Hey y’all! We all have our preferences, but here are some things involving my hair that I couldn’t even entertain.

I would never…
  • Straighten my hair for an interview. My hair is a part of my identity, and I want employers to know that it is part of the whole package. That whole “I am not my hair” thing is great, but it is a part of who I am. If I don’t get a job because of my hair, I don’t want to work there. Times are hard, but to me– it’s a risk that’s worth it.
  • Pay more than $2.00 for a product that has mineral oil in it. I won’t even call anyone out (side eye), but I can’t even pretend to support a business that deceives people into thinking these products are worth more than they are.
  • Let my children get relaxers. I’m all about self expression, but this is territory at which I’d have to put my foot down. They are damaging to your health, wallet, and sense of self. Nuh-uh-no-maam!
  • Allow a stylist to detangle my hair with a small tooth comb. Not that I even go to a salon, but let’s be real. I’d hate to have to make a scene.
  • Grease my scalp. Gone are the days where I thought Blue Magic was actually magical. I cringe at the thought of how much petroleum garbage I was piling on my scalp. It may work for some, but certainly not me.
  • Get kinky twists. No diss to any of my natural sisters who rock the kinky twists, but the thought of having itchy, synthetic hair near my scalp or skin causes me more anxiety than it should. Shudder.
  • Bleach my hair. You can put this in the same category as getting a relaxer or wearing blue/green contacts. My ancestors hair didn’t grow out of their hair blonde. I can’t feel comfortable walking around pretending that mine does.
These are my personal nevers.

What are yours? Share!

Stay fabulous!