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My Natural Me Chops it Off… Again!

By January 27th, 202119 Comments

My Natural Me Chops it Off... Again!

Its official, December 29, 2010, My Natural Me celebrated her 1 year naturalversary with a second BC!

That’s right ladies! A second BIG CHOP! I am ecstatic and so humbled by the experience. It all came spontaneously after I watched a BC video on a Soror’s FB page. I had thought about what another big chop would bring, but I was too scared to actually do it. I had witnessed my hair grow quite a bit since last December, but I was sure I was not experiencing it’s full potential!

So you ask, when did this thought of chopping again crop up? A day after Christmas. I was on FB and saw a video about 2010 Big Chops. It was an advertisement from a salon in NY that showed a number of ladies who started their year off to a fresh start. The funny thing is that I have always wanted to do the short, short TWA big chop, but the first time around I was terrified! My self-esteem issues kept me from fully embracing my natural self. So yes, this would be BIG in several ways, if I ever got up the courage to do it.

I was sitting talking to my Soror as she explained the process of taking down her locs. I was suffering from hand in head syndrome (more so about how damaged some of my hair was from the constant pulling and mistreatment) and said, “I think eventually I will have to cut my hair some more”. She said, “No, just let it grow”. I mentioned to her that I had been contemplating it for a while, but wanted to BC at my next big life’s’ transition – Ph.D. or first child. Well neither has occurred as of yet, LOL. After watching the video, I said to myself, “I am going to do this!” I started browsing tumblr pages, did Google searches of TWA’s, but couldn’t really find a representation of what I wanted. I started to pull a couple pictures together for the style that I wanted when I finally came across the golden one.

The next decision I had to make was salon or barber. I knew that I didn’t want a fade or anything like that, and I didn’t want my hair to have a masculine shape to it. I thought about it long and hard. I contemplated going to the only natural hair salon in town, but didn’t feel like the hassle. I also thought about a nice high scale boutique/salon by the job, but couldn’t fathom spending $60 for them to cut my hair! I didn’t want to go to any ole’ body, and around my town, there are not a lot of options for those who are experienced with black hair, not to mention NATURAL black hair. So what did I do? I called a local chain of Holiday Hair crossing my fingers that SOMEONE in there may have in their lifetime had some experience with black hair. All I needed was a cut, so there was a very small chance they could “bleep” that up right? I heard a lady on the other end say “Holiday Hair, Yolanda speaking”. I bolted down in my seat and asked that bold question. “Do you have stylists there who have experience with African American (had to be political just in case, lol), natural hair?” They did! I immediately felt a sense of relief, but I didn’t get too comfortable. I told her my dilemma and that I would like to stop in so she could see my hair and the picture that I had.

After hours of continued struggle, I got on the bus and traveled just two short minutes up the road to a local mall by my house. I walked in, looked for the Holiday Hair, and approached the salon’s counter. “May I speak with Yolanda please?” “Ah, yes she said, I remember speaking to you over the phone.” I showed her the picture and she said “No problem, we can do that for you.”

As I sat in the chair I was terribly NERVOUS. I watched as she added leave- in conditioner to my hair so that she could comb through it easily. Little by little my hair fell to the ground. I could see the entire thing in the mirror. As she cut more and more off, I could see the shape of my TWA forming. I told her after she was done and before she washed it, “You can take a lot more off!”. She giggled and said that she would after she washed it and I could see the length from the shrinkage.

I saw the results after the shrinkage, and I was amazed. My hair was gone and I LOVED it! I thought to myself, how in the world am I gonna style this mess now! I didn’t fret too long because I could feel the weight lifted from my shoulders from years of baggage that had left me in the form of my hair being cut off. Now those who know me, know that I love my hair and always have. This new short ‘do is something drastically different. Yes, I have worn my hair Fantasia short before but that was with a relaxer. This on the other hand, reveals my true natural curls, and I’m in love!

My Natural Me Chops it Off... Again!


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