Brandee P. (not photographed above) writes:

Hey CN Fam!

First off, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the site!! I am on here everyday… like multiple times a day. I always find something new to read (I am an archive surfer).

I live in Georgia, south Georgia to be a little more exact, but I am from Maryland. And I must admit the people down here react a little less than excited about my natural hair. Case in point, my husband and I were talking about finding a new church to go to down here since we will be here for a while (he is finishing his degrees). I was approached a while back while in Walmart by a lady who invited me to her church. To back track, I was wearing a fly weave and my hair was long, straight, with a little wave to it. I found her card and gave her a call to see about visiting her church and she asked me to meet up to talk. I recently re-big chopped on Dec. 17th, so I went to the meeting with a cute TWA. I had never worn a TWA before- with my last few attempts at natural hair I always transitioned for at least a few months and had at least 6-8 inches of hair- but I felt good about wearing my TWA. As soon as I walked in, her face went from smiling to concern as her eyes went from my face directly to my hair. I pretended not to notice, and began to greet her and explaining what I was hoping to gain from our meeting. She was very brief with me, handed me a pamphlet about the church, and went over the times and groups the church had. I was getting up and about to leave when she said the one thing I was dreading, “Oh, and when you come…make sure you do something with your hair”. I was furious! She was so lucky we were in the church or I would have laid hands on her, and not in the holy way, lol! To make matters worse, on the pamphlet she handed me it said “Come as you are, for we are all Gods children!” WTFreak! Really? Was she serious? The church ambassador, charged with bringing new congregants into the church, with this attitude? I was dumbfounded!! I guess she could see the anger building on my face, because she followed up her statement with, “We don’t want anybody to get the wrong idea about you or your orientation or beliefs”. –DEAD- I never, ever have come across anything like this!!! Needless to say we did not go to this church.

My question to my fellow natural divas is:

Have you been questioned about the worthiness of your natural hair in church, or any place where your natural hair should be the least of anybody’s concern?

And have any of you been in the same or similar situation, and how did you deal?