Vonnie of Socialite Dreams writes:

The definition of insanity… doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Most of us know this and yet continue on, even though the results aren’t always what we want. Whether it’s going out with the same type of guy and then wondering why it never works out, wearing a hairstyle that causes breakage yet expecting growth, using a hair product that’s raved about and knowing it doesn’t work for YOUR hair yet still using it, not working out yet expecting to drop pounds, etc.

One of mine is the wearing of cornrows. My scalp hates them and yet I just recently took out a sew in that needed cornrows and wore them as a protective style on multiple occasions. I try to excuse away the obvious irritation to my scalp– “Oh, well maybe I wasn’t cleaning them right or applying enough moisture”, “maybe if they weren’t so back heavy they wouldn’t hurt”, “maybe it’s just product buildup that caused my scalp to break out.” Sound familiar? The excuses to continue something that you know isn’t working? All because I wanted something “easy” that I didn’t have to bother with or a cute new style via the sew in. Needless to say, I’ve finally caught on that THEY DON’T WORK FOR ME and I’ll have to opt for other styles.

So what is something that you repeatedly do even though you know it isn’t working?

Any hair product that you can’t seem to kick out of the regimen even though it’s useless?

Always go for the same color even though you KNOW it’s unflattering to you?

Come on, spill the deets!

CN Responds:

After reading rave reviews about the Denman D3 brush, I had to have one. I used it on and off for two years with ‘okay’ results. On wash&gos, it provided excellent, clumpy little ringlets on the ends, but somehow left the roots puffy and undefined. I found it to be one of the best tools for detangling and smoothing prior to twisting– giving me the best sets in the world.

After a while, I noticed that I seemed to be loosing more hair after styling sessions with the Denman, but I chalked it up to my fingers not being quite as effective at removing shed hair. I also began noticing lots of split ends and needle hole splits in my strands around the time I was using the brush regularly. I always blamed the damage on drying products or my technique. I finally gave it up, and actually threw it out due to my compulsive behavior and need to revisit things. For me, that brush was the devil… it shredded my fine strands.

I recently received the Denman Paddle brush from Curlmart.com. I’m still using the Ouidad Double Detangler for detangling, but plan to experiment with the Denman 83 for smoothing prior to twisting. I’ll report back!