Jennifer N. asks:
One way to keep things interesting is to do something a little different every time you do it, i.e. cooking, exercise, errands – what small change in your hair care and/or style can you make this week?

CN Responds:
I used the Tangle Teezer! And I must say it produced an amazingly awesome dry Twist-n-Curl. I used the TT to detangle my dry hair in sections, applied CURLS Souffle, and then passed the TT back through once more to evenly distribute the product just prior to twisting. It produced a very even, very soft, and defined set.

Yesterday, many of you asked why you need to detangle with it on dry hair. I apply that rule across the board. I have to detangle either (1) soaking wet with conditioner, or (2) bone dry (except for when I apply oil) no matter the tool. If I add a product (containing water) to dry hair, my strands gets stiff and stick together which makes it harder to detangle. Have any of you noticed this as well?