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Curly Nikki

Experiences with Cantu Shea Butter

By January 27th, 202168 Comments

Experiences with Cantu Shea Butter
Hola Chicas,

I just received a HUGE box of Cantu Shea Butter goodies in the mail. I tried the Leave-in back in the day, but it’s been way to long for me to recall my experience.

Have you tried the Cantu line? What did you think?

p.s. My milk supply has been stupid low, so I went to Vitamin Shoppe today to score some Fenugreek tablets. Somehow, I found myself in the hair and body section… strange, right? πŸ˜‰
I perused the two short aisles, was tempted (yet again) by Jane Carter’s Twist & Lock, but ended up purchasing a 20 dollar (teeny tiny jar) of John Masters’ Organic Texturizing Pomade. It looks perfect for my dry twist-outs, but I won’t know for a while. It has (again) been 3 weeks since I last washed my hair, lol, and trying it on hair this dirty, would be a waste of time and money. I’ll report back!


  • Anonymous says:

    Wait what??? Are ya'll talking about "breast milk" WTH does that have to do with hair?? Ok…. But back to the subject… it feels nice on my hair but has some forbidden ingredients in it… … also… try putting straight coconut oil on your hair and see how you like that, some drops of Vitamin E, some Castor Oil & Olive Oil. Or like leave some honey in your hair over night, rinse it out in the morning…

  • Anonymous says:

    I use the cantu leave-in conditioner on my twists and love it. I have tried other products, but always come back to the cantu. I actually sought other products because I was told that it would dry out my hair. However, when I try other, more expensive leave-ins, my hair is dry. I use the cantu on each twist, along with my shea mixture (raw shea, mango shea, and coconut/olive oil). It definitely maintains moisture.

  • Anonymous says:

    The leave in worked beautifully for my braidouts and twistouts…when I had a relaxer. I tried it once during my transition, for a twistout, and the results weren't as amazing. My hair was defined in front, but not so much in back, and dry feeling/looking (especially in back).

  • T says:

    The Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Creme is amazing for my hair. I wet my hair every other day while in the shower. I use this product after I get out of the shower. I simply put my hair in sections, add the conditioner, comb through and then put a shower cap on. I put my satin scarf on top of the shower cap and I sleep just like that. My hair is crazy soft in the morning and remains that way all day πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    I have the Cantu Conditioner but it's been a while since i used it. i don't remember liking it very much but i will give it another try and I'll let you know if I like it.

  • CandCFamily says:

    I have it for my daughter and really like it, leaves her hair so silky and easy to style.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is a recall on the Cantu daily in the jar. I questioned at Wal Mart and they did not know the reason why, I have natural hair and it is breaking and splitting real bad, I don't know if it is related to the Cantu products. I have the shampoo, condition and the creme. Anyone else experienced this issue?

  • Dorian @ Big Apple Style says:

    I like the Cantu leave in but it doesn't leave my hair as moisturized as the more "natural" items. It's a second or 3rd choice for me now. I'd rather use raw/unrefined shea in a home made mix. I actually used to mix my Cantu with a few drops of castor or amla oil. I never had a problem with it not "playing well" with others, but it just didn't provide the same amount of moisture that I get with other shea/oil combos.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cantu is absolute the favorite out of all my products. i use it with what ever i need to complete my style. and gel yes i said it gel on my edges. it makes my hair look full and gives it body. and remember ladys a little can go along way. so the little balls might come from to much cantu. i suggest every female to go and get them some.

  • Kristen says:

    I LOVE Cantu leave-in. So far it's the only one I've used in this line. It makes my hair super soft and I've never had problems with it beading up or anything when I seal it with oil. It smells awesome too!! :o) Will keep it in my arsenal!! LOL

  • Shea Butter says:

    I love this product. It helps with my curl definition to the utmost and that is what I lack. Its not Kinky Curly but does just as well. I get lots of compliments after using this. I put it on while my hair is wet and literally work the product through with my fingers and once it dries I can have 5 days of beautiful curly hair. It looks soft and pillowy as some of my co workers would say. I love it. I have african american 3c/4a hair.

