Georgia asks:

What’s your go-to winter moisturizer, and how can you really tell it’s getting the job done and not faking the funk?

I have type 4b hair and it’s very dry and coarse. At times I feel that products that claim to be moisturizers are really just coating my hair and giving me the appearance of healthy hair. When you share your favorite moisturizer, please give a brief description of your hair please!

CN Responds:

My hair is fine, mostly s waves with some corkscrews in the back. Cottony and naturally very dry.

I *assume* my moisturizer is effective by (1) the feel of my hair… 2 days later (soft and cottony, not hard and crunchy), (2) the way it makes my hands feel after application, and (3) overall improved condition of my hair after three weeks of continual use.

I look for water based moisturizers that contain butters and oils- preferably thick and creamy. Finally, I seek out products that claim to be intensive, rich moisturizers for dry and/or damaged hair. Can you guess my *current* go-to moisturizers? I’ve only been singing their praises for the last two weeks…

*Current Leave-in Moisturizers- Kera Care Natural Leave-in and CURLS Milk Shake
*Current Moisturizing Stylers- Kera Care Twist and Define, CURLS Souffle and Whipped Cream