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Curly Nikki

5 Diet Myths Refuted by Nutritionists

By January 27th, 20213 Comments

5 Diet Myths Refuted by Nutritionists
Susonnah of NaturallyCurly writes:

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably suffering from an overload of information. Frustration inevitably occurs when diets left and right contradict each other, telling you to eat this when another diet tells you not to. Here to expose and disprove common diet misconceptions is Jackie Keller, nutrition expert and founder of NutriFit.

Diet Myth #1: Don’t Eat After Dinner

According to Jackie, it really doesn’t matter when you eat, it matters what you eat. It is true that people tend to be more metabolically active earlier in the day, which is where this myth stemmed from. However, it is not entirely disadvantageous to eat later in the day. Weight loss does not exclusively occur early in the day; your body does not know what time your watch reads. Weight loss is more a function of what you eat and how much of it versus when you decide to eat.

For the other 4 myths, click HERE!


  • Carla says:

    I'm living proof that low-carb diets DO work. The key is not to go back to the old way of eating. In short, once your body is in a state of ketosis from a low-carb diet, your body will start to burn off fat. THATS why you lose weight.

    Its the only thing that has worked for me for years when nothing else has. Some people just cannot eat what the FDA considers a "healthy" amount of carbs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually your body does have an internal clock that is impacted by external cues like light and temperature variations so no.1 is a bit

    There is no one size fits all approach to food.

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent and timely article. Thanks Susonnah and Nikki. I am in the process of really examining what I eat and how it makes me feel. I am at an appropriate weight, BMI and waist length for my height and age, but I want to optimize my health. It is amazing how available totally bad food is, but when one really starts looking to consume more "living" foods, look out. This country really needs to change its ways when it comes to the attitude about food. Things appear to be getting better though. Thankfully!

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