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Curly Nikki

Internet Addictions… Besides Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202158 Comments

Internet Addictions... Besides Natural Hair

Besides hair, what are your other internet addictions?

What topics, products, and issues keep you glued to your Mac for hours?

CN Confesses:

Basically, whatever is going on in my life at the time. When I was waiting for hubby to propose I lived on I still frequent the diamond sites (especially Pricescope), lusting after my next upgrade. Very, very expensive vice. While preggers, I was posted up at and Babycenter. And now, it’s any and everything baby- -infant development, milestones, and baby sign language. I also get on health kicks from time to time and love Googling the benefits of whatever it is I’m doing- eating miso soup, wakame, oily fish, hummus, pomegranate arils, walking 3 miles a day… just to name a few of the more recent ones. Reading about the benefits keeps me motivated… I’m such a nerd.

Finally, no matter the season of life I’m in, I’m on WebMD diagnosing (mostly imagined) symptoms. Thinking a headache is a tumor, a stomachache, an ulcer. I’m a hypochondriac!


  • Gaelle says:

    @Gaelle (that would be me)
    You probably don't understand some stuff in that last comment (read; nerdfighteria, Explosion Wednesaday, etc.). Just wanted to clarify that those are inside jokes, and that I'm not just some crazy person lol. DFTBA

  • Gaelle says:

    Besides natural hair blogs and YouTubes (which takes up about 60% of my internet browsing), I love(from YouTube):

    vlogbrothers,(nerdfighteria is amazeballs!)
    wheezywaiter,(funny, bearded guy who needs to make Explosion Wednesday a thing!!)
    vihart(she does these really epic math illustrations. Her videos are so addicting!), and
    charlieissocoollike (cute, nerdy, english, boy who's funny to boot ;-)(yeah I have a crush *blushes*)).

    I'm also in love with They always have such cool little fun facts and words. Wikipedia's cool too. My favorite subjects are geography and history so it's good for that.

  • Unknown says:

    I'm glad i'm not the only one. Always on, curlynikki, moptopmaven, facebook, youtube and facebook.

  • Natasha -- says:

    No one has said vintage clothing? Sigh, it's been a crutch of mine for about 4-5 years at least. And I have one dealer…I mean store.

    Although my mom says it started in high school which is almost 20 years ago :lol:

  • Pamalicious says:

    I've started attending several 'classes' at the Poor Man's college A/K/A YOUTUBE, lol I also, being a 38 year Michael Jackson Level 10 fan – I spend a lot of time Trolling and being on MJ Sites as well as what I call "Mikeing" in general – the action of enjoying all things Mike on the Internet, lol

    My last haunt is catching up with all the blogs I keep in my Google Reader & the eternal passion – FACEBOOK.

  • Stephanie says:

    Shoedazzle has become my guilty pleasure. For even more fun, another natural turned me on to makemechic. I totally love shoedazzle, however, because not only are the shoes matched to my style profile, the stylists throw in some flare just in case I want to "go there". Everything is $39,95 and includes shipping and free returns. Finally, the stylists recommend cute outfits that compliment the shoes. Love, Love, Love!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I, as well, search for whatever I'm doing at the time or interested in purchasing. I thoroughly research so that I don't end of second guessing myself. I'm so bad that huz-band will say, "You ain't made up yo' mind YET?!" LOL

  • Naijaprincess says:

    Ooh- can anyone recommend some interior design blogs? Bought my first home, but haven't decorated- 8 months along and still paralyzed with indecision over paint, furniture etc.

  • SweetThang says:

    I thought I was the only one who went to Blue Nile and designed my engagement rings even though I don't even have a fiance. Also, used to go to Virtual Tourist and take fake vacations. That means look at pictures of other peoples vacations since I don't have any money to take a vacation.

    But now, after I hit up all the natural hair blogs Curlynikki, Happy Girl Hair, etc. I go to Facebook and chat with friends and play Farmville and Cafe World.