  • Dannielle says:

    I was going to try Cantu Shea Butter Leave in repair creme but after seeing the warnings on the jar I decided not to. Later on, I saw a video on youtube about a correspondence with Cantu about the warnings. I don't have a link though. Anyway, you might want to try Brewer's Yeast in addition to fenugreek.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Creme works for my 4 a/b/c hair. I have noticed that I needed to cut back on the amount I was using. I use it on wet or damp hair and have never had a problem with it and other products. Products I have used with it and had no issues:

    Megacare Oils, Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzines and Long Term Relationship End Protector, Body Shop Unsented Massage Oil, EP Mango and Olive Oil Butter and Oil Recovery Creme, Aussi Hair Insurance Leave In, Daily Mirra Pomade, Keracare Hair Oil, Body Shop Coconut Hair Shine

  • Naturally Taylor says:

    I have a 3 & 4 texture mix.
    But I like cantu products, not necessarily the leave in, but the shampoo & conditioner, oil moisturizer & pomeade is my regimen for two strand twists.
    I use it all. I use the moisturizer all over then apply the pomeade to start the wists and seal the root.
    I use curly meringue at the bottoms to close it

  • Anonymous says:

    HATED IT!!! πŸ™‚ snap..snap.. and twist

  • Anonymous says:

    Doesn't it have mineral oil and petroleum in it? I see so many naturals using it but I thought it was bad for our hair?

  • Anonymous says:


    I am still breastfeeding my two years old son. Make sure you nap/rest well – it does make a big difference. Also, there are certain herbs you may ingest not knowing may effect your milk supply. Avoid sage, parsley, comfrey, etc. Check out websites:, motherlove (it works for me. I take capsules). Try stroking your breast it will send signal to your brain to produce more milk, pump after each feeding. The more your breasts are empty, the more milk you will make. Try eating oatmeal! πŸ™‚ Make sure you eat adequate calories. I eat between 4-5 meals a day – I'm a vegetarian, but mostly eat vegan food.

    Good Luck!

    During my last trimester and first few months postpartum my hair liked John Masters' Organic Texturizing Pomade. But after about 5 months later, my hair became tighter and had A LOT of shrinkage, this pomade didn't work anymore. I still have the jar I might try it again sometime soon now my hair is a bit longer.

  • noel says:

    My hair loves the cantu leave in repair. I get the best wash-n-go and twist out when using this product.

  • Ashleigh says:

    Love the Cantu pomade!

  • MS. DIY says:

    i used the conditioner in a jar, i dont think it was a leavein though, but anyhoo, my hair loved it, but I found that it left white flakes in my hair, so I discontinued use…thinking about trying again until I figure out my deep treatments

  • Erica says:

    My hair seems to love it. I have been transitioning for 9 months and I had good experiences using it for twist outs. I have micros in my hair right now but plan on using it again when my micros come out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ladies, when leaving reviews may I kindly request that you reveal the type of hair texture you have. I have never tried this product but I have considered doing so. I have 4bc hair – very dry! Thank you Ladies! Nikki – you will experience times during breastfeeding when your supply is low and other times it will be abundant. Stay hydrated! Try to get some sleep! Don't stress and consider supplementing with formula until your supply increases. Happy pumping!

  • Gigi says:

    I just had a baby two weeks ago & currently breastfeeding all these tips in the comments are great! Thanks a bunch. Nikki – do you breastfeed exclusively? or do you supplement with formula? I noticed my supply is a bit lower than usual myself. I think I'll try the fenugreek. Have you used it with success before?

  • yemisi says:

    if the fenugreek doesn't work you can ask your doctor to prescribe metoclopromide/reglan. I had best success with that when I went back to work and my supply dropped significantly. As with all drugs (including fenugreek) reglan does have its side effects–for me it was more fatigue.

  • Lagos Formula One Driver says:

    But Cantu contains the 'dreaded' mineral oil so is it really good for natural hair?

