Meet Jaye… gorgeous new natural, proud of her decision!

CN:When you first chopped, what were your thoughts and feelings? How do you feel now?

When I first chopped I just wanted something new. I wanted to start all over. I needed to be free of The prison I was confined to (my hair). I was scared, but it was something I was going to do regardless. I’m GLAD I made that decision.

CN:When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
I BC’d November 20th of 2009. At first I felt naked. I felt as if everyone was looking at me, and of course they were, because everyone knows how much I LOVE long hair. I didn’t really “own” it until a couple of days later when it had set in that “Jaye…your completely BALD!” lol thats when it was just too late for regrets. The deed had already been done and I LOVED it. I Loved feeling free.

CN:How did family and friends react to the new you? What was your response to them?
I had asked my dad for some money to go get a haircut, and his response was “what did your mom say about this?” and of course I had to tell him I hadn’t talked to her yet and he refused to give me the money to cut it. So I called my mom asking to cut MY hair and she refused. So I went upstairs, got some scissors, tied my hair up in a pony tail, and just cut it. By then my mom was home so I ran downstairs, hair in my hand behind my back and said “mom LOOK!” She freaked out and kept saying “OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR!! OH MY GOD!” lol she refused to look at me for awhile until after a friend helped me cut it neatly and everyone kept telling her how beautiful I looked with short hair. Now she loves it. My brother’s reaction was “oh so you want to be a boy now? ok Jaye!” Everyday after that he just continued to make fun of me, and my little sister’s was “You’ve lost your mind”. This was right before Thanksgiving so when we went over to my uncles house, he pulled me to the side and asked “Is there something you need to tell us? We won’t judge you and we will always love you” HE THOUGHT I HAD CUT MY HAIR BECAUSE I WAS COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET! It was quite funny to me. I loved my hair (or lack of it) and that’s all that mattered. I just let them know that I hadn’t lost my mind and I did it because it something I wanted to do.

CN:What are your plans for your hair?
I’ve kept it short since I cut it almost a year ago, I’m curious to see it long. So as of last week (my last hair cut) I plan on growing it out.

CN:Do you find it necessary to ‘doll up’ your look to feel more feminine?

Not really. I’ve always had my own style, and the only thing that’s really changed is I have no hair. I still dress the same. I always have to have my earrings on though because without them I feel as if I look like a little boy lol.

CN: How do you keep your hair moisturized?

I deep condition once a week, I wash my hair everyday (scalp condition, I have to) then I put my coconut oil (everyday) in and go.

CN: How do you preserve your curls as night?
I don’t. Seeing as how I have to wash my hair when I wake up.

CN: Why did you choose to go natural?

I went natural because I saw this girl on campus at my old college, and she stuck out to me because unlike everyone else, she was doing her own thing. Her hair was long and natural, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! I always thought I was my own person who did whatever ‘I’ wanted to, so why had I been a relaxer junkie all this while? what was I hiding from? So of course I went on YouTube and Google and started researching how to go natural, how to transition. I came across a lot of beautiful AA women who had begun their natural journey. I started to see myself wanting to get back to my roots and wanting to love ALL of me, the way God created me. That’s why I was in such a rush to cut it all off, plus the fact that when I put my mind to something I do it right away. Best decision EVER. Now I’ve got 4 of my aunts walking around bald headed, 2 transitioning, and my 2 older cousins transitioning also. lol