  • Unknown says:

    Everything wedding! I love But then I am a blogger myself so I love other blogs pertaining to entrepreneurship, finance, attitude, success, life, etc. As far a personal fulfillment, I like, little things matter, and other spiritual type blogs. (I do all of this when not on curly nikki!)

  • Anonymous says: on the workout manager page. I log in my daily workout and I'm always planning my workout schedule for the next month and reviewing & updating my workout plans. The workout manager page also keeps track of the calories I've burned daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I log in my weight and body measurements also. I get so excited about it. I also like to review workout DVDs I plan to buy from her site. I've been on that site since 2003. It never gets old.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm addicted to sooo many blogs, especially hair, besides natural hair, they include youtube, nail blogs,,so many tumblrs, miyabailey's blog(tattoo artist), kanye's twitter,, jessie j on youtube, karla's closet, streetetiquette., FLY, amanda diva, Achraf Amiri blog…i'm an internet

  • Anonymous says:

    besides natural hair – I'm a fan of the first lady – so, and I also like the and

  • shamigreen says:

    Makeup blogs are my sinful addiction:

  • Anonymous says:

    Natural belle blog
    MoptopMaven blog
    Fashion Gone Rogue to stare at the gorgeous current editorials
    The Fashion Spot – researching models, magazines etc
    Amazon & itunes to buy music, dvds, books, presents etc.
    Youtube to watch music videos to listen to newest alternative/experimental music tracks
    Lurking on discussion boards about my favourite TV shows
    Newspaper websites

    Hair & music are my twin internet usage loves.

  • Anonymous says:

    not sure how i feel about this post! I know have 6 tabs open on my browser looking at some of the site the curlies listed. Mines would have to be the Washington Post (I know corny), and sites that have the latest medical research breakthroughs, behavioral psyche/social studies data "men are more likely to… research suggest that married couples etc… (please don't ask why). Fashion blog are my weakness!

  • MsCrystal says:

    I am overly addicted to health websites…I diagnose anything that slightly feels different in my body. My husband asks me daily, "What did you research today on Google?" Just last week, I diagnosed myself with about 3 different things. lol… Also, I love YouTube videos and following personal thrifty/DIY fashion and decorating blogs because I love finding a good deal and making it look fabulous.

  • Michelle Odrama says:

    Well, there's facebook of course. And then the standard ebay, craigslist and amazon hunting for deals. But my true internet passion is real estate. I love, love, love looking at houses. Houses that are practicle and hope to be my next home in the city I currently live, in cities I dream to move to one day and houses that I would never own, but dream of being able to afford and afford the maid to clean them. :)

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    I love makeup blogs and YT videos on makeup. I can stay on them forever and a day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anything hair (that means ur at the top Nik!), fashion and most recently, gossip (don't judge me lol). is my new daily addiction.

  • bludini1 says:

    Blogs- AverageBro and Black Snob. Anything related to shoes esp iron fist, movie reviews,

  • Curly Chic says:

    I'm all about the fashion blogs these days but like you, whatever I'm dealing with at the moment, that's what I obsess over!
    Tammy G

  • Anonymous says:

    Where do I start? Youtube, entertainment magazine sites such as the one for Entertainment Weekly magazine; sites for purchasing books/reviews/profiling writers/published authors etc. (Goodreads,, Amazon, SORMAG, Dear Author and several blogs written by literary agents (Kristen Nelson, Rachelle Gardner, Jessica Faust, Miss Snark etc.) And last put not least, the vast portal for knitters and all things knitting

  • kimmie0810 says:



    Twitter (recently)

    LipstickAlley (don't judge)

    Wikipedia (I look up the most random stuff! I spent an entire night reading about Hitler & all of his key people b/c I googled his girlfriend. And I did all that reading FROM MY BLACKBERRY!)

