How to Push Through Your Own Negativity
by Yvelette of Calming Corners

There are many times in your life when you stumble upon a great idea, and stop yourself from pursuing it due to self-destructive thoughts, or that little nagging, negative voice in your head. It says ugly things like “you’re crazy,” “it will never happen,” or “it’s been done so many times”. We all hear it, and too many times, listen to it. It stems from insecurities, fear, or people in our lives that need to be dropped like a bad habit. Now, to clarify that last statement, many times these people can’t be released from our lives (i.e. family members) but you must understand, their negative perception is their issue not yours, so if you get a negative response more than once, don’t include them on your ideas- talk about the weather or something. There are many ways to release that negativity so you can take that step of faith and leave fear behind.

It’s Working for Somebody – We hear many stories of people taking that chance and they are now living their dream life. They are just like you and me, they had an idea and ran with it. Now, as you read their story, it may seem as if it happened over night and life is all peachy perfect. Nope, trust me, they had an abundance of fear, voices, and probably naysayers, but their other traits triumphed- – determination, perseverance, patience, and faith. It worked for them, why not you?

Support System – This is essential. Find a few trustworthy, like minded people, and create monthly meetings to stay on track with your goals. It takes courage to live the life you always wanted, and with that courage you need the right support.

Get Right With Yourself– This is the hard part. Seeking your own truth, and being REAL about it. You must be very realistic and aligned with yourself. Create a health regimen, a personal regimen (indulge in some me time), spiritual regimen, and mental regimen. You need to stay balanced, present, and consistent with your plans and goals. We all have our down days but understand this is your life and your dream so you must take care of it and protect it accordingly.

Intuition –Trust it! Listen to that voice inside, that is the creator speaking to you. There are many times you are moved to do something and realize why months later.

Hopefully these tips will help you put things in perspective to keep it positive and productive. Now go ahead and BE Inspired!

What is your Great Idea? and What have you done lately to realize it?

How do you stay positive and aligned with your dreams and goals?


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