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Curly Nikki

Transition to Natural Hair- Q of the Day

By January 27th, 202135 Comments


  • TransitioningNewbian1988 says:

    (1) Description of hair texture, and starting length:

    Alright, so I am completely new with this process yall, so I am open to as many suggestions as possible.

    I am five months strong with my transitioning phase, and I live in south Texas. To those that know this weather, you can truly understand the struggle with dealing with hair. I have about 2-3 inches of curl/new growth, and the rest of my hair is still permed. My hair altogether surpasses my shoulders. From reading of various blogs, I have noticed that my hair type is catergorized in the 3b/3c catergory.

    (2) Transitioning routine:

    Let me remind yall again, I am a newbian. So suggestions are appreciated. In the past, my mother would put box perms in my hair, but since the age of 17-18 yrs (I am now 23yrs old) I started putting perms in my hair myself. I also manage my hair as well. My transitioning routine includes: washing my hair with "Pantene Medium to Thick shampoo Breakage to strength," conditioning my hair with "Pantene medium to thick conditioner breakage to strength," and DC with "Elasta QP DPR-11" (I do all of this once a week). I no longer blow dry my hair, but I have been straightening with a flat iron, while using heat protection spray. I've tried a Two-strand twist out..but my hair turned out completely wrong. So, I might stick with braid outs for now until I get how twist-out work. For moisture, I use Elasta QP Mango Butter, and I also use Dr. Miracles leave in conditioner. I know my hair enough to know that I can't use heavy products on my hair, so I usually stick with cream products that contain natural ingredients such as, vitamins, keratin, etc. I also trim my hair myself, about every 4-8 weeks.
    (3) Styles of choice:

    My styles of choice right now still evolve mainly around safe straightening. But I also do braid outs. I'm not sure if it is considered a good idea to do twist outs and braid outs on wet not fully transitioned hair. I have bangs that I keep trimmed myself, so even when I do my braid outs, my bangs are usually straight (If you see my eyebrows, you would know why). If only there was a product out there I could use that would make my hair curly like the top of my head. -_-
    (4) Decision making process for when to cut:

    I don't plan to do the BC, honestly. I plan to continue trimming my hair. Now if I feel my natural hair has reached a ccomfortable length for me, then I will consider cutting off the rest of my permed hair.

    Beautiful transitioning and completely natural ladies, help a girl out.(: Also, if you have any styling ideas for my hair type, it would greatly be appreciated.

  • Anonymous says:

    (1) Description of hair texture, and starting length: I am currently 3 months into my transition. I have very thick hair, even with a relaxer. I'm not completely sure what my hair type is. If I had to guess I would say 4b. I started my transition at SL in the back and crown area and chin length in the front and sides. I am now at chin length all over.

    (2) Transitioning routine: When I first started my transition I would co-wash and deep condition 1x per week and moisturize in the mornings and at night. I wore buns and tried braid outs and twist outs, but they didn't come out right. Last month I switched to single twists with extensions. I wore those for a month and took them out. I took a break for a week and I'm going to get cornrows today.

    (3) Styles of choice: for now, braids, braids, and more braids!

    (4) Decision making process for when to cut: I don't really have a set time of when I plan to chop. I haven't really thought about it. I didn't think that I would cut my hair back to chin length but I'm happy with the results. The plan right now is to just get an inch or so cut every couple of months until I get tired of the two textures….or when I am able to pull all of my natural hair into a ponytail, whichever comes first.

    (5) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete: N/A

  • AsyahKinks says:

    I am about 1.5 months into transitioning so im new to this right now. I colored/dyed blond my hair end of 09 and yeah lack of preparation led to it falling out so i had a short cut from thanksgiving 09 and it grew a lot from then until now and i wished i would have gone natural during that period but ohh well.
    So just 3 days ago, when i actually decided i would not be getting a perm again,I started doing braid-outs and bantu knots they came out looking nice and such but my hair at the ends was really dry (maybe cause its winter out here) and figured that one does these styles when they are deeper into transitioning. So i put some conditioner in my hairpin an attempt to get rid of the affects of the bantu knots, attempted to detangle as well (little shedding) and a plastic bag, yeh im on campus and no right supplies so imam go home tomorrow and do what i gotta do!