    I'm a Google fiend. I can find ANYTHING and ANYBODY thru 'net searches & I'm so computer illiterate it's not funny.



    various & sundry hair, lifestyle, make-up, skin, gossip blogs. And any site that sells crazy ass graphic tees

  • Anonymous says:

    Always looking for a sale like Or fashion/gossip like

  • Moni says:

    @Nikki, I totally disagree. I love my sexy PC. :p

    I forgot to add that I love browsing Etsy as well!

  • Lexi says:

    Ok, so i'm a really crafty person and graphic designer so I love anything crafty! Have you heard of "Evernote" ? well that joker is the business because it pretty much allows you to save anything and everything you see online….like a page of a website for all of it's crafty goodness?…well select it, or take a screen shot and Evernote will save it pretty much as you see it so that you can look at it any time you want! Do i sound like a commercial yet? LOL But for real, it's free! and super handy and allows you to keep everything organized just in case you're a visual packrat like me! Did i mention the have an iPhone app?…..I can't tell you how many times I've been in an art supplies store or Michaels and opened that app to remind me what i want! LOL! But yeah, i umm, guess my obsession is Evernote because it allows me to keep all my thousands of hair, craft, art, blogs, image, sites, etc. etc. at my fingertips.

  • Anonymous says:

    Decorating is my other obsession. My style is very "French Country," so I am always on the hunt for the perfect farmhouse table. I'm usually window shopping on,, (my favorite!!!),, and

  • Anonymous says:

    My newest obsession is personal finance blogs. Getting out of debt and increasing my net worth (while barely making minimum wage) is my life focus right now so I love blogs about living frugally, budgeting, saving, and anything related (one of my favorites is Budgets are Sexy). As a result, I'm also really interested in living a minimalist lifestyle so I love blogs about that subject as well (Zen Habits is a great place to start if interested).

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol y'all are funny :)

    moni, I wrote PC at first, and thought 'folks always assume everyone has a pc'. Macs are sexier ;)

  • Moni says:

    Lol at the assumption that we all have macs (or not-so-subtle promotion?). I read a ton of style and beauty blogs on my google reader. I also spend a lot of time on wikipedia, imdb, facebook, webMD (especially their symptom checker), sparkpeople and cooking sites (,,, etc.).

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought I was the only one who goes to WebMD and swear I have every disease But I visit curlynikki alot, youtube and a few blogs that i read daily. i also love amazon and

    Nikki T

  • Anonymous says:

    Up until now, there have only been two topics that keep my attention no matter what's going on in my life…those are health/fitness (I lost 20 pounds last year) and shopping. Clothes, shoes, and accessories, oh my…lol. Now I can add haircare to my short list. It's funny how I didn't see before the clear connection between healthy food and healthy hair.

  • Jessi says: … it's one of Houston's primary real estate sites. No, not on the hunt for a new home, just freaking addicted to looking at houses. I even have a real estate folder on iPhone. It's sad … I know.

    Also those darn Facebook games. Farmville and the bunch …

    Does The Sims count? Well … I guess that's not an "internet" addiction. OK … I'm going to stop now because in print I look really pathetic. lol

  • apaine says:

    OMGsh frank & myrrh! she has the most delicious jewelry. and facebook.

  • bonni says:

    I have been LIVING on… (don't judge me) I am not "allowed" to look at webmd because I tend to think I have everything. I stay on youtube looking at makeup tutorials…and FACEBOOK!

  • bkKinksnCurls says:

    @Anon 5:08

    Shout out to Naruto and British sci-fi! I've been watching the anime and getting sick of the fillers lately. And I heart Red Dwarf! I'm not British but love Little Britain and Spaced too

  • Anonymous says:

    earth clinic
    jimi hendrix

  • Anonymous says:

    lol @ nikki and diamonds. Me too girl!

  • iri9109 says:

    @ drchuck24 thanks for that link!

    i stalk zappos and and hautelook…oh &

  • Anonymous says:


  • Patra says:

    Any vegan site and my fav craft blogs, especially since Christmas near, making gifts.

  • Anonymous says:

    fashion blogs have become my new addiction, before it was gossip blogs.

