by Jamila of College Curlies

Hey y’all! I put some twists in on Sunday (after a Deep Conditioning Treatment) using a sample packet of Aveeno Conditioner and sealing with Castor Oil. It’s my first time using both products, so I’ll have to wait a few more days to see how my hair does so that I can properly assess how I feel about them.

In the spirit of low-manipulation styling for the colder weather, I decided to rock style inspired by YouTuber Chescalocs. I parted my twists on the side and secured the left section back (towards the center of my head) and the other downwards and to the side (to create a side bang).

I took a scarf, folded it in half, and placed the base of it at the nape of my neck (so that the point was right in the middle of my forehead). I crossed the ends over one another to make a knot, and tucked the remaining fabric underneath itself.

This is a quick and easy way to protect your hair from the cold. If you aren’t feeling that daring (or just aren’t feeling the ‘turban trend,’ you can try a headband look with a scarf instead. Pair with some fun earrings to spice it up. That’s it!

Stay fabulous!

Do you experiment with wraps and turbans?