    I don't want to diverge and fall back into creamy crack so i gotta be strong 🙁

    So I plan on transitioning for maybe forever until the relaxed ends are gone and right now i have no routine cause even though I have been 1.5 months with out a relaxer I just decided a couple of days ago to actually go through without relaxing. I just plan on putting braids in my hair on and off and see where that takes me cause usually extension braids don't fail me. I am unsure as to the texture of my hair but I believe im either a 3c or in the 4s. My roots feel tightly curled sometimes and then other times loosely curled.

    I just have a successful and stress free transition cause we kno watt happens in frustration –> the need to relax again

  • AsyahKinks says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    4a/3c hair. Started with relaxed hair between SL and APL. I braided my hair with braid extensions on and off for 18 months. I never developed a regimen during that time but my grew to SL natural. The relaxed ends mostly shed naturally. I still have some relaxed strands as I have not mini-chopped but I'd say I have two inches of relaxed strands at the ends on less than 15% of my head. I stopped braiding in December and have been learning my natural hair since then. Trial and error! But I'm learning so much and already seeing growth so I am hopeful. Still haven't cut–at this point it would only be a mini-chop but part of me thinks that since things have turned out so well without cutting, why bother? I'll eventually shed the last of the relaxed ends and be fully natural. And I will have done it my way–so many people told I had to BC or face major breakage but they were wrong.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Hair Texture- I'm not exactly sure of the texture because I have like three different natural textures going on, plus my relaxed ends. In the back my curls are the tightest. They are spiral about the width of a pencil. In the middle they are loser and seem to be more wavy than spiral. And the very front, from my hairline to about an inch and a half back doesn't have a curl pattern at all- it's almost as straight as when I was getting relaxers just a bit frizzier and has no definition unless I braid or twist it. I didn't start getting relaxers until I was about 13 and my hair is almost exactly as I remember it. I'm really loving it already-even with the three different natural textures and my relaxed ends.

    2. Transitioning routine- Generally I co-wash once a week using organic root stimulator olive oil replenishing conditioner. In rare instances when I don't have that I use whatever suave conditioner is in the cabinet lol. I only wash with shampoo about once a month or every six weeks unless my hair is feeling gross before then. In one week I will be at six months of transitioning. During the first three months I was wearing it straight with Dominican blow-outs twice a month. For the past three months I've been on a no heat at all challenge. So I air dry after washing with my hair in about six braids (sometimes corn rows but sometimes just "dookie" braids.

    3) Styles- I haven't liked my twistouts or tnc's but my braid outs look amazing. I make about eight big braids and pin curl them to my head each night. The next day, my hair is big and fluffy ala Diana Ross- loves it! I usually alternate between three styles: braidout, high messy bun or low pony tail. I'm planning to start no heat flexi-rods sets in the next two weeks, after seeing some inspiring youtube videos. My hair is THRIVING with the no heat challenge and I think that I will make it permanent but if not, I will definitely keep it for the duration of my transition.

    4) Decision for when to cut- I'm not going to do a BC. I've had all hair lengths but have worn it short- no longer than chin length for most of the past 10 years. I've been growing it out for about two years now. I'm enjoying the versatility of longer lengths and the styling options that come with it. Even before I started transitioning I was relaxing only twice a year so I'm also used to dealing with the different textures and don't get breakage. I cut about an inch to an inch and a half every eight weeks. Overall, I have about 6 inches of natural hair in the back and middle and about 3 or 4 in the front. Right now my hair is also cut in layers with the shortest part being about 8 inches framing my face and the longest about 14 in the back. I'm just going to keep letting it grow and trimming as I go. In my mind, I should have all of the relaxed ends off by my two year mark.

    5) N/A.

