Besides hair, what are your other internet addictions?

What topics, products, and issues keep you glued to your Mac for hours?

CN Confesses:

Basically, whatever is going on in my life at the time. When I was waiting for hubby to propose I lived on I still frequent the diamond sites (especially Pricescope), lusting after my next upgrade. Very, very expensive vice. While preggers, I was posted up at and Babycenter. And now, it’s any and everything baby- -infant development, milestones, and baby sign language. I also get on health kicks from time to time and love Googling the benefits of whatever it is I’m doing- eating miso soup, wakame, oily fish, hummus, pomegranate arils, walking 3 miles a day… just to name a few of the more recent ones. Reading about the benefits keeps me motivated… I’m such a nerd.

Finally, no matter the season of life I’m in, I’m on WebMD diagnosing (mostly imagined) symptoms. Thinking a headache is a tumor, a stomachache, an ulcer. I’m a hypochondriac!