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Curly Nikki

Carol’s Daughter Giveaway Winners!

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Juanita Bradley

Desiree Sumner

Kristen Williams

Stephanie Dickerson

Amber Brown

Dorothy Mefom

Sondra M. Monroe

Tiffani Johnson

Branda Hunter

Tiffany Davis

Carol's Daughter Giveaway Winners!

Carol’s Daughter is sponsoring a pretty dope giveaway and it’s just for the community! Up for grabs… 10 sets of their *New* Hair Milk Curl Collections.


  • NaturalandFree says:

    I love the Carol's Daughter healthy hair butter. It is very moisturizing, it softens and soothes any itch when applied to the scalp. Many people complain that the smell is overpowering. If you are sensitive to strong smells I wouldn't recommend it. It smells like noxema but I still love it anyway. It has essential oils in it that make the scalp tingly so you don't want to apply it to your scalp unless you have an itch. It also smooths out your edges a little bit. A little goes a long way.

  • ErikaFL says:

    I've never used any of the Carol's Daughter products. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to try? The Black Vanilla shampoo, smoothie & leave-in conditioner sound promising…as well as the Tui line. Has anyone tried any of these or the Loc Butter? Just curious…her products are on my wish list for things to try :-)

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