Chelsea writes:

This question comes after several instances where my aunt has told me that one day all of my hair is going to fall out. She says it affectionately but it sometimes makes me wonder am I going overboard?

The people in my life just can’t seem to understand why I need to; (1) use natural oils (2) conditioner wash or use low-poo, (3) use instant conditioners as leave-ins, (4) style so frequently, and (5) deep treat using things like bananas and honey. I was told I would be eaten alive by ants because of the latter.

It baffles them when I wander in circles trying to find specific ingredients on my ever expanding hair shopping list and they wonder why hair grease and traditional black hair care products aren’t good enough for me. Needless to say I’ve just about quit trying to explain my hair stance to those around me, but the questions and blank stares persist. As we search for our holy grail products and magical growth serums, are we really moving away from unconventional to just plain old crazy (e.g., KY Jelly, bull semen, Monistat, placenta) ?

So questions ladies:

Do you ever get people who question what you put in your hair?

Do you sometimes think that you may go overboard with the mixes?

Are the hair products spilling out of every available cupboard and does your hair product bill creep eerily close to the amount you pay for the mortgage?

Also, what are some of the crazy things you have done in the search of healthier more beautiful hair or what have you heard through the NC/CN grapevine?