Hola Chicas!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know that last night I was trying to decide between sleeping with my hair out or pulling it up into a pineapple. I re-twisted the night before with great results but had zero time or energy to be bothered last night. I honestly didn’t believe the waves were set hard enough to survive my trusty pineapple, but I did it anyway!

I woke up this morning to humongous hair, coaxed it back down, and pulled the front back again. Excellent results! After another week or so of this, I’ll be able to update my regimen for you guys. It’s looking like a winter of dry twist-outs!

So far so good on the CURLS Souffle. I haven’t experienced any buildup. How long do you think I can go (re-applying a little product every other night)?

Later Gators,