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Curly Nikki

Transitioners- Locking in the Curl

By January 27th, 202130 Comments

Transitioners- Locking in the Curl

What is the best way to achieve maximum curl hold with a twist-out while transitioning?

I am almost 8 months into my transition and I find I have to re-twist my twist-out each night to achieve a look I like for a few days in a row. Thanks!!

CN Responds:
I’ve never transitioned, but I would imagine that a product with holding agents applied to wet hair would help (gel, curl cream, or a setting lotion). Always allow the hair to fully set before removing the twists and/or rollers, either by air-drying over night, or with the aid of a bonnet dryer (which may result in a firmer set). Finally, many folks find that braid-outs yield a deeper wave pattern, so you may find that braid-outs work better than twist-outs for your transitioning hair.

Help her out ladies!


  • Anonymous says:

    I am 14 months into transition and , I had a medium chop back in November which was very hard for me. since then i've gotten over it but haven't trimmed anymore. Is it necessary to trim? I've noticed the 2 textures 1 in the front of my hair and another in the back. my hair has always been thick and many have said that using grease isn't good…but using oil on my hair as thick as my hair is my scalp is dry again the next day so i have to grease my scalp twice a week. would doing that prevent or slow down hair growth? I do bantu knot-outs and 2 strand twists then a flexi rod for styling…i love how much thicker and stronger my hair has become but would love any other suggestions/tips…thanks in advance

  • Leslie says:

    I am 9 months post (did a mini chop to an asymmetrical bob at 7 months post, so I am all natural in the back), weekly roller sets have worked the best for me from the beginning.

    I let my clean "detangled in shower with Aussie Moist/twisted in sections" hair dry for about 15 minutes in a tee shirt, then apply Giovanni Leave-In section by section, rolling with about 20 blue flexi rods (I two-strand twist the all-natural back). I sleep on a satin pillowcase…in the morning I remove the rollers, coat my hands with about a dime-sized amount of jojoba oil and finger separate.

    At night I can slightly spray my hair with water, take bigger sections and reset on flexi rods. I figure I will have to have a night routine when I am all natural, so it's good practice. Only takes about 15 minutes, and the mornings are a breeze.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm currently 8 months into my transition and I have a problem with my new growth holding a curl. The relaxed ends hold the curl great. On the other hand, my two inches of natural hair look like a frizzy puffy mess. I don't know what to do.

  • Danie says:

    My staple style (without using heat) is twist/bantu knot out using Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue (my favorite!!). If I run out, I also use Taliah Wajjid Lock it up (great stuff). Hope this helps.

  • mood_indigo says:

    When I transitioned I did twist and curls on wet hair using a thick styling product like Miss Jessies. I rolled my ends with small perm rods.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been transitioning for about two years and have been through alot during that time. I had similar experiences when I first began my transition but have learned the best teqnique that works for my hair is chunky twists, similar to curly nikki's twist and curl. Creams/butters work best on my hair. I wash/wet my hair twist and sit under the dryer for about two hours to set then no to expose my hair to too much heat let it air dry for the remainder of the night. The heat from the dryer helps with the drying of my hair and sets the curls better…

  • Anonymous says:

    I am just a 6 weeks post but I have found curlformers work great blending the two textures, although I still put them in each night because I can't sleep on my head~

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    check out my hair story under the 'about me' tab. I've never had a relaxer… I wore a press until I was 20 or so. I guess you can say I transitioned out of a little heat damage, but yeah, there was never any relaxer for me.

  • Jessi says:

    @ Anon 6:31 … If I'm not mistaken, Nikki didn't have a relaxer to grow out. She used to flat iron her hair a lot.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you did not transistion or big chop…then what did you do? I have searched for this answer and did not find it in your hair history…

  • Kathleen says:

    I transitioned for approximately 6 months using only rod sets, cutting off a little of the relaxed ends each time I washed my hair.

    Jane Carter's Wrap & Roll was a life saver! It's an all natural setting lotion that I would apply on each section of freshly washed and conditioned hair before I rolled it onto the rod. The resulting curls/twists would last until the next time I washed my hair.

