Jill writes:

I always read stories about transitioners or newly naturals who say that their family and friends tried to convince them of the ill effects of going natural. Well, in my household the subject of my hair is always on the chopping block. Literally.

I have been transitioning for 13 months and my Husband has been trying to get me to big chop for oh……13 months and a day.

He is always offering to assist me in the bathroom, clippers in hand.

I decline each time. While he is ready and I am not.

I admit that he was the one who got me started thinking about transitioning. Lord knows I value his support. But why do I have to sleep with one eye open at night for fear that I will wake up with my hair on the pillow?

So, I suffer in silence for I dare not complain about hours of detangling or dealing with two textures. Can you image how much ammo that would provide him with!

What do you do when you are being pressured to big chop when you are just not ready?