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Curly Nikki

Holiday Hair Plans

By January 27th, 202131 Comments

Holiday Hair Plans
Bianca asks:

What’s your Holiday hairstyle?
Will you be trying something new?

CN Responds:
Right… I need to wash my damn head. It’s going on 4 weeks! And no, absolutely nothing new for me. I plan to rock my same old Twist-n-Curl with my same old products. Boring, but oh so predictable! I’ve learned my lesson, and hopefully you will learn from me- never try anything new when it counts. Every time I’ve tried a new hairstyle or a new product before an important event, I ended up having to pull it up into a bun.


  • Skeeta says:

    @CurlyNikki When u say you havent washed for 4 weeks, is that including cowashing also? Im wondering how you avoid buldup after that long. For example, when u do ur twist and curls, do u add more product or do you just add a little water?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    YEP…. i did absolutely nothing to my hair last night, lol. I started to dry twist, but there was so much dandruff and/or product gunk that I bunned it again and went to sleep. This morn I woke up with a little more energy, but I'm still not sure if today is the day, lol. Merry Christmas Eve dolls!

  • rachel says:

    i went out to sally's yesterday to get what i needed with a twist-n-curl. i used suave (…i know. i know. but that was all i had, haha) and when i took it down… holy crap. we'll see if it lasts but, i love you, curlynikki. that is all.

  • Bianca says:

    I think I'm going to try a twist and curl! Happy Holidays!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm going to set my mini twists on flexi rods and wear them curly. I'll have a protctive style with the illusion of an "out" style.


  • Jamila Reddy says:

    LOL 4 weeks…you are really wyling!

    I just did some braids (I really just want BIG hair on Christmas) so I'm hoping that this will turn out okay. It's my first time doing a braid out….

    I probably should have read this post beforehand. Too late now! lol…we'll see!

  • location majorque says:

    I just wants to give a spiky look to my hairs…

  • nappy headed black girl says:

    Lock loops for me. They're fast, easy and last a long time.

  • diimpulz says:

    nothing new for me either. i'm the queen of the straw set and i'm keeping it that way for the holidays! =]

  • Unknown says:

    I am sitting under my hooded dryer at this very moment! It was high time for a wash and deep treatment. Once I am done with this, I will flat twist with cantu shea leave-in and carrot oil cream.

  • luvmyboys says:

    I took out my 3 week old mini twists on last Saturday. It has proven to be a sexy and beautiful twist out. I have gotten compliments all week. Plus my hubby is really loving it. So I plan on forcing it to last two more days and then I MUST wash my hair. I have just been too Dang Tired. Plus I need some new hair style ideas for the winter. So 4 weeks on an unwashed head is working right now but the scalp is say please cleanse me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I will be trying an actual style for X-mas. I'm usually washing and going on a regular basis because I have a twa. It's long enough for coils now so that's what I'll do, and maybe a coil out after a few days.

  • KayB says:

    I'm stealing Jamila's side fro hawk for 'mas and and doing a henna treatment on Boxing Day.

  • Anonymous says:

    I so don't feel like doing my hair! I have been doing overtime this week and running errands so I am pooped. I guess I will moisture, seal, and twist. Then take them out tomorrow to create an updo….maybe…..

  • The Chocolate Loveliness That Is Fraña says:

    I'm going to do a henna treatment, DC, and rock my TWA. I might do some flat twists and finger comb so my curls will pop. (I made my own curly pudding with products I knew my hair liked-so far so good!)

  • Anonymous says:

    I still havent gotten the wash and go down pat yet. Most of the time I dont have any curl and when I do get curls the product will not go away!! I dont wanna be walking around with white curls!!! I wanted to show my fam my curls but looks like its the "florida fro" for me again! 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG! I am in the same boat. I'm 3 weeks unwashed! *gasp* I 2 strand twisted my hair Dec 4. It's been lovely not really having to fuss with it these last couple of weeks but it's starting to itch. Seeing as I was extemely bored and it was really slow at work today *sigh* I sat at my desk i between the 5 paitents we had an undid mt twist. I know it was ghetto but the boredom of overpowering. It was either eat another piece of my "better than Sex" cake I brought or play in my hair. Needless to say I'll be sporting my dirty hair twist out until sunday. Merry Christmas Curlies!


  • Anonymous says:

    I will be washing/detangling/deep conditioning, and then right back into two strand twists for another week to two weeks. Maybe I will get a nice headband for christmas! OOOHHHHH I'm so about protective styling this season.
    Veronica Lynn

  • G Jones says:

    Lola, thank you so much!!! I will have to do a spotlight.

  • Lola says:

    Go for it, bring in the New Year right!
    Good Luck!

  • Lola says:

    Thanksgiving I called myself trying to be cute, and I was sick in bed with 24-hour stomach flu. It's in a twist out now. If I end up putting my tree up on Christmas Eve, then I may be throwing my curly fro wig on my head and calling it a day.

  • Shalonda says:

    I will be putting in my first set of mini twist. I plan to keep them a month. Trying to keep my hair protected and retain some length

  • socialitedreams says:

    nope, nothing new. probably going to wash and pineapple it, stretch it out for a nice big curly head of hair. may just slap on my trusty "puffy" wig and call it a day lol


  • Anonymous says:

    I will be rocking a braid out, which has been my staple style since the summer. I usually wear it up in a bun but I'll be wearing it out. I was gonna straighten as well then decided I wanted flat twist in the front and braid out in the back. When I finished braiding the back I did two flat twists and took them right back out and braided the front. I just didn't have the patience to twist.

    Happy Holidays
    Enjoy and be safe

  • G Jones says:

    MOANDRESS~ I am with you on the big chop, I am doing mine 1-1-2011!! I am scared and excited at the same time. This weekend I will do my regular deep conditioning routine and a set of flat twist until monday for a twist out!! Go us for going all in!!

  • Sherri says:

    Some time this weekend I will be attempting my first twistout or tnc. Growing out my twa and I finally think I have enough hair to let go of the wng for now! If it's a h.a.m. (hot a** mess) I'll do my usual wash and go puff! Wish me luck and happy holidays ladies!

  • Butterfly3000 says:

    Nothing before Christmas but I would love to do a henna treatment b4 heading out of town for New Years. The last one about a month ago was AWESOME! Changed my life. I'm Hooked on Henna.

    ****Nikki***** That's funny! "Wash my damn head" 4 Weeks is insane…I wish. After day 6 my scalp is sayin, "you know you washing me tomorrow right"

  • MOANDRESS says:

    I'm going for the BIG CHOP! Scared as heck…but im bringing in the New Year with a new me!

  • Anonymous says:

    I like to do a flat twist out on a braid out. My hair is stretched as far as it will go without straightening and then my curls look good. I use my own mix of Creamy Conditioner and water as my leave it. Then use shea butter and a gel to hold it all togther. My hair comes out soft and defined!

  • Candice says:

    Nothing new for me. I'll be rocking my usual twistout. I was thinking about straightening my hair but, I really don't have the energy. LOL

  • Evie says:

    I want to try doing my first henna treatment right before the new year but I'm still a bit hesistant.

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