1. Just when I thought I was at capacity, I remembered that my therapy license is up for renewal this year… in a few months actually. I now must find time to squeeze in 30 hours of continuing education credits. Good times ahead.

2. Speaking of time, on the days I see clients, I perpetually run 30 minutes behind because I can’t bring myself to say bye to my Boogie in the morning. She’s always so happy when she wakes up… big smiles and lots of coo’ing. She’s found her voice and squeals and screams for hours on end. I’d like to take her to see Broadway’s Lion King but I’m almost 100% sure we’d be escorted out. Watching TV and movies with her is impossible. I complain, but I love the new soundtrack 🙂

3. Gia can’t wear Pampers due to her sensitive bum. This would be a non-issue if I didn’t have nearly 500 of them (12 cases) in her closet, thanks to you guys! Last night I packed them into two obnoxiously large plastic bags and confidently strolled into Target… no receipts and an expired gift registry. Kanye shrug. After an hour of drama, I walked out with 13 cases of Huggies, and the biggest bottle of Shiraz I could get my hands on.

4. As you already know, G money has turned me into a certified butt sniffer. I have now grown accustomed to catching spit-up in my hand, changing dirty diapers on my lap, and (ewww) using my spit as a cleaning agent.

Later Gators,