  • Ms. Sassy says:

    I have only tried the leave in while I was transitioning. It did my hair no justice and I didn't like the feel it left. I have not tried it since completely going natural…maybe I should bring the jar back out. Keep us posted

    SN: its so funny how having a child makes a world of difference in EVERYTHING including how often you wash your hair! Its been 2 weeks and I just can't find time lol

  • Anonymous says:

    Gave it to my sister..she's happy! I wasn't though πŸ™

  • Anonymous says:

    *i am NOW trying!! typo

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, I am currently suffering from low milk supply due to working 10 hours a day and only being able to pump about 3 times. I have tried Fenugreek and it worked WONDERS for the first 2 weeks, I mean I was pumping 5oz each breast, then it slowly went back to normal.(2-3 oz each breast) The Fenugreek makes you smell like maple syrup. I took 3 pills 3x a day.

    I am not trying the Mothers Milk and the MotherLove Milk Plus tablets.

    Keep us updated on how Fenugreek worked for you!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to know why the verbiage on the cantu shea butter leave in says NOT to use on new growth. That has always made me shy away from it. I mean, as a natural, isn't it ALL new growth?!? I would love to get an explanation on exactly what that means!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this leave in. I use to use it alot but one day I ran out and realy needed to put a leave-in before heading to work . I than made a concoction that gave me the same result… " who would have known" :-)….Talk about light blub moment lolz but any ways….check out my video I posted about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki – In addition or as an alternative to the fenugreek tablets for increasing your milk supply, you may also want to try out Mother's Milk Tea. It's an organic tea you can find at Whole Foods for like $7 per box of 16 tea bags. By drinking the tea, you get a double benefit – you get the fenugreek but you also get the additional fluids that are necessary to keep your milk supply up. Stay encouraged! I nursed my oldest son for a year. He's 9 now and so healthy – he gets a sniffle maybe once a year!

  • mynamesnotalice says:

    I just got finished doing about a week's worth of reviews on the leave- in product on my blog i tried a number of different styles, and sets including diffused… check it out here

  • suqiit (natasha) says:

    Nikki, I really hope u r reading this. After a few months most women believe that their milk supply is low. That is NOT THE CASE! Your baby is just much more efficient at draining the pipes! The most accurate way is going to a lactation consultant. They have special scales where you weigh your baby before nursing, and then again after. Then you can see EXACTLY how many ounces of breast milk they have received during a session of nursing. I have nursed to babies myself, and actually worked as a breastfeeding counselor for a bit. Please don't think you are low unless you have proof! And Fenegreek is a great way to boost your supply even if you are not low. It can allow you to have additional milk for pumping. If you think you are low, nurse on one side, then the other. If your baby is still hungry, nurse again on the last side, and then the other over again. This is how your body naturally produces more milk. Supply from your baby, demand from your baby. If you supplement with formula your supply will drop. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

    p.s. I post in your forums, so I have a profile there as well as suqiit

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, Jane Carter's Twist and Lock is the 'ish. Its running neck and neck with the Nourish and Shine, which you can use all over your body.

  • bonni says:

    I have tried a few of the products, but the only one I like is the leave in. I use it on wet-dripping wet or damp- hair. I seal it with the oil of the day and keep going. Just don't use it with another holding agent and you should avoid the "white balls."

  • Anonymous says:

    I LOVE Cantu leave in conditioner. I use it on my dry hair, after untwisting a twist out and then when retwisting. I historically had problems with dry hair and this really helped. I can also use it daily without my hair feeling oily/greasy. I did have an issue with flakes at once and now I realise I must have mixed it with one of my CD products. Overall I would recommed it, especially to someone struggling with dry hair.

