“Mega-Tek” sounds like the newest sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it’s actually the name of a much-buzzed-about, protein-based, cell-regenerating product that girls with textured hair are raving about.

Like the popular Mane ‘n’ Tail product of years gone by, Mega-Tek is marketed for the equine market, to improve hoof strength and tail length. “Accelerates hair regrowth on bare spots caused by equipment and blanket rubs, skin conditions or injuries. Makes hair stronger reducing breakage,” the EQyss (Mega-Tek’s maker) website says.

But curly girls have discovered that the product works great for humans, too. Apparently the product was originally designed for humans, as a hair cell regenerator for hair damaged by perm, chemicals or heat. But for whatever reason, EQyss chose to market it for pets and horses, (We tried to get an interview with the company, but they declined.)

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