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Curly Nikki

Self-Concept Thursdays!

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

Self-Concept Thursdays!

When creating a curriculum, the education field uses something called a guiding question. According to Educational Leadership, “A guiding question is the fundamental query that directs the search for understanding. Everything in the curriculum is studied for the purpose of answering it.”

In striving to be the best version of myself possible, I’ve decided on the following: Am I living in love and light?

Asking myself this throughout the day should keep me focused on being who I want to be and not who I’ve reflexively been. It’s time for a change.

Do you have a guiding question?
Do you think there’s value in creating one?
If so, can you challenge yourself to create one? What’s yours?


  • Anonymous says:

    Great question. I guess mine would be, am I being true to myself?

  • Crystal says:

    Mine has been am I living with love, passion, and purpose? Because I want to love even the mundAne that I do, I want to do things with passion and with purpose. Which I realize I haven't been this week, and it has shown itself in my lack of productivity in all areas of my life.

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I projecting through my thoughts, words and actions, that which I would want to attract, be a part of or want to be?

  • Leandra says:

    Also, thank you ladies! 🙂

  • Leandra says:

    @Jamie 🙂 Luanna should share! I still need to do a proper post myself. I'll get on it. 🙂

  • Casey J says:

    Love this post! My guiding question is "Am I doing what I would do if I knew I wouldn't fail?" That has pushed me to be a constant visionary. Because the truth is, when you're doing what you SHOULD do, you can't fail. I was declared a Winner before I even got in the game!

    Thanks for reminding me to keep pushing. Good luck chick!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Jamie says:

    Leandra!!!! It's about time you've made you're appearance on here 🙂 Now, if only I could get Lu to share too….

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    Yeah, these are the things that keep us on the right path. My guiding question is, "How can I best serve God and his people today?" Of course, as a Christian, I believe everyone's guiding question should be similiar, but of course it's a different path for everyone. We were all created for a unique purpose with the same end goal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent idea and beautiful hair. I guess my guiding question would be, "does this make me happy", "am I living the life I, or better yet, my God would be proud of". Thanks for the inspiration!

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