by LV of Natural-Ness

I was looking up some information on hair typing (you know 3c, 4a, etc.) the other day and ran into a forum thread where there were 17 pages of replies on the subject. I admit that I sat there and read all 17 pages – can you say “ultimate lurker”? In the thread, ladies were posting pictures of their hair and having others tell them their hair type. It was an interesting thread.

I have been on other forums where hair typing is strongly discouraged; sometimes resulting in somewhat heated arguments. Some people believe that using the different systems of hair typing is just another way to say, “my hair is better than yours.” Others feels that it is a good tool to know what products and hair routines may work best for them.

I’m not 100% on where I can stand on the whole issue of hair typing. I’ve been asked my hair type a few times over the years, but I never knew what answer to give. I just know that my hair is thick, coarse and tends to coil up about the size of a coffee stirrer. I’m not too sure if that puts me at 4a or 4b. On one hand, I’m beginning to be pretty curious about the whole thing while on the other hand I wonder if any of it even matters.

My questions to you:

How valuable/helpful is hair typing?

Do you think that hair typing causes a divide among the natural hair community?