Hola Chicas,

So y’all know I’m off the wagon, right? In the past couple of weeks I’ve perused the hair aisles at Target and Ulta looking for the ultimate product to set my Dry Twist-n-Curl. I’ve spent 60 dollars and wasted time and effort. But I really need something to provide hold, lasting moisture, and lots of shine. Don’t get me wrong, I love CURLS Souffle, I just wonder if something can keep my hair softer and moisturized past day three.

The morning after I returned the truck load of diapers to Target, I went back and hit up the ’boutique’ hair product aisle. I’ve read countless (mixed) reviews of Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, Meringue, and Curly Buttercreme. The consensus is that the Buttercreme is the best product on the line- providing moisture, definition, and hold. Also, their tutorial recommends you use it on dry twist-outs.

Now, for those of you that have been following me from day one, you know how I feel about MJ. I can’t knock their hustle. Their marketing is impeccable… genius even, Miko and Titi’s hair is stunning, but the ingredients in their products… eh. I’ve become lenient over the years, dibbling and dabbling in silicones and commercial products, but I’ve managed to stay away from ‘pore clogging’ mineral oil and parafin. Ladies, I got caught up… curiosity was killing me and many of my hair idols seem to really like the Buttercream for sets. Plus, I checked out THIS ARTICLE on mineral oil and coconut oil, and finally convinced myself to give it a try. I looked over my shoulder, picked up the 28 dollar (Father Abraham!) jar of MJ, and slyly slipped it into my basket. True story… like I was afraid one of y’all were going to see and judge me!

I’ve used it twice… both times on dry hair. It’s thick, creamy, and smells like Thin Mints. I was light handed the first time, and a little heavier handed the second use. Both times my hair was left frizzy, limp, and ridiculously greasy. I hate ‘feeling’ the product on my hair. Sadly, it’s a no-go. I can see how this product could potentially help protect my fine strands (the way Ultra Sheen did when my mom was doing my bra strap length hair in the ’80s), but it’s not for me… way too heavy. On a positive note, my hair was very soft and felt moisturized for 4 or 5 days. I’m assuming the emollients in the cream made my hair soft, which is not to be confused with moisture… this product would probably be good for sealing in a water based moisturizer.

I went shopping in my hair closet last night and decided that today, after a wash, and condition, I will give the KeraCare Naturals Butter Cream a try. I’ll report back soon!

Have you tried MJ’s ButterCreme? What did you think?