…staring, some smiling, so i'm like ok?

    So I look down and notice some sand on me, I'm like OMG that's why they were staring, how embarassing. and I go into the bathroom to brush it off, I look in the mirror and to my HORROR my hair is sticking straight up. MY hair, the part on the top and fromt left out from the weave, apparently the humidity from the beach got to it and it reverted, I looked like don king with a permed mullet in the back!

    I was mor-ti-fied! I couldn't believe my bf let me walk in there lookin like i had been held underground for a week! UGH I'm gettin upset just thinkin about it lol. All i had was a jacket with a hood so i had to do my best to twist my hair into something barely presentable and kept the hood up so i could make it out of there.


  • Anonymous says:

    LMAO @ kimmie0810!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My most embarassing natural hair story just happened a few weeks ago. I ran out of KCCC so after washing I decided to try some of that Set It Free gel I had lying around. Curls looked ok; left the house and went to the dr, ran a few errands, was gone a couple of hours. Came home and looked in the mirror to discover I had a HUGE white crusty spot on my neck by my ear where my wet gelled hair had rested. It looked nasty, and no one mentioned it at all! So embarrassed…

  • CurlySha says:

    @Carla OMGEE I feel you, I too am HORRIBLY afraid of spiders, I wouldn't argue if someone said I suffered from arachnaphobia. I got goosebumps just reading your entry!
    My most embarassing hair moment was before I went natural, I was a freshman in high school trying to impress this senior I was crushing on and I decided to take the long way back to my table of friends so that I could pass his table and get him to see me. When I got back to my table my friend told me that I looked like a conehead because I had a hump of hair sitting ontop of my head from when I scratched it and the rest of my hair was perfectly fine. I pulled out the mirror, saw it and sank into my chair lol!

  • kimmie0810 says:

    JHERI CURL!!! *drops mic*

  • Nina says:

    I was driving down the highway with my music blaring, windows rolled down, shades on – stylin'! My hair was whipping in the wind – you couldn't tell me anything! A good looking young man pulled up along side of me in his car and we flirted for a mile or so. I tried to play coy by rolling up my window. I rolled my hair up with it! I had half of my hair inside the car and the other half stuck outside of the closed window!! The dude drove off as fast as he could! That's what I get for trying to be too cute!

  • Yolanda says:

    I wear my medium length hair in twist-out, and depending on the gel or cream that I use my hair tends to have a medium to heavy hold. Well on this paricular day, there was piece of hair standing up on top of my head. I tried to flattening the piece of hair, but that did not work.
    The second most embarrassing moment, I was on a cruise with my ex and his family. I was in a rush so I decided to do a wash and go with kinky curly custard. Well, we got off the boat in Key West and it was blazin hot and my hair was so wet, I had droplets of water all over my neck, shoulders and back. It was so embarrassing! I had to walk around the island with a napkin to wipe the product off my face and neck.

  • Anonymous says:

    These stories are so funny! lol and some are embarassing too! Wow! Well anyways here goes nothing…I'm already a slow person! I can't stand myself sometimes…anyways I wanted to do a W&G with KCCC as usual but ever now and then on some inpulsive mess I like to try diffrent things not know what the outcome will be…so this moring I decide I wanted to try the Knot Today with KCCC…some people rave about the combo…nothing wrong with that right? WRONG! My hair was filled with these "White product like Boogers" if you will! Yuk! To make matters worse I was late for work so I had to dash…I figured i could just walk and it would dry on the way to work…I had enough time right? WRONG AGAIN!

    When I got on campus I ran into a guy that works there and we talk from time to time…why now! I tried to turn my head the opposite way hoping that he wouldn't notice me or maybe he could see me for some reason you know like I was invisible! Maybe he would just pass me without speaking…you know how people do that sometimes…lol no such luck…Hey Girl what cha doing? damn…here he comes! Oh hey what you doing? No eye contact @ all side eye if you will! My hair must have still had all the product boogers all mixed in… some wet areas here dry ones there…I was so self concious!

    Anyways once I got up stair I ran to the bathroom looked in the mirror and my worst fears were comfirmed…my hair looked like white product boogers were dispersed through out my hair…do you think that's why he didn't mention a word to me about my hair? He usually does! lol anyways it wasn't funny then but I can laugh about it now! lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I found a spider in my hair once…scary..

