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Curly Nikki

Natural in the City with Kasalina

By January 27th, 20216 Comments
The lovely Melanie Hart…

Natural in the City with Kasalina
On her natural hair…
My hair has a super tight coil, which means that it absorbs moisture easily, so I don’t wash it that frequently. However, I like to change the style between washes, and this is an easy mid-wash way to go without product build-up. I start by moisturizing my scalp with Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia (formerly known as hair milk). I then use my fingers to part my hair into large sections. I slightly dampen each section with Aveeno’s Nourish + Condition Leave-in Treatment, and then I finish each section by putting on a little Oyin’s Styling Serum. I comb through each section, then put each into a ponytail using covered elastic bands, with no metal. Then like we did when we were kids, I simply two strand twist each ponytail. I usually end up with about 8-10 ponytails, and the whole things takes about 25 minutes. To vary it, I either saturate it more with the aveeno, and let is set until it dries; or if I want it fuller, I spritz it just enough to make it more malleable to twist, let it set about an hour, (or however long it takes to dry) then let it out.

On the best thing about being natural…
Funny, I have never thought about being natural in these terms. I guess the best thing is the freedom, authenticity, and truth of me just being me.

Want more Kasalina, check out her blog MALIAMU!


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