Liz writes:

I decided to try a style that I saw on Bambiix2’s Youtube channel. I was all excited- I could barely wait for style day, lol. I gathered all of the ingredients that I would need, and began to go to work on my tresses. I started with my trusty dusty Cantu Shea Butter Leave In (which I’ve come to love). I’m lathering on my goodness-in-a-jar, and as I turn to respond to my sister talking to me…my freaking elbow knocks over the jar! You can imagine the look of both sadness and anger at my newly decorated floor and walls. UGH!!…lawd hammercy, I was a sad sad puppy…

Have you ever spilled a favorite…heck….ANY product, what was your reaction?

CN Responds:

Father Abraham! A few weeks back, I knocked over a brand new jar of MyHoneyChild’s Olive You Deep Conditioner, and nearly lost my mind. Just imagine my bare nekkid self scrambling to the shower floor in a feeble attempt to scrape that watered down mess back into the jar. It was a pitiful, pitiful sight.