  • Vonnie says:

    ) Description of hair texture, and starting length…I currently have arm pit length hair. It is very fine and my ends have been thinning during the transition. My natural hair is fine but it is wavy with a little curl pattern.
    (2) Transitioning routine….I wash weekly with Jane Carter's products. I mainly wear twist outs and rod sets. I am 8 months transitioning. I plan on transitioning for 17 more months.
    (3) Styles of choice….twist outs
    (4) Decision making process for when to cut….I want to cut off the remaining relaxer when I reach a lenght that I am comfortable with. I have done this before and when I b/c last time I only transitioned for four months. I did not have any hair and I think the short look made me uncomfortable so I relaxed it again.
    (5) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete

  • Unknown says:

    In October 2006 (2 months after I was married), I decided i wanted to grow out my relaxer. I didn't know how i was going to do it — but, all the years of growing up with a professional cosmetologist, i decided I would cut it down (very short) The top was about 2 inches and the back was shaved to my scalp close. This was no problem, I have cut my hair many times.

    Then, my hair was still breaking in the middle, because of the relaxer that was still in my hair. So I decided to do the BC. I cut my hair all over until all the perm was cut out. This was in April 2007, my hair was about 1/4" long. My hair texture is a 3C/4A. When my hair was short it was so easy to care for, because it would get so curly. I would wet my hair everyday, take my Spanish Surgro moisterizer and then place a generous amount of pomade over it. That was my "go-to" style.

    Then, it began to grow out and i couldn't take it — so, I started straightening it or wearing a wig because I just didn't know what to do.

    Four years later and 9 1/2" of hair I am loving the tresses that God has blessed me with. I straighten my hair once every three months, for the sole purpose of clipping my ends. Outside of that, I still wear a "wash and go" My wash and go consists of: wetting my hair in the shower, using my favorite moisterizer (Curls product – I don't know the name of it right now, but it smells like butterscotch), then I part my hair in sections and apply pomade to it. I work the pomade in very well, once the pomade is worked in very well – I don't fiddle with the hair too much otherwise it will frizz when its dry. The pomade and wet hair helps to keeep its natural curl pattern.

    Other styles that I wear are:
    Two strand twists
    Roller set
    Flat twists
    Afro (not by using a blow dryer. I will stretch the hair naturally and pick when dry)

    My hair goal (as well as my nine-year old daughters hair goal – lol) is for us to grow our hair 6 more inches this year. Her hair is 10 1/2" long — so, we're workiing on it.

    Thank you Nikki for giving us "Curly Girls" a forum to give our ideas and to get ideas from other "natural chicas"

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    (1) I'm a fine-volumed, medium[textured 3c/4a chica, who's partially bsl.

    (2) Cowash one or twice a week
    DC once a week
    Moisturize and seal twice a day
    Trim twice a year
    Henna once a month
    Shampoo once a month
    Air dry

    (3) Braid outs (which have improved greatly because I have much more natural hair. I hated them when I had a majority of relaxed hair.), messy/not so messy buns, updos, and ponytails

    (4) I'm one week shy of nine months of transitioning. I plan on transitioning for at least two years. I really don't plan on cutting.

  • Unknown says:

    (1) When I decided to transition my hair was about a foot long in most places. My texture seemed to be 4a/4b back then. The back of my head and the front edges had the tightest curls, and the top of my head the loosest. The other parts were all in between. After I cut I have found that my hair is 3a/3b/3c/4a. The back of my head and front edges are the most tightly curled and at 4a (very difficult to style). The hair above the nape of my neck and my ears is 3c and very easy to deal with. The hair at the top of my head is 3a/3b and doesn't curl at all. It's very wavy, shiny and smooth though.

    (2) I relied on buns, and braid and curls my entire transitioning process. I tried other things, but always seemed to go back to my trusty BnC. I would wash my hair every 4-5 days, and shampoo every 2 weeks. I clarified, hennaed, and deep conditioned once a month too. I was a regular PJ then too so I never really had a set staple of products.

