Yvette writes:

I recently just took out my protective style (kinky twists), and was super excited to start doing my hair again. Despite being ready to go all out and do a Twist-n-Curl, I chose to do a french braid and keep that in for the week. This was one part laziness and another realizing that because my hair had been put up for so long, it needed some extra care which I had not provided. There are also those times when I look at my hair and get this dreaded feeling that I’m about to be in for a long haul attempting to clean, condition and style. But then I remember that I wanted to be natural to make my hair healthier and grow it. My two-part question is, do you ever have the moments when you feel a bit defeatist? And who or what provides you with the motivation to stay natural?

Thanks for the input ladies 🙂