by Melissa of Peacelovenappiness

Anyone who’s decided to go natural has encountered setbacks. Even the most positive of journeys are stunted at one time or another with issues that need to be fixed whether they be single strand knots, improper detangling, dryness, and even feeling stuck in a rut during that awkward stage of hair growth. There are two ways to go about dealing with these issues: 1) kick, whine, pout, and proceed to give up trying or 2) realize that something needs to be done and that a little trial and error could be the difference between a matted and tangled seemingly hopeless case and a (foremost) healthy, beautiful head of hair.

I’ve decided to go with route #2 and find the solutions to my most problematic of problems. Two characteristics are a must when journeying to the aforementioned healthy and beautiful head of hair: patience and consistency. To me, these two go hand in hand; with patience comes consistency in my efforts. If I do not employ these qualities, I might as well give up now.

My woeful-to-wonderful plan of attack will target 3 of my most irritating problems when it comes to my hair. For each irritation, I will come up potential solutions to these problems.

Woes (with 1 being the most woeful)

1. dry/itchy scalp only a few days after cleansing. Probable cause: I cleanse with a shampoo that contains a sulfate, which could be completely stripping my hair of all it’s moisture. Plan of attack: Firstly, buy an organic sulfate-free shampoo. Secondly, oil scalp at least once a week. Maybe I’ll look into natural shampoo bars.

2. disdain for protective styling. Probable cause(s): Two strand twists look awkward on me unless pinned up, they take forever, and my hair tends to frizz after only a day of having them in. Not to mention, they are boring; I love switching up my styles. Plan of attack: Find protective styles that suit me, can be worn for a week, and that look amazing. I’ve also been considering fluffy/puffy/afro twists for the winter.

3. poor time management/long washing/conditioning/detangling sessions. Probable cause: I’m a natural-born procrastinator and I wait until late at night to do my hair. I do everything in sections, which is much better for my hair but the time it takes is probably really annoying to the people I share a bathroom with. Plan of attack: none for now…

I think really thinking about what our natural hair does that drives us crazy helps us also realize that there are things we can do to fix them. With a little time and patience, we’ll have the happiest hair.

What are your hair woes, and how do you hit back?