Hola chicas!

It’s that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them:

G Baby
All the way live…

Curly Nikki
3rd day hair with Kera Care Naturals line. Review coming soon!

On my way to work rocking my Twist-Out Fro
. This was also the day I debuted my natural hair after transitioning 5 months, then wearing kinky twists for 2 months after that. It came out great!

Here I am, coming home from meetings at school (doctoral student) and was getting some love from my new furbaby, Ari. This is a simple twist out; twists were set with Darcy Botanicals Twisting Creme on soaking wet hair and I wore them for about a week.
This is me at work loving the results of a fresh Twist-n-Curl, and noticing that after a few hours into the day my hair became fluffier/fuller (I am in the fine hair category) but yet still very defined. Very happy curly girl!
Here is a crazy, dirty, sweaty, curly picture of Jannah at the beach. We went out there for a picnic and she had lots of fun. This is the first time ever that I let her hair out. This was a braid out and I loved the look so much. It was very humid though but we didn’t care. She was so dirty at the end of the day that she ‘soaked’ in the tub for a long time, lol.

I was headed to the mall with one of my best friends before she had to head back to school for the semester. This was a three day old twist-out. I created two braids in the front for a “head band effect” and put the rest in a puff. This was my first attempt at this style, but I loved it.

Heading to the movies on a Friday night. This is my “go to” hairstyle while I’m transitioning…the flat twist-out. I have a headband in the front to pull my curls back. This style lasted only lasted for 2 days, but I love it!

It was the last day of the free summer concerts in the park. My husband and my girls had a fabulous time singing and dancing to the old school jams.
I was at work in Kabul, Afghanistan and rocking the Mohawk that week.

This is me at Long Beach for an end of summer hang out rockin my wash n go. I had just gotten out of the water. I had a ball 🙂


This is my 5th month after the BC. I was enjoying Sunday dinner with the family after church. I am rocking a 3rd day twist-out. Thanks so much Nikki for your site..I’ve learned so much:-)
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