by Alona of Hair Politik

What better way to start the New Year than to look back at all of the funny, wacky and memorable black hair commercials from the past. Some we love and cherish. Others we’d rather forget!

1988 Soul Glo (Coming to America)
For the record, I know this is from a movie. But it’s hilariously funny. So, it definitely counts!

A Message from Frederick Douglass on keeping your Fro Fly! (Afro Sheen)

Queen of Sheba (Afro Sheen)

Player’s Man

King of Pop Catches Fire for Pepsi
WARNING: The following video contains very graphic images that may not be suitable for all audiences or those that love the King of Pop. No disrespect to the late, great, Michael Jackson. But, when we talk about commercials and black hair, sooner or later this terribly tragic incident will come up. So, I felt I had to include it. Just know that it goes under the list of commercials I would rather forget. R.I.P. Michael.

So In Style Stylin Hair Doll Barbie

Above the Influence with Natural Hair

Hair Wars
No offense to my lovelies with relaxed hair or those that wear weaves, but I think this web commercial from The Coil Review is hilarious (said the woman wearing a half wig).

**What’s your favorite hair commercial of all time?**