    It was a great low manipulation hairstyle that got me through until all the relaxed ends were gone.

    Wrap & Roll is great for locking in that curl!

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to flat twist my hair wet with Miss Jessies Curly Merigue…I rolled the ends with regular rollers…Then sit under the dryer for atleast 30 mintutes before going to bed..I would untwist with some Jane Carter Nourish and Shine on my fingers. This style would last a week by pineappling at night.

  • Christa says:

    I'm 8 months into transitioning… I restyle nightly on damp/dry hair to… Once you get into a schedule it doesn't take too much effort… maybe just give it a little while longer?

    Also: Am I the only person that instead of using curlers/straws on the ends on my twists-> I Bantu knot!!! It gives the same look and is much easier to sleep on. (lol)

    Be encouraged! You'll find your routine/what works for you… Just continue to try new things and write down what works. 🙂

  • Sharmer says:

    Pineappling helps!

  • Pretty Awesome Penguin says:

    I transitioned for 17 months and just BCed a few weeks ago.

    What worked best for me was to use (in this order for styling) a leave-in conditioner with the first ingredient listed being water(aqua), then a conditioner like aussie moist/HE hydralicious or J/A/S/O/N biotin conditioner that is kind of thick, then a holding gel like Fantasia IC or Smooth n Shine curl activator that has alot of hold, then I lighter gel like Garnier fructis cream gel, amazing grace conditioner or HE hairspray, and then a light oil to seal like EVCO or jojoba oil.

    It's best to start styling with hair that is still wet. It takes longer to dry, but the sets hold longer. Also put the ends in rollers small enough that you can wind the ends of your hair around at least 3-4 times.

    With transitioning styles usually only hold for 3-4 days because permed hair is so limp.

    At night I would say just sleep on a satin pillowcase. The curls are very easily flattened if you wear a scarf or bonnet. If you hair is long enough pineapple, pulling the hair that is long enough to the top of you head where a a cowlick would be. Pin the rest that is out as close to the ponytail as possible with the curls on the end free. Where you pin the hair also depends on how you sleep. I sleep on my stomach so I pin all the hair to the front or back of my head. If you sleep on your back you should pin the hair in the back to the sides above your ears. You get the idea.

    You can also touch up the frizzy/flat places after a few days by singling out those areas, spraying with a little bit of liquid leave-in conditioner (I use Aphogee Pro-Vitamin L-iC) or water and putting curlers on the ends.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 11 mths in, and i retwist nightly. There is no way around it for me, unless i'm bunning the next day. I also twist on slightly damp hair, and not soaking wet hair.

  • KayDanai says:

    I have to do that same thing every night. My hair doesn't unsmoosh from wrapping it while sleeping, so to get the right look I have to re-braid every night. I wet it with a spray bottle w/ water and conditioner until damp, not soaking and it resets the setting lotion so I don't have to put more of that on. I don't like braiding it every night, but I really do find that it works out the best.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 8 months in also.I have med to short hair I guess,lots of shrinkage, its about chin length. When I Roll my ends after I twist i make sure my hair is good and wet with leave in and a setting lotion then seal my ends with hair honey from carols daughter, you use what your hair likes, My hair love it. and I roll up with straws. I like the tighter curls to match my hairs curl pattern. I use bobby pins or clamps to secure the straws. This seem to work it last about a week, but I had to play with how I wrap it at night. I do one of two things, multi pineapple, Got that from a post on CN, or loose chunky twist secured with bobby pins. I sleep on a silk /satin pillow case and I tie on losely my head with a scarf, just in case it slips off the pillow case is there. I don't fluff until the 2nd day and I play with lots of hair pins and head bands and I do have to spot roll. I dampen my ends reseal and just re-roll the hair that is in need of re-curl. I do get frizz but it just ,make my hair bigger and I don't mind that. Product is the key you have to find what holds, longer and how it makes your hair feel once it's dry. Make sure theres no alcohol in the setting lotion or wrap lotion. oil your hair too. Some times I do leave the twist in longer than a day and the pattern seems to stay no matter what. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did this as an experiment and just so happened it turned out great and lasted for about a week w/o having to retwist my hair at night. On freshly co-washed hair I twisted my hair with Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic and let try for the rest of the day. The following day untwisted and voila my hair was sooo defined and the style lasted for about a week and all I did was apply some oil for days it looked dry. I would try twisting with that product.

