Hola Chicas,

After my less than stellar experiences with Shredder, aka the D3, I thought I’d give their paddle brush a go. When it finally arrived, I was not impressed- it looked like your average drugstore brush. Nothing special… just 5 dollars more expensive. I own a Goody Paddle Brush and a no name one from Sally’s Beauty Supply, and both snagged my hair and were difficult to use. I reluctantly gave the Denman 83 a try and have pretty much fallen in love. This one feels sturdy, has never snagged my curls, and is easy to clean. I use it as my last step in the styling process before twisting my hair (wet or dry), brushing through gently, to smooth things out. This results in a sleeker set and makes for easier detangling at the next wash. I’ve never used it in the shower to detangle, and probably never will. I’m going to continue to watch my curls closely for breakage, needle hole splits, and split ends– the result of using Shredder.

Bottom line:
Give it a go! I’ve been using mine for more than a month now.

Have you tried the Denman Paddle Brush? What was your experience with it? Did you like it better than the D3?

Later Gators,

p.s. My dog Foxy died today 🙁