Y.M. Heard writes:

A few weeks ago I decided that 3 months after my BC, I was ready to try straightening my hair. I’d been thinking about it for awhile and my engagement party was coming up, so I decided it was the right time to try it. I gathered all my natural hair friendly products, stopped by Sally’s to get a good heat protector, and took everything to my stylists house. After 2 hours I had a lovely style. A flat twisted front and a flat iron flipped back. I loved it! I loved it for exactly 5 days before I missed my curls. So I wet the back in an effort to bring my curls back. My hair curled on cue, only my curls didn’t pop like normal. I was a little concerned but figured they’d bounce back after a good wash. A good wash came and went but my natural spiral curls didn’t return. I panicked. I wondered if I’d done permanent damage to my lovely coils. I read that using a flat iron on your curls could alter the curl pattern but I assumed it was after repeated and extreme straightening. I was scared that my spirals would never return. Luckily after a second, better wash, my coils returned! *Sigh of relief* While I haven’t sworn off straightening my hair, it definitely won’t be a part of any regular routine! My question to the Curly Nikki family is:

Have you ever done anything to your natural hair that made you say “Never Again”?

CN Responds:
Mirco to medium sized twists, worn as a protective style. My hair tangles like none other and calls itself locking after only 6 or so days. Putting them in takes forever, and take down is hellacious. Plus I have naturally thin hair and the style can look a bit ‘twiggy’ at time.