  • LaNeshe says:

    I wear my hair in the twists for about a week, which yields a twist out that lasts almost a week without any gel or anything. I've found leaving the twists in a couple days holds the pattern.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do braid outs every night, because I like the defined looked. I have 4B and have transitioned for over 1 year now, but my hair is super tight and I have a lot of shrinkage. I agree with the previous person who stated Cantu Shea Cream works well and I have a little spray bottle of filtered water. I mentioned filtered water, because my water in my area is hard/soft (not sure), but it is horrible and dries my hair out. Now that I have a shower filter, I just fill the spray bottle from there. Satin bonnet is a must. I just started to use one, about 6 weeks ago (I'm not sure why I was dragging my feet), but I think my hair has grown about an inch already or at least it seems and my braid outs don't have to be quite as precise. Another product that I have used, but longer is Neutragena leave-in conditioner in the spray bottle. I think this product has a bunch of mystery chemicals in it, but boy did it hold my braid out nice. I got rid of it when I started to really get into natural medicine and eating organic. I heard a doctor say once, If you can't pronounce it, probably should be on my hair/skin/eyes etc. – just my opinion.Hope that helps.

  • westNDNbeauty says:

    I agree with the poster that suggested rolling your hair with rollers (preferable those small in size) to assist with your straight ends being set.

    Do that along with the setting agent.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im currently 12 months into my transition and I must say after proudct junkie rehab and treatment for hand in the hair diease, I feel the only thing that has help my hair curl was having more new growth. When I was 2-3 months transitioning, I would do twist outs all the time and they wouldnt last more then a day. As 8-10 months flat twist with rollers on the end became my staple now that im 12 months post. Braid outs with rollers on the ends help keep the curls last longer. Curl pudding and setting lotions, they can only do but so much when two textures hate each other and relaxed ends used to win now my natural hair is slappin it in its face

  • Anonymous says:

    You can roll the relaxed ends on drinking straws and secure with a bobby pin.(This is NOT a straw set) The diameter of the drinking straw is very small and will give you a curl that is similar to your natural curl.

  • Unknown says:

    I am 13 months into my transition and as much as I love the look of the twist out, it doesn't work on my hair. The permed hair is far too different from my type 4a hair. Braid outs get my hair to look uniformed and it lasts longer before I have to style. I just rub oil through it in the morning and go. At night I wear a satin cap. Much easier. I plan to try twist outs again once I'm completely natural.

  • Anonymous says:

    When you set your hair, roll the ends with perm rods, flexi-rods, or magnetic rollers.

  • Tomika says:

    I am a current transitioner also almost at my 8month post mark. Reading through past CN posts has helped me with trying out and ultimately finding products that work great for my hair.

    So that would be my first suggestion to you: to try different products and find the right one for you and your hair (and your budget because some of the products can be or can get(depending on how much you use the product)expensive.
    As a result, I have been using Cantu Shea Butter leave in, conditioning and repair cream. I braid or twist wet applying this cream generously as I go. When it dries the curl is very defines and my hair is well moistorized. Then at night I pineapple with a silk scarf and cap so in the morning I shake, fluff and go! I hope ALLL of this helps.

  • Bitty Boss says:

    Like Nikki said, try setting hair while it is wet. I am about ten months post and Komaaza Care Coconut Curl Pudding is an excellent holding agent.

  • Unknown says:

    OH and flat twists also make your hair bigger and makes it look more natural

  • Unknown says:

    I used to start on wet hair and flat twist with IC Fantasia gel (it has cones but when your transitioning cones help hold a style longer). Flat twists give a more defined curl than a regular twist out on transitioning hair because your permed hair will mold better.

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