CN: When you first chopped, what were your thoughts and feelings? How do you feel now?
M: My chop was at least 4 years in the making. I dealt with my own insecurities of thin edges, my families concerns about becoming too radical, and a host of other concerns. I began transitioning and that process lasted for about 6 months. Finally one day I was tired of the two textures. I spoke to my husband and his response was “Do it, I think you’d look fly”. That night I called my hairdresser told him what I wanted to do and set the appointment for the following day. My husband and I chopped my hair that night so I wouldn’t chicken out 🙂 I felt so free. I still feel free and beautiful. I am getting slightly impatient and ready for it to grow out a bit more, but there’s nothing like coming home from a long day and standing underneath the shower and letting the water run across my scalp without worrying about messing up my do.
How did you cope with the responses of family and friends?
My husband, sister, and best friends are my greatest support. My mother and father are another story. On a recent trip back home to NC, my mother commented “Why does it look so peasy, do you have to wear it so peasy?” I responded that this is how my hair is supposed to look. My father refused to cut it for me when I was wearing a brush cut, stating that he “wasn’t going to cut any daughter of his’ hair”. As far as the rest of the family. Whatever, lol. I soak up the support and repel the negativity. But most have been very supportive.
What are your plans for your hair? Do you plan to grow it or keep it short?
I plan to grow it. A major reason I decided to go natural was the versatility, especially with length. I’m going to allow it to grow and perhaps BC 8-10 years or so and do it again! I get bored easily.
Do you find it necessary to doll up to look more feminine?
Yes. I’m a pretty feminine gal. I worked for a cosmetics company throughout college. Funny enough when I cut it my hairdresser said, “Keep your eyebrows done and nice earrings on. With this cut, if you forbade those, you run the risk of looking like a boy!” Makeup is my favorite accessory. I definitely patron Sephora and MAC more than I used to. I’m virtually inseparable from my Spiked Eyebrow pencil.
How do you keep it moisturized?
I love Say Yes to Carrots for my daily co-wash, it leaves my hair feeling extremely soft. I’m currently really bad about Deep Conditioning though. That’s a new years resolution. While my hair has been fairly resilient and grown despite the lack of a DC regimen, I know I cannot accumulate length doing what I am doing.
What products do you use to style it? How often?
I use Beautiful Curls daily. I love it! A little Eco-Styler on the edges. Right now it’s a little too short for variation.