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Curly Nikki

Skin Care Regimens

By January 27th, 202134 Comments

Skin Care Regimens

Jennifer writes:

Nikki, your skin is so clear and even. What’s your regimen?

CN Responds:

Believe it or not, I don’t have a skin regimen. I’m not a makeup person, and while I may dibble and dabble in the occasional eyeliner or mascara, I don’t wear any foundation. There’s a tinted moisturizer by SmashBox I like (and recommend), but still usually opt for a bare face with a dab of lip gloss.
With that said, I cleanse my face twice daily- – with water only most days, and probably twice a week with
Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser. I also love the Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes. I apply Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Moisturizer every morning after washing my face, and pure shea butter every night before retiring. That’s it!

I’ve never had acne prone skin, but my monthly visitor usually brings about a HUGE, monstrosity of a pimple… right in the middle of my chin. I let it do what it do, because when popped, leaves a horrible hyper-pigmented spot that lingers for months. For my skin, less is definitely more.

That’s mine, what’s yours? Does it change with the seasons?


  • nikki says:

    I know I am waaay late, but chiming in because the Clarisonic will *change* your life. It's an essential, especially if you are 30plus. I also love Origins Modern Friction scrub. Best I've ever tried. I am using a Circadia cleanser now, but may switch that. Another miracle product: DDF Fade Gel. It smoothes and gets rid of dark spots FAST.

  • Andrea @ Mineral Cosmetics says:

    Haven't tried applying a pure shea butter on my skin yet. Though most of the products I use has shea butter.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a great thread. Some very good points have been made. I like using natural products. I don't wear makeup so it's vital that I keep a very good canvas. I am currently using SheAyurvedics. I found this brand on the skin deep cosmetic database. It does not make a difference to me how commercial the product is, I want to make sure its not full of chemicals or any other things you should not put on your face. Long story short I cleanse my skin with the organic african soap, herbal rhassoul clay, and cleansing grains that are in a simple kit for $20. Organic East african shea butter is in this kit also. I use Deja's view organic east african shea butter. It contains organic rose essential oil and neroli essential oil. Great for ageing skin. It smells so nice also!!

  • The Mane One says:

    I've grown to learn that less is more with my skin as well…I normally cleanse with oil (jojoba oil) and rinse some of it off, leaving the rest on for nourishment. About once or twice a week I use Dr. Bronner's Castile soap. A paste of baking soda and castor oil serves as an exfoliant and detoxifier twice a week. I've also learned that the best moisturizer is—WATER. I drink plenty of it with fresh lemon squeezed in it to stay hydrated from within. Lemons are EXCELLENT at cleansing and purifying the liver. Any oil or butter I apply after cleansing is a protectant and helps keep moisture in.

  • nina says:

    It works incredibly well when it comes to moisturizing. Ankles, elbows, even those impossible cracks on your heels that look like a satelite image of the fjords in the netherlands… it’ll work there too

  • 803momof2boyz says:

    I use the entire Reclaim line by Victoria Principal. I have used it for about 5 years and I people constantly tell me that I look much younger than my 40 years! I plan to treat myself to the Clarisonic Mia in the near future. Everyone has to find what works for them. I may be a product junkie when it comes to hair but I don't mess around when it comes to my face.

  • shanasmith says:

    just ordered shea better, black soap and the antioxidant hydrating souffle from butters and bars…I will keep evryone posted on the results! Thanks so much for the tips guys 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    daily-raw black soap from butters-n-bars or Nasabb (bout to kick the door in on 60 and still have oily to combo skin)exfoliate with a small loofa. homemade toner aloe vera, lemon juice, green tea, acv, tea tree oil and vitamin e. moisturize with antioxidant hydrating souffle from butters-n-bars

  • books says:

    I love Black soap!! It has really cleared my skin plus has even out my skin tone. I swear by it 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I use raw black soap purchased from butters-n-bars to cleanse my face. In the daytime, I follow with Purpose brand oil-free moiturizer with SPF. If It's bedtime, after cleansing I use raw shea butter also from butters-n-bars. For removing eye makeup, I use castor oil on a damp paper towel before cleansing my face. It is gentle, and the castor oil does thicken my eyelashes. Also, I blot my face dry with a paper towel. Regular towels are murder on my face!

  • kimmie0810 says:

    Shones I'm EXTREMELY oily & have been hesitant to use shea butter on my face. But I've been reading more from other oilies that love the shea butter. Maybe I can just do it at night.

    I'm using the medicated smoothing cream at night now, but I REALLY want a more natural regimen. I figure my skin should be pretty set by the time I finish up this product & then I can stick to tamanu oil, black soap & shea butter.

