this pic always blows my mind. What in Sam Hill
is she about to do with that fine tooth comb?!

Hola Chicas,

After yesterday’s pre-wash oil discussion, and my own pre-poo experiment last night (with Extra Virgin Olive Oil applied to my dry, dirty, nearly 4 week old hair), I started wondering about folk’s detangling practices. Many curlies detangle dry, many wet and full of conditioner. I also know that some, like Chicoro, start the detangling process dry, and finish up in the shower. Since I’ve been going much longer between wash sessions, I’ve had to detangle on dry hair many, many times. I notice that as long as I apply an oil or curl cream/butter, use my fingers first, then follow up with a seamless comb, or Denman Paddle brush, that my strands seem to do just fine, and I don’t lose crazy amounts of hair. This blows my mind, because 6 years ago, at the start of this curly journey, I would have never entertained detangling my dry hair. It was a cardinal sin… right up there with using mineral oil and cone laden products.

I had an experience while home in St. Louis that nearly brought me to tears. My hair hadn’t been washed in 4 weeks. I had detangled it several times for dry Twist-n-Curls, but had wore a bun for the 5 days leading up to the wash. I took out the pony tail holder, hopped right in the shower, wet my hair thoroughly, and applied Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted. Instant matting– I’m talking full fledged locks. It was bonkers, and I lost A LOT of hair (even more than normal and I’m still shedding massively due to the pregnancy). I proceeded to detangle, rinse, shampoo, then condition. I wonder if the session would’ve turned out different, had I started the detangling process at the sink.

I can’t really say if I lose more hair in the shower or at the sink… but I’m trying to figure it out ASAP because this post-partum shedding is kicking my butt– the trashcan in my bathroom is FULL of my hair. Seriously.

So my questions to you gals-

Do you detangle wet or dry, and what’s your hair type and length?
Is it just me, or have you noticed that many long hair naturals detangle dry?
Do you find more hair in the comb when you tackle it dry, or wet?
If you detangle dry, what’s your process?