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Curly Nikki

Top 10 Curly Hair Myths

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

Top 10 Curly Hair Myths
Naturallycurly writes:

We asked three of NaturallyCurly’s favorite hair personalities—all different hair types—to help us understand some of the most common hair myths out there.

Curly hair is easier than straight hair

True and False.

Let me explain. Some people will always be high maintenance, regardless of their hair texture or curl pattern. I know ladies who spend more time on their “more manageable” relaxed hair than I spend detangling my entire afro! It’s all a matter of personality. I’m extremely simple, from my products (I only use about 4 total) to my styles (afro puff, anyone?). I was the same way with straight hair. A ponytail and I was set.

On the other hand, caring for highly textured hair is more time-consuming in one sitting, but we usually don’t touch our hair for a week solid. So yes, I spend one whole hour detangling my hair (and that’s BEFORE I shampoo and deep condition!) but once I style, I won’t have to even think about my hair until next week—afro chicks don’t shampoo frequently.

So yes: afro hair requires high levels of patience and will take longer to properly care for, but no: that doesn’t make straight hair “easier”.

My hair is not difficult. Just different.

Does weather really matter?


Weather will dictate what your hair can do and how it will feel. The more coily and textured your hair is, the more fragile it is. Each bend or spiral in your hair is a point of potential breakage—and I got A LOT of spirals.

But remember that everybody is different: my hair absolutely LOVES the humidity of Austin, Texas, in the summer. All that moisture in the air makes my fro super soft and curl up in millions of cute coils. Some types of afros hate the moisture in the air and get frizzy.

One thing I think we all have in common is battling the dry, cold winter months. The wind whipping against your ‘fro may result in brittle hair. The moisture has been sucked out of it, and there’s no moisture in the air to bring it back. Solution? A phrase we like to use called “sealing the hair.” It’s when you properly moisturize the hair inside while getting ready and lock in that moisture (water) with an oil. Since water and oil don’t mix, the oil will lay on the surface of the hair, protecting it from wind and keeping the water from escaping! You can also keep your hair in protective styles or wear hats to protect your fro.

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  • Anonymous says:


  • Professional Complainer says:

    I agree that some people are just high maintenance with their hair. I am one of them! I have been natural for over 10 years, but I JUST started wearing my hair curly.

    When I flat ironed my hair, it would be an all day event. The same is true of my curly hair. I reserve my Friday nights (since I am always too tired to go out after the work week) for washing, deep conditioning, and twisting my hair. It actually takes just as long if not longer to do my hair "naturally" as I have to wait for my hair to dry.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been natual for 2 years and all I would do is wash and go's. So I decided to flat iron my hair and I love it! I have no fear of heat damage because I do it myself! I use PM Skinny and JC Nourish & Shine with EVOO for mt ends and scalp. My hair is almost BSL with a soft deep red color and my friends and family are loving my new look. I do miss my curls but for now it's a look to show off my length and healthy hair!

  • Marybeth says:

    Off topic. i think the picture you posted is of this girl –

    I could be wrong. But I really think it's her. Or maybe you knew that already. Anywho, I love her blog and find inspiration in her honesty.

  • Anonymous says:

    Funny enough I'm the opposite of what it appears for most curlies, my hair fares better in the winter. New York humidity in the summer is beyond brutal on my kinky styles because I never know what it will look like by the hour. The moisture causes major shrinkage which causes major tangling and my braid/twist outs end up looking a hot puffy mess. Unlike the winter where i just make sure my hair is super moisturized with shea cantu leave in conditioner, wonder 8 oil and sealed with a shea butter/castor oil combo. My styles look just how they started in the morning. As for the windy arctic air we're experiencing now, I either put a beanie hat over my hair or leave it in twists.

  • Anonymous says:

    Interesting topic. My hair regimen has been equally simple if comparing relaxed and natural. I was relaxed for many yrs until 10 yrs ago. Once I learned the best way to care for my natural hair (after becoming aqcuainted with it for the first time in my adult life), its been a pleasurable breeze. AND the best part is that I am totally independent- never have to step foot in a salon.
    Weather matters (as it did when I was relaxed) in that I need to DC more during winter months. No problem, as my DC treatments are a time of selfpampering and coziness for me. I love wrapping my head up, having a cup of hot chocolate and relishing in the smell of the conditioning products I use. LOVE IT!!

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