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Curly Nikki

The Latest and Newest Natural Hair Trends

By January 27th, 202123 Comments


  • Annie L. says:

    If I go through reviews for a product that solved an issue I'm dealing with, then I'll definitely bite. I'm also partial to buying online, supporting Black-owned businesses, supporting small business, products manufactured in USA and companies dedicated to ethically sourced materials.

  • LolasCurls says:

    lol! It's hair forums like LHCF and BHM really! Once I read through a 18-20 page stong thread praisig a product, it's hard not to give in!
    however, this year, no new products like conditioners or leave-ins until June-July earliest. I must curb the PJ within…lol!

  • Erika says:

    To be honest, I do a great deal of research. I hear about the product from one place, anywhere, and then I search for reviews, videos and testimonials. Also, I know what my hair is able to do, so I don't go after products that I know will do nothing for me. In the end, I look for moisturizing products and natural products! :o)

  • Alice says:

    Price, versatility and positive reviews. I tend to do lots of research before I invest in something, especially a hair tool since those tend to be a little pricey and once you buy you can't take it back!


  • HairItIs says:

    I'm usually really skeptical about trying any and every product I hear about, but I find I am a bit of a sucker when I hear repeated and consistently positive reviews of any implement or tool that will supposedly help with detangling. Detangling is the one thing where I'm always looking for The Answer. Much like Nikki's post from today, I fell victim to the Tangle Teezer craze that's been going on, and I got one from Sally's just last week. Hopefully it won't be a total bust, once I take down my twists and try it out!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a gift certificate to Amazon and am thinking about buying Curlformers? Yay or Nay?

    -Ms V

  • Anonymous says:

    For a styling product, shampoo, conditioner, the ingredients are the most important factors.

    For a styling tool, reviews are important AND if the tool supports what I am trying to accomplish. I don't buy many tools, because a widetooth comb and a natural bristle brush are all I need.

    For hair accessories, all bets are off. I guess you could call me a Hair accessory junkie.If its cute and new and different to my eye, I buy it. LOL

  • Pecancurls says:

    Anon 2:17 you made a good point about waiting. I am five months into my transition so the styling tools may not work the same for me.

    Just my two cents…if you haven't been natural long, see how your hair holds up after styling to figure out if styling tools are worth the investment. I was interested in curlformers, but found that my hair kind of ends reverting to its natural curls when I set it. So it's probably not worth it for ME to spend $50-100 when my curls will be cute in the morning but gone by lunchtime.

  • AusetAbena says:

    I work everyday to fight the PJ in me. I try to use products that promise to be moisturizing, and although I have not given up completely on cones, I am more likely to buy a cone free product than I used to be. Furthermore, conditioners are my weakness. My hair loves them. I find myself buying more raw ingredients (aloe vera, honey, etc.). Lord help me. LOL.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    Price, convenience, appeal, and if it will work for me; however I only 8 months into my transition. I want to wait until I newly natural to get into styling tools.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having read the online forums for years now and watched the influx of new natural products stack the shelves, Im pretty immune to new natural hair trends. I don't think Ive purchased a new product in nearly two years. The last technique I picked up from the forums was also a few years ago and that was sealing my ends with oil after moisturizing, which has been great. It made sense to me and my ends needed help.
    So many things come and go but the basics seem to stay the same, so that is what I stick to in terms of my own hair. It's interesting/fun to see what all folks are doing, but I personally haven't been moved to do anything new in a long time.

  • Anonymous says:

    Youtube helps, if it is a tool (like a comb, or the curl formers in the pictures). Hearing someone rave about conditoners, butters, shampoos isn't helpful, since what works for one person may not work for another, and what one person considers to be very moisturized could be only "meh" for me and no better than what I normally get. I've only gotten a couple of things that were subpar enough for me to want to give them away. Everything else actually fits in someplace for me.

    Actually, I agree with Afrodisiac about availability. Something that can be returned if I don't like it makes it easier to commit to the original purchase.

    I love that you put the picture of the curlformers, b/c I'd been considering them. It's good to see someone use them from start to finish, b/c I can judge whether or not the results are something I want and whether they actually improve upon something I own.

    The cost matters too.

    It would need to be a reasonable price and have a reasonable chance of doing what it claims, enough so that I'd use it enough to justify the purchase.
    I've slowed down on the products b/c I feel as though I've found things that fill all of my needs, and out of everything I tried, only the hair butters were something that perhaps trumped what I already had.

    Just my two cents…if you haven't been natural long, see how your hair holds up after styling to figure out if styling tools are worth the investment. I was interested in curlformers, but found that my hair kind of ends reverting to its natural curls when I set it. So it's probably not worth it for ME to spend $50-100 when my curls will be cute in the morning but gone by lunchtime.

  • Afrodisiac says:

    It depends on how accessible the product is. For some reason I hate buying things online because I have to "wait" for the product to be shipped (Im a bit impatient)…but if it's something I can easily get at stores, the ingredients are healthy for my hair, and I've heard good reviews on it, then I will get it.

  • Kimmy says:

    I've learned to be very carefully about 'new' products/styling tools in the natural hair community. My rule is to wait at least six months if it's something that I think I may be interested in. Next step is checking the ingredients/function/price. These three things must all balance out in my mind for me to purchase. Then finally reviews. As stated earlier Youtube is best becuase it gives me somewhat of a visual. I'm a sit back wait and see type of person. Remember when Rio was the hot ticket item back in the day….LOL!!!

  • Ms. Lisa says:

    If I need it, it has a favorable review and the price is right…I'm buying it.

  • Pecancurls says:

    Reviews by people with similar texture to mine, ease of use, and price. It's funny that you have a picture of the curlformers as the lead for this post…..I have been researching and praying on whether to buy some 🙂 Those and strawllers.

  • Anonymous says:


  • sarah says:

    i agree with Anon 12.42

    but also, it has to speak to a specific hair need. if my hair has been dull and listless for weeks, anything that promises to promote shine will have me wanting to run to the store.

  • Anonymous says:

    affordability/price, ease of use, results/reviews given by those with hair-texture-type closest to mine

  • Anonymous says:

    How many times the product has been brought up, and reviewed positively. If I've been reading about it for weeks, I'll probably go out and buy it if women with my similar hair type love it. That's how I learned about Aubrey Organics, Qhemet Biologics, and Huitful hair steamer. But I've had some misses but with anything I try do my research first and sample the product if I can.

  • Bitty Boss says:

    OOOOooh Anon 12:34 you hit the nail on the head! I will also add that the ingredients in a product really matter to me. I am a sucker for all-natural products with stellar ingredients.

  • Anonymous says:

    The price and the number of times that I will seriously use the product/tool are key factors for me. I'm more stubborn with my $$ than I used to be.

  • BreukelensFinest says:

    for me the biggest factor now is youtube. Although the opinions of bloggers work, going on youtube and finding someone with similar hair texture to mine let me know that there is a better chance it will work on me.

    but sometimes i get distracted by shiny things and buy because everyone else is. but im slowly learning better 😛

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