**Edited to add results from the Twist-n-Curl, as promised!**

Latest Observations:
  • It’s always Gia, Gia, Gia! No one cares about poor ole Nikki. When we first arrived in St. Louis it took my dad four hours to realize that he had forgotten to greet me… his first born and ‘punkin’. So I told him, momma, and Sylvia not to expect a thing for Christmas, as Gia is the greatest gift of all, LOL!
  • Dishes and laundry need to be done all. of. the. time. Period. No more ‘once a week’ laundry sessions- especially with Gia blowing through diapers. Yellow poop stains EVERYTHING.
  • Breastfeeding/pumping is no joke. I have a cold and I can’t take a damn thing. Almost everything in the medicine cabinet will either dry up my milk or make G sleepy. I gave the Neti Pot a whirl after recommendations from my mother’s doctor. I’ve never been water-boarded, but I imagine they’re similar. I suppose it’s effective… if you can get past the sensation of drowning. I’ve donned my big girl panties and I’m sticking this cold out like a grown arse woman.
  • It matters not if I wrap G in a pink blanket, stick her in a pink flowered onesie, or even write “GIRL” on her forehead with a Magic Marker — strangers still come up and say, “He is so cute.”
  • Clubbing is not the same *tear*. Last weekend I went out and let loose… I’m talking all. the. way. live. I felt like a college student again with the pre-partying, tequila shots, and forgotten moments. But things have changed- life is not the same. First, the planning to get out the house- pumping and storing, acquiring a babysitter, writing down the Diva’s routine- really took away from the whimsicality of the evening. Second, the morning after, hangover and all, life went on. I’z a momma now, and baby needed to eat, be changed, and be entertained, despite my raging headache and overall lethargy.

  • I’ve decided to teach G Baby sign language even though most of the old heads in my fam thinks it’s the silliest thing they’ve ever heard of.
  • After a 4 week hiatus from hair care, I took the plunge and washed, conditioned, and detangled my mop. I lost an obscene amount of hair. I’m talking ‘lay down in the fetal position and cry’ amounts. I sucked it up and allowed my hair to dry in a bun. I brushed it out today and twisted up for a dry set tomorrow-
This is day 2. I used minimal product (CURLS Souffle), and no water. It resulted in a less defined set, but it’s huge and has *happy* frizz 🙂 I’m going to wear it out again today, bun Thursday, and do another dry Twist-n-Curl for New Years Eve. Hubby has something amazing planned… I can’t wait!!!!

    Later Gators!
    Gia’s Mom