    (3) The aforementioned BnC, buns, and straightening.

    (4) I never really had a set date. I would say significant dates to me (my birthday, the day of the last perm I had, New Years, etc.) but never really intend to do it then. I knew that I was going to wait until I was able to bun/pull back my hair (I've cut already but still cant bun, but anyways). I ended up cutting when I was fed up with my line of demarcation, and when I had the courage. That took 17+ months. I don't regret cutting as I thought I would before I had done it. I regret ever getting a perm cause my hair is so short and I really dislike it this length. Water under the bridge though.

    (5) I was at 13-15 inches before the cut and was at 7-8 inches right after i BCed, and now I'm at 9-10 inches 2 months after the cut.

  • Anonymous says:

    1.My hair is 3c/4a and its almost shoulder length and bangs to my nose and sides are just pass my earlobes.
    2.I shampoo w/Ms.Jessies and spray my scalp with Mizani D'Tangle.I also put Curly Buttercreme on
    my edges to keep them moist.
    3.I'm currently wearing crochet curly hair.(cornrowed straight back then curly hair crochet in and that lasts a good 3 to 4 months)
    4.I cut my relaxed ends off in 2010 and then i put in crochet hair.I'm going to wear that until i get APL.I MUST have BIG HAIR!!

  • diamondcurls says:

    1. I have a total mixture: 3C/4A in the back and sides; 4a/4b top and front. My starting length was between 9 to 10 inches.

    2. I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a month depending on the product buildup. I do a deep condition each time. My protein conditioner is every 4 to 6 weeks. Every day I apply water to my hair, hair butter, and some type of oil to retain moisture.

    3. I am all about my BUNS! I probably will keep the buns until all of the relaxer is out of my hair.

    4. When the length of my natural hair reaches the length of my relaxed hair when I started going natural is when I will cut the remaining relaxed ends off.

    5. N/A yet

  • Anonymous says:

    (1) Description of hair texture, and starting length — Started at shoulder length when fully relaxed; my hair is about 3c, 4a, 4b i guess? wavy at the crown, curly in the middle and sides, very tightly coiled and kinky in the "kitchen" 🙂

    (2) Transitioning routine — shampoo/co-wash & deep condition once a week (sometimes with steamer); moisturize [water–>oil–>butter] and style [twist and curl, braids for under a scarf, bun, or flat iron]. air dry more times than I blow dry. Sometimes I do wet sets & sit under a dryer

    (3) Styles of choice — twist & curls or flexi rod sets

    (4) Decision making process for when to cut — whenever the thought doesn't give me anxiety… i'll do my last mini chop. I am planning on going until Nov 2011 (2 years post relaxer) but that might be sooner 🙂

    (5) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete — I'm hoping for chin length with shrinkage 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    1. 3c, 3b; medium-fine hair strands; medium – thick density. Currently shoulder length

    2. shampoo scalp once a month, co-wash and deep condition once a week. detangle and wash in 2-4 sections. massage scalp. NOT a product junkie. Use simple natural products on hair (EVOO, banana, lemon, baking soda, honey, etc) as well as : Herbal Essence Hydrolicious etc, and Garnier Fructis. I haven't tried curling creams/custards yet, because conditioners work fine as leave in and I'd like to keep it simple. (as possible)

    3. Curlformer sets, braid outs, up dos, wet buns. absolutely no heat!

    4. I'll cut when my hair reaches APL…I crave length right now.

    5. Once I reach APL I will chop of the rest of the 1-2 inches of relaxed ends. I've been dusting every 3 months and the majority of the relaxed ends are in the back where I cant reach.

