Beachgirl56 writes:
OOPS! I am a 50-something curly. I wear glasses so when I do my hair, I can’t always keep my glasses on. Once I thought I grabbed the conditioner but instead grabbed the shampoo. Needless to say when I styled my hair, the shampoo gave less than stellar results. (I wondered why my hair was a bit crunchy and stickier than usual!) Curl to Curl-what mistakes have you made while doing your natural hair?

CN Responds:
Been there. Done that. And I’m 27 with decent vision. I styled my hair with a cleansing conditioner for a week or more. It was finally the fragrance that tipped me off… I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, why my hair was so weird and stiff, and when and why Deva changed their conditioner’s fragrance. Duh, fool… reading is fundamental. In my defense, Deva’s cleaner and conditioner are the exact same color and consistency and have nearly identical packaging.