  • Nettie says:

    I actually don't read many natural blogs…this one, Mae's and BGLH. I mainly read hobby blogs. Knitting, sewing, quilting, art, doll-making. You get the idea.

    I also love to self diagnose what could be the cause of both real and imagines symptoms. Mainly migraines and how to get rid of those motherf*&^er's !

  • Anonymous says:

    Currently it's personal style blogs and when I was moving house decorating blogs

  • modest-goddess says:

    decorating blogs
    quilting blogs
    anti-racist blogs
    K-pop (Korean pop) sites
    Black gossip blogs (Crunk & Disorderly, the Fury)

  • Sharmer says:

    I was also addicted to baby sites when was preggars with my son.
    @Denise, I love crunk&disorderly too. They have me crackin up!

  • vonnie says:

    beauty sites! I'm on beauty blogs more than hair blogs, cosmetics is my passion :D Sephora,, writing for my site, anything to do with beauty!

    I'm also addicted to black women empowerment blogs such as,, etc.


  • Sharmer says:

    Facebook and youtube are definitely addictive fot me. I go to some celeb blog sites but I think im gonna leave alone soon. Nothing but a bunch of mindless chatter and gossip on those.

  • Anonymous says:

    mine are narutobase a japanese manga site i dont post am not member but i lurk the forums for their thoughts and theories about what could happen etc lol

    Denofgeek it basically has all thinks scifi and info on british sci fi shows like Doctor Who. And lots of lists like Top 10 scenes that made u cry in a sci fi movie! i love that stuff (Im British)

    i also research everything whether its food, skin care, household appliances anything and everything the internet is my friend

  • Denisse G says:

    Besides your website i love other natural blogs but trust me they don't compare! I also had an addiction to webmd too and my bf and mother started getting annoyed with me so i chilled a bit Lol. My new internet addiction is tumblr! Follow me guys :) they're easy and fun

  • Denise says:

    Since I just had my son in August, I, too frequent BabyCenter and TheBump. But my real addictions, beyond natural hair sites(embarassing to say), are NecoleBitchie, ConcreteLoop, TheYBF, and Crunk&Disorderly.

  • Anonymous says:

    I research everything – whatever is happening in my life at the time it gets research thoroughly (new boyfriends, eyelashes, shoes, makeup, clothes, job postings, whatever). And I frequently check my Facebook page.

  • bkKinksnCurls says:

    I'm a Wikipedia head and I'm constantly looking up definitions. I'm often on IMDB and forever on Facebook

  • Unknown says:

    I am currently a Spanish language student, so I am constantly logging on to when I start to second guess myself while I'm doing homework. LOL! It's a great place to look up those darn random vocabulary words. I can conjugate verbs like a fiend, but I can never remember that the Spanish word for "spoon" is "cuchara". Sad, I know! My husband and I both are huge video game nerds and through him I discovered A great place for gaming news. Another nerdy tidbit: I am very into comics, specifically manga (Japanese comics)so I like to go to or to see what's new. Not that I need to buy anymore books at all, comics or novels. Reading is an addiction for me…!

  • DrChuck24 says:

    lol thats hilarious because I too am addicted to WebMD. Sometimes I swear I have these random diseases smh…

    Since natural websites are not included (which I am HEAVILY addicted too lol) I can say that I addicted to website called I have been on it for YEARS. I plan on applying to medical school next summer and I am on that website 15x a day. It has to be one of the BEST websites out there that discuss all the schools, application processes, and it doesnt just stop with medical school..they have forums for people interested dental, nursing, PA, pharm, etc etc….you name if they got it. My addiction is REALLY bad :( But the site is so helpful haha

  • DrChuck24 says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • kitka82 says:

    LOL at! That was one of my favorite sites when I was engaged. I loved and too.

    As I've been losing my after-baby weight, I've been all over (a great free weight loss resource and community). I've also been scoping out, which is great for those who are into frugal, DIY home improvement and design.

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