  • AusetAbena says:

    Hey Nikki. I never used the Cantu Line, mainly because my sister did and she hated it. I mean hated it to the fullest. She said it left a disgusting film on her hair. I took her word for it, and never used the stuff, even though I had bought a jar of the leave-in. On the other hand, some naturals swear by it. Cantu is the most odd product, for every woman you meet who loves it, there is someone out there who hates with as much passion. The only way to find out for sure is to use it, but I think I never gave it a try because of my sister's experience. Good luck Nikki on your experience.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cantu Shea butter worked well with my transitioning 4a / 4b hair. I kept it mostly braided and whenever I removed the braids and applied it, it was soaked up. I eventually moved on to other moisturizers (KBB) and homemade shea mix, but Cantu Shea butter will always have a special place in my natural heart. I just my revist it after I'm finished with KBB.

    Happy pumping Nikki.

  • WildOnce says:

    I just bought some leave in and don't really like it. It leaves a residue and drys my hair out sooooo bad. I usually have a residue from products meaning I know I have put something in my hair but this was like film over my hair! It seems to be working for the 2 lil men in my life though!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love Love Love the Cantu Leave-In. It is the ONLY leave in moisturizer that actually moisturizes my hair (4a/4b). I have been using it for the last 5 years. (Today is my 6 year Natural Anniversary BTW. Yay Me!)

    I put it in after washing/wetting my hair. Add some coconut oil while it is still wet and my hair is ready for either styling into a wash and go, or a braid-out.

    A little bit goes a really long way for me so that probably helps with the balling up issues too.

  • SHEREE says:


  • KQ says:

    I LOVE my cantu leave-in! I almost SWEAR by it but I have been venturing out trying other things and I end up right back to my cantu b/c my hair loves it. The minute I put it in my hair when its DRYYYYY it immediately comes back to life. But I will say it doesn't mix well with gel, instead I use that Gariner Curl Sculpting cream and that does the trick.

  • Taneica says:

    I use Cantu Leave-In all the time! My hair really likes it! It does not go well with most, but is fine with olive oil. It also leaves my hair moisterized all day.Works awesome for twistouts!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol @ Exhale, you had me going! You have no idea!

  • Anonymous says:

    i tried the cantu leave in….my hair didn't like it…i have 3b/3c hair and it didn't anything for me…for those who have acne you may want use with caution…i had a breakout on my forehead and i never get that…but anywho long story short i never bought the product again

  • Tiffany says:

    I don't know what I had but I passed it along to a friend who loved it after my hair came out hard and gummy.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Exhale1913 says:

    @CurlyNikki – LOL!! Too funny! Yeah, my comment re: tuna was in response to BabyCakes. I like to tease that I have ESP, but girl, if I were THAT good, I'd be talking lottery numbers and not breast milk! LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    I used the Cantu leave in today on my wet hair ponytail and Lola (my hair's name) loved it and was super soft and smelled good … then I added a little IC gel to my edges for staying power and got little white balls … all bad! It looked like sand or dandruff. Being the cool girl that I am I wet my brush and brushed it out. Its been all day and Lola is still soft, smelling good and flake free! – Stacy in Los Angeles

  • Earth Angel says:

    My texturized hair loves it and my virgin hair loves it! It softens and moisturizes my hair whether wet or dry. I'm 4a/b, whichever is the super tight s pattern coils, and I'm protein sensitive too. First time I tried it with Eco Olive was horrible tho – the white balls. But now that I have more virgin hair, no prob.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol @ Exhale. I was trying to figure out how in the hell you knew I had tuna for lunch today! After re-reading my post, checking my FB and Twitter, I finally saw where BabyCakes had recommended it. Girl… up until then, my mind was blown, lol.

    I'm careful… I only eat tuna once a month, sometimes twice, but not often enough to worry about mercury. I also avoid albacore and do the light chunk.

    Thanks for the tips ladies and for the reviews!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hummm…Got some in my stash…maybe I'll try it out and report back. Thx for the reminder!

  • Erika says:

    I have only tried the leave-in. I find that the it does not really do much for my hair while it is wet, but it is really good on dry hair, not the best though. Also, I agree with the ladies above, when I tried to use it on my edges with gel it turned white! so, be careful! GL!