  • christina says:

    when i first big chopped i was so excited to try everything that i put shea butter coconut oil and gel in my hair and strut outside mind you it was early march and freezing. By the time i got to class, not only was my hair frozen because it was so cold but it was completely white because of the way the shea butter and gel mixed :/ i looked a hot mess lol

  • Anonymous says:

    These are great. I too have suffered from the humidity destroyed twist out, only to find that out after photos have been taken. (no more twistouts on the beach!)
    The worse I think was years ago I side hugged my then boyfriend while we were walking down a major street. As I had leaned in he was getting ready to unzip his jacket and my hair got caught up in the zipping motion. I was literally stuck to his chest via this zipper. People were cracking up as we tried everything to get me out. We didn't want to rip my hair…We finally walked ourselves into a store and they let us sit down and a woman helped him pull out as many individual strands as he could before he yanked the zipper down. I think everybody got a good laugh but I was embarrased.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh… i started wearing my natural hair down and out last year after wearing it in a ponytail for all my life. Well the first few days I put enough gel in it to keep it from frizzing and swelling, but one day i was rushing and didn't have time to tend to it. I was in math class and my math teacher kept on gesturing towards the top of his head. I had no idea what he was doing until I realized he was telling me to fix my hair! I went to the bathroom and it was a total, poofy, nasty mess! Horrible!!

  • Anonymous says:

    omgggg these are all sooooo funny….:O Mine was when I did not twist my hair up the night before and I thought I would just "wet it" with no product and walk out the door because I was running late. I get to work and look in the mirror and my hair was so damn STRUNK on my head, I mean it looked TIGHT and dry….I just played it off like i knew i was looking good and kept it pushing inside i was cringing tho….LOLL FAKE IT TIL U MAKE IT…..

  • Sherri says:

    I'm at my desk now trying not to laugh too loud!! I need my curlynikki breaks to maintain my sanity. @ anon 2:11, I went to get my eyebrows threaded Saturday with a semi damp wng. As I raised out the chair to pay I realized I left the back of the chair wet and full of product! Worst than Soul Glo!! Can you say MORTIFIED!! Keep em coming ladies!

  • StaceyMarie says:

    My most embarrassing natural hair moment: I walked into my b-day dinner after having my hair straightened & trimmed a few days prior, so I could wear my fro to my party the next day. We had a torrential downpour and as I walked into the restaurant, I felt my hair changing back into a puff! I had to sit through dinner looking like Two-face from Batman!! 1/2 frizzy straight hair and 1/2 shrunken curls!!

    My most embarrassing relaxed hair moment: I went for my weekly appt and my regular stylist wasn't there. The stylist didn't know I had only recently dyed my hair and used the color preserve shampoo on me! I had to go to school giving off a deep purple glow for weeks! People actually sang the "Barney Song" to me. (It was high school)

  • SaBrina says:

    Oh my goodness these stories are hilarious, and just what I needed on this cloudy day. I guess I'll add my 2 cents as well. Mine was that after getting my twistout looking just right along with the makeup and such. I had to go to the bathroom and check up on my face because I get a shiny face in a heartbeat. So anyway I had used some toilet paper because they were out of the paper towels. Needless to say that I didn't realize that some pieces of the tissue had worn off onto my face. I left the bathroom this way, and do you think anyone told me while I was out and about"Hell No". I didn't realize this until after I got into my car, and discovered this while looking into the mirror. I was so embarassed because I thought that I was looking good and such. I was like aint this a bytch and kept it rolling, and thought well we all have our moments of ha.. ha..

  • Chelonthia says:

    Saturday, October 30,2010 I cowashed my hair after letting it prepoo overnight. after rinsing my hair, i put in my yellow moisturizer that dries without leaving a color in my hair. well i had to be at work, so i expected the stuff to dry.. i got to work, spoke to all my coworkers, had been there for a while,and was helping a customer when he said that i had yellow stuff in my hair. i hightailed to the restroom to wet my hair. came back and asked said customer if i had gotten all the stuff out. he said no, grabbed the paper towel from hand, spun me around and started picking the product from hair. ( he was rough as well, kinda like that damned denman) i was beyond embarrassed.

  • Anonymous says:

    This summer I was laying down on a window in the bus, mind you I tend to be pretty heavy handed when applying oils and products (why Idk I just am, more=better in my mind). Anyway, my friends were on our way to climb Mount Sinai this summer out in dahab. I lifted my head off the window and there was this round oil stain. There were these slightly attractive french males behind me who started laughing. I was so embarrassed and I felt so bad that I wiped the stain with cuff of my sweater. But eh, I guess it happens to the best of us.

