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Curly Nikki

Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair

By August 6th, 202118 Comments
Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair


She came up with this pose, lol! What you don’t know is everytime we’re done taking pictures of a style we goof off and have a “fashion photo shoot”. This is one of her many poses.


Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair


Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair
She had 8 braids in with flexi-rods on the ends for the braid out.


    • A’s hair was stretched out from wearing her hair in two braids for a few days. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to gently “dry” (I put that in quotations because I load her hair up with the luscious moisturizer, lol) detangle her hair. First I used my fingers, then the modified Denman D3 brush.


    • After her hair was completely detangled I started parting a small section of hair near her right ear all the way to her left ear. I cornrowed that section then began randomly parting up and down. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, I was just going with the flow. Any design will work. I’m not very skilled with zig zags and such but I think that would be a nice touch.


    • After cornrowing about half of the right side of her hair I stopped and started parting medium sections of her hair to braid. This was for the braid out. I added flexi-rods on the end of each braid (8 total) and we were done!


  • I took the flexi-rods and large braids out in the morning, fluffed her roots with a comb and she was good to go. 🙂

Note: This style took about 1.5 hours. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and Curly Butter (You can use code BBBJF11 to receive 10% off their products!).

Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair


Side Cornrows With Braid-out- Natural Hair


  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome, I love how you can tell that this little girl knows she is loved and that she is beautiful. It shines out of every pore!
    Her hair looks divine.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very creative and pretty! 🙂 P.S. A is growing up! sniff, sniff ~KF519

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your daughters hair. We don't have children yet but I know when we do and I have a little girl I will definitely be on your site. I am on your site now a lot and I love the time that you spend with her and creating styles and regimens so that she loves her hair. Awesome!

  • Anonymous says:

    Such a beautiful little girl!! I love A's pose LOL She's such a diva.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous stye! She's a natural model!

  • Anonymous says:

    Mama, I'm so impressed and proud of the fact that you truly to the time to learn about your daughter A's hair texture and doing something beautiful with it. You put many black women to shame for what we've done to our daughters' hair and for that matter our own hairs. Just goes to show what can happen when one is determined!

  • GGmadeit says:

    Oh look at how big she is getting! She is just as beautiful as ever! You are working that hair, your skills are top notch!! It looks beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven't seen A in a very long time on the site. I love her hair and that Argyle sweater is killing it.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Breanna says:

    I must say this for her "the mother" to not be African American, she is doing a wonderful job of creating such beautiful hairstyles on her daughter. To bad you're not in the GA area, or I might have to see if you might be willing to do my hair for me….lol… I don't have any kid myself, but I do have a niece that I would love to try some of this style. But would she let me hold her still long enough to do it, she's only 4yrs…

  • Bree says:

    She is cute and the hairstyle is adorable. I' am curious too, how would that look on an adult?

  • Anonymous says:

    Cutie-pie. She's precious.

  • Karli K. says:

    Gorgeous as always! I've learned so much from you!!

    p.s. I think it would be stunning on an adult!


  • KinkyKurlyQueen says:

    She is too adorable!! The hair is gorgeous!

  • Nicole says:

    what would this style look like on an adult?

  • Anonymous says:

    She's a cutie! Go ahead and "pose" little mama! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, she is soooo cute. She could perfectly be a model for TV commercials. Julissa

  • mizcreativelyme says:

    OMGeez! too cute. our little 'A' is growing up on us and she is such a doll. you always do such a great job with her hair momma!

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