  • Exhale1913 says:

    Just a comment regarding the tuna, gotta be careful with that because of the potential mercury content. I was always advised to stick with the same recommendations as pregnancy while breastfeeding….

  • Exhale1913 says:

    No experiences with Cantu Shea Butter, but re: your milk supply, I've personally had a decent experience with fenugreek, but the best results I've achieved came from boiling barley. You boil it in water until it becomes almost slimy, and drink the broth. I put cloves and cinnamon in mine and drank it like hot tea. I swear within 24 hours the dairy mart was back open. Rumor has it that beer also increases your milk supply. I've personally never tried it, but makes sense, since beer is fermented barley. Also, it seems from your posts that you do a bit of pumping, if you are able to, I would put baby g on the breast. That always helped to stimulate me more so than the pump. And last but not least, make sure you are getting your fluids. Upping my water intake always helped as well. Just my 2 cents – good luck and keep us posted…

  • Neems says:

    Never again, my hair does not like the Cantu leave-in product. I really wanted to because the price is great for the amount you get. It left me with shiny,hard and dry hair. No bueno.

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried Cantu leave in con recently and it doesn't do much for my 4A/B hair type. It leaves a white residue on my hair if I mix it with anything. Delta 007

  • Babycakes Couture says:

    I wasn't too impressed with the Cantu products I tried, nothing specific, just not impressed.
    Frome a former cow πŸ™‚ You should try eating lots of tunu. Yes tuna in a can. Tuna salad sandwiches, with crackers on salad, however. It really helps. Also marshmallow root. Drink so much water that you think you'll drown. Iced tea and lemonade also. Just make sure you stay really hydrated. You'll be doing nothing but peeing and pumping, trust. I told , a former cow. lol. Baby G will thank you for it!

  • Simply Melissa says:

    I use the rinse-out conditioner and the grow strong strengthening treatment. I haven't noticed anything exciting about the conditioner…it just smells really good. The strengthening treatment leaves my hair feeling soft, smelling good and it works well with oils.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nik, I heard from several friends of my buds that Oduls beer starts the milk back to flowing.

  • Bird says:

    I've tried the leave in twice. Once as a leave in and the other as a styler on a dry twist out. I loved it for the twist out. Can't say the same for the leave in because it doesn't mix well with any other products. EVOO seemed to do ok with it though.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can use it with Eco Styler olive oil gel only after damp, freshly washed hair. It'll leave my hair really soft and moisturized.

    NEVER on dry hair. Flakes city.

  • JAY-JAY says:

    My hair HATES it!!!! I tried it on my transitioning hair at the time, while damp and my hair didn't like it. Then I next tried it on dry hair and my hair still didn't like it. Come wash day to get the stuff out and my hair was a MATTED MESS!!! I'm protein sensitive and Cantu proved it.

  • vonnie says:

    when i first got the leave in, i HATED it, but then i started using it daily and sealing with olive or coconut oil and it was love πŸ˜€


  • Anonymous says:

    CANTU IS THE NEW CREAMY CRACK!!From day 1,my hair has always loved cantu…it leaves my hair soft, manageable, and I always get compliments on how great my hair smells!

  • Cheryl says:

    I use to use the leave in. My hair loved it. It absorbed well into my hair. I did not have a problem with it not playing well with other products. It may have just been the products that I was using in conjuction. I stopped using it because of the silicones. I decided to go silicone free. I now use Giovanni Direct Leave in. That works fine for me and my hair.

  • Miche'al says:

    I just put the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In, in my hair today. My hair likes it but the one thing I learned the first time I tried it was not to put anthing else with it. It must stand alone, it does not play well with others.

  • Amy Irvin says:

    Hi! The only Cantu Shea Butter product I've used is the leave in and my natural hair does not like it. It's OK on its own but doesn't mix well wit other products so I wouldn't use a sealant with it. My hair didn't stay soft or moisturized. If I did use a sealant or any other type of product over it, little white balls of the product would left in my hair. Ick!

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