  • Jeannette says:

    In Oct '08, I went to a conference in NYC. Woke up early to press my hair out and it looked banging!!!! Curls were flowing and bouncy. My hair was shiny, I was in a great mood! When I stepped outside to the train station, I felt my hair getting bigger in the mist of the early morning dew but it was no big deal…so I thought. When I got to NYC I wondered why everyone kept looking at me like I was crazy! When I got inside I decided to check my hair and apparently, from the humidity, my hair swelled up like a cotton ball. To make matters worst, I only had a brush and every-time I brushed it, my hair got bigger and frizzier. There were no hair pins that I could find or even a hair tie or perhaps a rubber band. Because I needed to attend the conference, I had to step out into the crowd to network for hours looking a hot mess. That is the day when my confidence had to truly shine!! LOL LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    had a similar thing happen to me @Sherri. was the worst! i have this thing about people thinking my hair is a nest of dandruff and dead vermen, so seeing product flakes in my hair broke my heart.

    also, my first and last attempt with the twist out… no one told me that they have to be completely dry when you untwist. they looked fine when i left the house, but by noon, i have large frizzy chunks of hair standing atop my head. soooo embarassing 🙁

  • Natural-ness (LV) says:

    LOL @Ms. Lisa, something similar happened to me. I was at a grand opening event at our local botanical garden. I was wearing a great looking large braid-out. Well it started pouring down raining! I'm thinking, "I'm natural, I don't have to run from the rain!" So I'm at the garden taking pictures with the family, having strangers take pictures of all of us together. I get home and see the pictures, my hair was a swelled up mess. I couldn't even call it a afro. It looked like a matted bird's nest. Since then I've learned to always bring some type of hair band with me so I can pull my hair back when I encounter rain while wearing a braid or twist out.

  • Sherri says:

    Most embarrassing so far was a wash and go that I thought was banging became a white flakey mess. Had snowflakes all over my shoulders!! So now I style in the evening so there's time to see if things are not gonna work.

  • Daromun says:

    I have 2 "Most Embarrassing" hair moments

    1) Last summer, I came home at the end of a day, and upon running my hand over my hair, discovered a dead fly had taken up residence. I don't know how or when it got in there. I'm pretty sure no one noticed it, but I was incredibly horrified and grossed out nonetheless.

    2) I went to an award ceremony with my boss – she was receiving an award. At the time (years ago) my hair was a little wayward because I had some heat damage from a flat ironing incident. I was wearing picked out fros, pulled back with a headband back then, which were usually successful, in hindsight, not so good for my hair, since I was picking it out while dry every morning, but I've since learned. On this day, I thought my hair was okay when we left the office, but at some point it became a disaster, and I didn't know until I saw the pictures. We took pictures with my boss holding her plaque, and there I was, towering over everyone, with a crooked square on my head. That was the most embarrassing because I KNOW everyone noticed, but didn't know how to tell me, AND these photos were circulated around the office and then framed and posted on a wall. But these things happen and you learn and move on. This was 5 years ago, the embarrassment clearly didn't kill me and I'm still here with much healthier, happier hair, even with the occasional fly.

  • Ms. Lisa says:

    Had to be the day this past summer that I thought I perfected a twist and curl. I left home with a perfectly, defined twistout. I was feeling myself. Enter morning humidity. Sigh…my hair was a swole up bushy mess when I went to the bathroom at work. I looked a mess.

  • Cupcake415 says:

    Well… While I was getting my hair flat ironed at the Shop (2007) 2 days before new years, I wanted a new look…

    I told the Beautician that I wanted an Asymetris cut like Rihanna… The beautician said "Like a Bob?" I said "whatever u call it, Just make sure it's short in the back and goes longer in the front"…

    While I am explaining this to her, I am giving hand movments to sho her the angled cut that I want…

    To make a long story short… When I get the mirror, my Hair style looks as if I want to be just like George Washington… I was so pissed. What made it worst is that I had met my now Fiance 1 week prior, and our plans were for us to get together For a New Years church Party…

    The moment I left the shop, I bought 5 pony-tails.

  • mrs. taylor says:

    i was in a hurry and had a twist out and i forgot to untwist a few in the back my mother in law pointed it out to me when i got back from picking up my son hope no one else noticed lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I'd have to say this summer. I want to my family reunion in NC in hot July. I washed my hair and put Castor oil all over it. It looked good going on, but that stuff sat on my hair and by the afternoon, it looked like someone had blown flour in my hair. And I didn't realize it until I was looking in the mirror to see if my curls were still "popping". I said "Oh well" to myself and kept taking pictures. But inside, I felt like a fool!

  • Carla says:

    Since I have big hair sometimes (APL and was sporting a braid out), my hair was caught in a tree once when I was walking directly under one on my way to my car.

    The worst experience was when I caught a spider making a web in my hair. I am horribly afraid of spiders so I totally freaked. I had my hair in a bun for a month after that!

  • Unknown says:

    I always come home with random things in my hair. Its a complete lint magnet!!!

  • Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful says:

    I haven't experienced any since I've been natural, but when I was younger in Jr. High, I was on the basket ball team and my weave ponytail came off as I was running down the court!

  • socialitedreams says:

    hmmm….let's see….Most embarrassing, TRAUMATIZING was when a girl crimped my hair and had it so shellacked and fried that a WHOLE crimp fell out in the salon…of my OWN hair! I was too through


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