    I gotta keep that Clarisonic brush in rotation though lol. My skin is SUPER soft & supple. It's really bright & "clear" despite the old blemishes I'm working to clear. Plus the exfoliation helps my products to absorb & work more effectively.

    Ebby if u are hairy, I HIGHLY recommend laser hair removal. I have polycystic ovaries & get hair on my chin. The hair itself would bump & ultimately leave a blemish PLUS hair removal methods would break me out & leave marks on my skin. My face has cleared CONSIDERABLY since I started getting laser. The skin is smoother & clearer. Just make sure u find a place that has a laser for ethnic skin. And that u do a test patch. They also might not tell u this, but do not get laser while on antibiotics. I learned that the hard way.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not have acne prone skin. The only thing that works for me is very hot water.

  • Ebby says:

    I am very oily, acne prone & hairy. The best thing that has helped me has been Clinique!! I also use the new Neutrogena (sp) Shine Control Scrub in the morning to help w/ the shine. This system works for me in preventing my breakouts and helping my skin heal from waxing w/o the ingrown hairs and inflammation.

  • RoseofSharron says:

    It's a blessing to not have acne prone skin! It was a battle for me, and now after curing the real problem, my basic regiment is pretty simple for oily skin:
    Dessert essence thoroughly clean face wash (all natural) am and pm, Amla face mask or bentonite face mask twice a week, jojoba oil around eyes and mouth, green tea botanicals sunblock during the day.

  • Tayo says:

    The best secret is to wash your face every night! No really EVERY night!

    And I agree with Nikki. I bought unrefined pure shea butter for my hair and ended up using it as a nightly face cream. Works wonders! You can get a really good one at your local beauty store or here:

  • Anonymous says:

    I've never had acne problems. My skin can be dry at times and is very sensitive. Lately its been water and Jergen's moisturizer cleanser followed by shea butter. I notice since I have been using shea butter dark spots and dark blotches on my face are gradually startin to fade or lighten. Looks like I am on my way to an even skin tone and fierce hair…

  • luvmylocs says:

    i have oily acne prone skin. i'm not on the pill. my hormones send my skin to a crazy place. a good cleanser and the clarisonic have done wonders! also i use 5% salicylic acid daily! it seems like a lot but it keeps my pores clear(er). microdermabrasion (i use olay or the origins one) and lactic acid peels help my hyperpigmentation and help turnover the skin that gets cruddy on my face. the only prescription i use is a retinoid most nights of the week. i wear aveeno positively radiant spf 30 sunscreen daily. i only wear mineral foundation (meow). i admire those that go makeup-less but if you aren't comfortable with your skn a little foundation can be a lifesaver and nuturing to your skin.

    i also put a lot of emphasis on nutrition, lots of water and teas, limit sugar, omega 3 and a good quality multi. i change my sheets often and try to stay calm. i wish clear skin came naturally to me but it doesn't and having nice skin is priceless (for me).

  • Anonymous says:

    Where can I find the best quality pure shea butter?!?!?!?! Desperate 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I use Dr. Hausckha. A bit more than regular regimes so ladies have mentioned but I love the products and work so well with my oily skin 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Daily: Aubrey Organics organic blue green algae line (cleanser, moisturizer, toner).
    Bi Monthly: Aztec Secret Indian clay mask
    Winter Protection: Cocoa Butter/Shea Butter

    The occasional facial helps to. I'm looking into getting the Clarisonic brush but I figure that my mom kept her face looking great with a clean washcloth for years, and I can probably do the same with a $200 brush. lol


  • vetty says:

    I've been using the OCM method for a couple of months now with an ACV toner & grapeseed oil as my moisturizer (like the 1st comment). I also exfoliate once a week with some type of scrub. Working well so far, except for around that time like Nikki lOl…such is life.

  • naturalmel says:


    Straight shea, really? I need more info…what made you try that out?

    I am a Clinique girl through and through and in the winter I use Aveeno daily moisturizer for added "umph".

  • Anonymous says:

    I also have acne prone skin, since I was 13, before then my skin was flawless. Its weird because The one and only time my face has ever cleared since I started my acne was for my sr prom, I did not use any medications, it just went away. but its back now and I just started using Ambi foaming facial wash, with Aveeno moisturizer, they both have salicylic acid, and my face is clearing up well. I use it morning and night.

  • Efe says:

    Daily (Face and Body)
    –Cleanse: African Black Soap
    –Moisturize: EVOO/EVCO mix and/or shealoe

    Weekly (Face Only)
    –Exfoliate: EVOO/EVCO Sugar Scrub
    –Mask: Bentonite Clay Mask (if I need deep cleansing) or Honey Mask (if I need moisture)

    I have dry skin and I do not wear makeup. This regimen keeps my skin soft, supple and radiant.

