Lydia writes:

However, it’s not something I can afford. So I started thinking about ways that I could get the same stellar results for a fraction of the cost. As I made my way to the gym I started thinking… Heutiful Hair Steamer… Steam room… Hummm, I wonder… Since I already pay for the gym membership I might as well take advantage of all it has to offer. It wasn’t long before I started doing steam treatments after my workout sessions. I would wash and condition my hair while in the shower and then sit in the steam room for an amazing salon experience.

In the wake of such difficult economic times, what are some inexpensive alternatives to costly hair, health and beauty treatments that you have tried?

Was it a success or a failure?

CN Says:
I read that Tracee Ellis Ross uses a gym steam room for her hair treatments too!
I found these links to help you gals out with the do it yourself hair steamer treatments:

Make Your Own Hair Steamer
DIY Hair Steamer

Now weigh in with your genius ideas!