Sweetdrk1 writes:

Hello Nikki,

I had to share with you because without your forum, I am sure I would have failed miserably the first time around. It is also because of the enviorment that you built and nutured that I was able to do the big chop again with confidence. When I began this journey my goal was healthy hair, I never wanted length and Sasha quickly proved that if I allow her to, she will grow down my back. So today I went to the salon and had my other Nikki (yes my stylist is named Nikki too) do her thang. I was/am very pleased with the outcome.
What did I learn from the first time?
  • I don’t need all the fancy products, Sasha just needs a drink of water
  • No two heads of hair are the same; therefore I paid more attention to what MY hair needed
  • I am protein sensitive
  • The impact of a good butter when I want to stretch my hair
  • The importance of getting my ends trimmed on a regular basis
  • That everyone has an opinion and will offer it up when it comes to MY hair (really? who asked you)
  • That the reason I cut it the first time as well as this time is because that is what I wanted to do. Nothing more, nothing less
  • I love CN.com because the atmosphere is one of sharing and caring; unlike some of the other things I have read

I just made 16 months since my first BC and I can’t say that I will allow it to get as long this time. As long as it’s healthy I am happy. To all those embarking upon this natural journey, this is a personal decision so do it only because that is what YOU want to do!