  • Anonymous says:

    p.s. Neutrogena "on the spot" 2.5% benzoyl peroxide works for me on the rare pimple. Rub it in WELL, until it vanishes!


    Olay "B"

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 48 and have been an Olay "B" since my 30's. I get compliments on my complexion!

    Cleanser – Olay daily facial cleansing cloths, 30/box. $5.99, (moisturizing formula: fresh towelettes are more sanitary, yeah!)

    Regenerist wet exfoliating cloths $7.99(for when I'm too tired to remove my BE mineral makeup)

    Neutrogena Oil free eye makeup remover IS DA BOMB! It removes all brands of mascara without rubbing or irritation!

    DAY Moisturizer – Regenerist UV or DNA daily lotions, spf 30. (Don't forget your neck, bosom, and hands!)

    NIGHT Moisturizer – Regenerist night recovery cream (Don't forget your neck, bosom, and hands!)

    At bedtime I always apply a small dot of ALBA Un-petroleum jelly to my lips and where my frown lines COULD BE, e.g. crows feet, nasolabial folds, between brows. My eyes are sensitive, so I don't apply creams to that area.

    I have been blessed and would highly recommend these Olay, Alba, and Neutrogena products. I clip ULTA and OLAY coupons to purchase them at a discount…

  • Unknown says:

    I have oily skin. My daily regimen is and involves the same products I use in my hair. I wash with a touch of Dr. Wood's Shea Vision Black Soap (which doubles as a shampoo). My husband uses it too and his skin has cleared up dramatically. I don't use astringent. I moisturize with a combo of organic shea butter + aloe vera gel, typically using more shea in the winter and more aloe in the summer.

    Every couple weeks, I "oil wash" — coat face with olive or castor oil, then steam and wipe off with a warm cloth. Works like a charm for soft skin.

  • Unknown says:

    Great minds think alike! I use pure shea butter on my face at night also. I love how it have even out my blemishes that I have carried for years

  • kimmie0810 says:

    I've been drinking alot more water & eating green leafy vegetables & a lot of sweet potatoes.

    I also take vitamin A & a huge spoonful of flaxseed oil everyday. There's nothing like flaxseed oil to give skin a glow! I'm SUPPOSED to be adding the oil to green smoothies but I've been so lazy. I need to start drinking those again as they help with skin & weight control/loss

  • Anonymous says:

    I swear by Aveda products for my face. I have added Alba to wash my face and so far so good!

  • am says:

    I'm with CurlyNikki; I use cetaphil daily facial cleanser and any moisturizer I have. These days I'm experimenting with Chandrika soap which leaves the skin so moist and I'm using coconut oil as my moisturizer. That's pretty much it. When I wear makeup, I try to tone as some expert said it opens the pores so that the moisturizer can work better, and once a week I exfoliate typically with St. Ives.

  • kimmie0810 says:

    The best purchase I've ever made for my skin is my Clarisonic face brush. It's expensive (about $200) but so worth it! I played a mind trick on myself & ordered it on HSN & did flex-pay so that it was broken down into 3payments that didn't seem like so much lol.

    I have EXTREMELY oily skin that's prone to hyperpigmentation. So my goal is to prevent acne. TAMANU OIL! I've been using it since July. I put a few drops all over my face & I do not get pimples. At all.

    I usually cleanse with Mario Badescu glycolic wash at night & OxyClean in the morning. Tone with MB cucumber toner or witch hazel. I recently got microdermabrasion & plan to keep that up along with a smoothing serum from my medi-spa. My skin is improving which I LOVE b/c I now hate make-up & don't want to wear anything besides eyes & lips.

  • beadgyrl says:

    CN, I wish I were that blessed to not have acne prone skin! I have suffered acne since my teenage years. I am hitting the big 4-0 next month. However, my acne is not as nearly as bad as the past. My regime includes Peter Thomas Roth and Dermalogica skin clearing wash, and Demalogicas 'active moist' moisturizer. It's a very nice light moisturizer to keep my oilies at bay. Also I sometimes opt for sensitive skin aloe moisturizer from The Body Shop. I sometimes switch my face cleanser with Biore from Wal-Mart which is not as great as Dermalogica, but it'll do. But lately, I have been contemplating trying yes-to-carrots line though for more natural paraben free products.

    I am totally with you on the make-up thing. As a teen I wore a full face of make-up, foundation, powder, and blush included. Because I was always trying to conceal blemishes and scars. Over the years I lost my enthusiasm for cosmetics, but I am still an eyeliner and mascara junkie for life. But I echo your words…for me less is more, is true. Great post, thanks! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I just started using the OCM & love it I have always had acne since high school but Ive gotton older its not as bad but I get a pimple every now & then I use the ACV toner & grapeseed oil for moisture

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