Hola chicas!

It’s that time again! The images below are of CN readers at their flyyest…at work, on the town, and with the fam. Showing us all that natural hair is not a fad, it’s a way of life…an extension of our beauty! Click on the images to enlarge them:

Baby G
[insert funny quote here]

This is my version of a braid-n-curl, I used Giovanni Direct Leave-in diluted with water and a little Aloe gel then applied Miss Jessies Quick Curls. Honestly, I just came back from the beauty supply after buying some weave. I thought I wanted to give “Luscious” a break, but she’s looking too good to put away. Something tells me I might even have 2nd day hair….I’ll save the weave for when it’s colder.

It will be 1 year since I big chopped.. & loving every step of the way 😉
For the fall winter, I decided to do a protective cornrow style. I adore this style since it’s low maintenance. I have cornrows on both sides with kinky twists in the center. The twists are tucked in a roll which has a coif at the top.
Thanks for letting me share

My twin and I sister! (left to right) Sheena transitioning 8 months and Deena one year all natural! We both did a different version of twist out to make our fros! We <3 href="http://curlynikki.com/" target="_blank">curlynikki.com

I am at work; rocking a 5 day twist out. I pinned the side back to add a change and make 5 day hair!

A beautiful summer day at the church cookout. As a result of a mix of laziness and curiosity, I was rocking a day 5 twist-out. BTW later that evening at cookout#2, I met my Prince Charming!!!lol

Out on the town with my girls. This was a wash and go use with Mixed Chicks. I sat under the dryer for 10 minutes then diffused for the volume that I am obsessed with. lol

Mom’s in town visiting and I’m on my way to a fancy-schmancy lunch w/Mama 🙂 Been natural since 11/09 and lovin it!!

I was last featured on CN as a current transitioner but now I’m 3 months post BC and LOVING it! I was going on a date and decided to try a puff on 6 day old hair.

I am headed out to an all black affair for Tennessee State University’s Homecoming celebration. This hairstyle was created by mistake; I wanted to do a fro’hawk, but ended up with a sidehawk…the flower was a decoration on my meal during dinner and I decided to stick it in my head.

This is me trying a new but simple hair style: twist-out bangs with the rest of my twisted hair in a ponytail and adorned with scarf and shades. I really like it, even though a co-worker told me she hated it.

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