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Curly Nikki

The Secret to Troy Polamalus’ Touchable Curls

By January 27th, 202134 Comments

The Secret to Troy Polamalus' Touchable Curls writes:

Asked by an Internet video reporter how he keeps his hair so touchable, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu says, “Well, I condition it every day. I also shampoo quite a bit.”

“It’s important for me to have strong hair in case somebody pulls it,” the famously maned player adds.

In other Polamalu hair news, Head & Shoulders recently announced that they were insuring the famous mop for $1 million.

For the rest of the article, click HERE!

Do you dig guys with long locks?


  • Carmella_g says:

    My boyfriend has amazing hair!! 🙂
    I love it. It's so funny when I get frantic watching him RAKE this brush through his hair after a shower. lol I have to sit him down like a kid and comb it out. lol Gotta love him


  • Marcus Valerius says:

    Troy is 10,000 better with long curlyhair!Only longhaired men have true beauty, like someone from Heaven!Troy is a Prince, a real hero and one of the most cute guys on earth.

  • Anonymous says:

  • Unknown says:

    he's so sexy! yummy! that hair does it! Not in that commercial though!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Sheena LaShay- I saw your family video.. simply beautiful. ~MicaiahTy

  • Anonymous says:

    Troy…(Sorry I was having a moment) his hair is like a slice of heaven on a hot summer's day. Simply beautiful..

    I love men with long hair, IF they know how to work it..

    Mullets, Soul Glow/Nick Ashford wet looking curls – Al Sharpton/James Brown/Mother of the Church/Pimp-o-lious Soccer Mom's hair is unexceptable.

    Locs.. are always a plus..LOL.. Yeah, Yeah..Sorry still thinkin about Troy..LOL

  • RoSi says:

    i concur with some of the other ladies…love me some long dreds but it also depends on the guy…long hair doesn't suit everyone…including men

  • Anonymous says:

    Him, uhh yeah! Lovin it!

  • Sheena LaShay says:

    My brother has long long hair, I featured him in my natural hair video with pics of my entire family. His football coach had been pressuring him to cut his long hair and around that time the article was released about the 1 million dollar insurance. His coach shut up after that.

    Here's the video where my brother, along with the rest of my family is featured.

  • kitka82 says:

    It depends on how well he maintains it. My husband started growing his hair out shortly before I BC'ed. Now his hair is longer than mine hehe. I prefer shorter hair on a man, but he keeps it well so it looks nice. And he prefers my hair longer. lol!

  • Jad928 says:

    I love long hair on a man!!! My husband hair is just like Troys maybe a little shorter. Everytime I see him with his hair out (he normally wears it in a ponytail)I have to jump his bones!!! Luckily there is no competition with the hair products. I buy him his products (he has no preference except IC hair gel) and he knows not to touch mine!! And I also agree that Troy is FOINE!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes I love long hair on a man because I am a hair stylist and love to run my fingers thru hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    My hubby is a Steelers fan so I've been schooled that his hair is actually considered to be part of the uniform…so it can be pulled by players legally in a game. (ouch!) I'm not really into men with long hair (unless it's locs and still would prefer not much past shoulder-length) but I gotta give props to Polamalu though! It is so full and nice! 🙂 ~KF519

  • Anonymous says:

    If the guy looks like Troy or Daniel Day Lewis in that "Last of the Mohicans" movie, I say bring'em on!!

  • Anonymous says:

    that commercial is too funny!! i love it….

    and on the guys with long hair thing, ehhh…. it has to be really well groomed and suited for that particular dude. it looks good on troy but idk if the avg joe could pull it off.

    i usually go for guys with the opposite of my look.. lol they will need to have short, low-maintenance hair 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Long hair is for me, the female. I will not be competing with him for the hairdryer and my leave ins. So if he is bald, that's even better!

  • Angelina says:

    I hope you get him to do an interview with you Nikki!

  • Anonymous says:

    honestly – there are what.. 6 -8 men in the world who look good with long hair… the rest…meh. And yes Troy is on e of the ones who looks good with long hair!

  • Maria says:

    Damn he's FOINE!

  • MommieDearest says:

    I go from one extreme to the other. My husband sports a bald head. I love it (obviously, LOL!!) But then again if I see a man sporting long wavy/curly hair (like Troy's) or a big afro or some flowing locs, I start having Sampson fantasies. When done right, bald heads and long hair can be very, VERY sexy.

  • Chantel says:

    Yessss LAWD!!! I love that Troy's hair looks like a lions mane 🙂 And love long or short hair on guys as long as they keep it lookin right.

  • Kristen says:

    Lol that was a cute commercial. I'm not a fan of men with a lot of hair anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love long hair on a guy, whether it be curls, afro, locs, idk something about it is just extremely masculine to me, which is backwards i know since long hair is seen as feminine *shrugs*

  • Franki says:

    Anything on Troy Polamalu is my thing because it's Troy effing Polamalu.

  • nappy headed black girl says:

    Long hair on men isn't really my thing.

  • Jeannette says:

    Troy does have a cute thang going on but I don't dig guys with long hair/locs. I wouldn't dismiss them either (I'm more concerned with our chemistry, his integrity, how we connect, how he treats me and others) but long hair is generally a distraction rather than an attraction to me.

  • Paula says:

    Yes, but it depends on the guy…

  • AusetAbena says:

    I don't really dig men with long hair, but I'll make an exception for Troy. Sexy.

  • Anonymous says:

    His hair is gorgeous and his is cute, but I love a bald headed man… YUM!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i'm not really into guys with long hair…but i'd be into Polamalus. he's really cute!;) lol

  • Stef_O_Nay says:

    I agree, I start biting my lip after a guy with long dreadlocks. Watching Polamalus play this past SuperBowl, i was always afraid someone was gonna pull his hair on the field.

  • Jersey Curly says:

    I love men with long hair but for some reason I lust after guys with long dreadlocks!

  • Keisha says:

    lol @suqiit… he does have amazing hair. To answer the question, I love guys with locs.

  • suqiit says:

    I laughed so hard @ that commercial I actually snorted!

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