Bianca writes:

Hey Nikki!

My husband and I got married in Jamaica on June 4th. I had just big chopped 3 months earlier and had no idea how I would wear my hair. I knew there was no way I could wear it straight with the humidity, and all too likely showers that time of year. I also never envisioned having short hair on my wedding day and neither did my concerned mom. After way too many, “What are you going to do with your hair?” questions, I decided to get on the hunt for some hair. GASP! Yes, a weave! I still wanted to look like myself just a longer haired me, so after searching high and low I found a kinky curly texture that I fell in love with. I spent the first few days of my wedding vacation with my real hair; this was the first time most of my family had seen my new look. I got tons of compliments, but I knew I wanted to look different on my actual day. So on the morning of the wedding I had the weave put in. I loved how carefree I was able to be on my wedding day. I didn’t have to worry about sweating my hair out. I also didn’t have to compromise the vision I had in my head for the way I wanted to look on my special day. I received opinions from so many people solicited and unsolicited, but in the end I went with my own opinion and I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