  • Anonymous says:

    1) Description of hair texture, and starting length:
    Monday will make the start of my 10th month of transition. My hair grows at different speeds so I have 4-6 inches of growth around my head. I have no idea what my hair type is. I do know that it is fine and thick. Right now its coiling in the back and sides but still straight in the top. My starting length was shoulder length in the top and chin length in the back due to a lot of damage from the relaxer.
    (2) Transitioning routine:
    I use no heat at all and I have a pretty simple routine. I wash with Suave clarifying shampoo once a month (or more if my hair feels yucky). I co-wash weekly with Suave Almond and Shea Butter and then deep condition with Lustrasilk Shea Butter and Cholesterol. I use Aussie Moist to detangle and also as a styler. I seal with EVOO and use castor oil on my scalp. I sleep with my hair twisted in a satin bonnet.
    (3) Styles of choice:
    When I first started I wore a bun everyday for the first couple of months until I got so tired of it I wanted to relax it again. Then I found the online resources and got ideas and tutorials on different styles so now its twist outs or Bantu Knots.
    (4) Decision making process for when to cut:
    Originally my goal was a 24 month transition. Growing tired of the two textures and VERY eager to see my natural hair after the new year I decided to do a mini chop at the one year mark and cut the rest at the 15 month mark which will be around end of May. BUT yesterday I went crazy and cut the straight ends off the back. The shrinkage was unreal! The curls were really pretty though. Hopefully it wont look too crazy or I might move the date up again. My hair has been twisted since then so I will find out when I untwist tomorrow. Originally my goal was to have my hair around the same length as when I started at the end of my transition but with the shrinkage issue I dont think that will happen. I found some YouTube videos today so I think I will start experimenting with stretching. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Anonymous says:

    1) Description of hair texture, and starting length:
    It's a mixture of coils, waves and kinks — dense/coarse and medium strands; Currently BSB.
    (2) Transitioning routine:
    I wash, condition and DC as usual – normally 2x a week. I also henna and indigo. Henna 1x a month; Since Indigo is harsher, I do it about every 2 months. I love to DC and I'm now incorporating steaming.
    (3) Styles of choice:
    I'm a military chick so buns are it… I change the part up (middle, side, or all slicked back).
    (4) Decision making process for when to cut:
    Well, I've BCd twice before. 1st time was in basic training and I rocked a TWA. Second time I was stationed in Japan and I rocked a Ceaser — kept both styles short…never grew it out natural. I would always relax when I got tired of the short look. So – this time I plan on doing a LTT (long term transition)… or until my natural hair is at least SL or APL. Trimming a little each month.
    (5) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete:
    We'll see…the best is yet to come!

  • Anonymous says:

    1. My natural hair texture is 4b, and my relaxed hair was a tiny bit longer than shoulder length when I started.

    2. I washed and conditioned my hair every couple of weeks when I was doing braid outs, and when I had my kinky twists in, I only washed my hair every month or when necessary. I used leave in conditioners and oil on my hair to style with the braid out, but I used Treasured Locks African Hair Oyl on my roots once a week when I was wearing kinky twists.

    3. I started out with braid outs, but the relaxed hair would never hold the braid out shape for more than a few hours, so I was constantly rebraiding my hair. I finally gave up and went with kinky twists, which I LOVED! They seriously looked fantastic, and the texture and color was very similar to my own. I wore the kinky twists for about a year and a half.

    4. My stylist just told me that natural hair is much healthier and easier to work with, so she suggested that we trim a little bit every time I went to get my kinky twists redone. After that year and a half, I only had about 2 inches of relaxed hair left, so I cut it off.

    5. When I finished my transition, I had armpit length hair.

    I liked the way I transitioned, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. Going from not taking care of your natural hair to all of a sudden taking care of long natural hair is kind of a shock. I'm fortunate to have managed somehow, but I feel like I would have better understood my hair if I had done a big chop instead of several mini chops.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have very fine medium densely packed strands. Not sure which curl type I am i have straight all the way up to curls about the diameter of pencil.
    when i decided to transition my hair was just below my shoulders and my last perm was in july of 2008

    My transition routine started out as alot of heat which i cut out after awile and then went back and forth btwn bunning and braidouts. I would cut off hair every now and then and finally cut it all off july of 2009 to about4 inches. i had been ready to cut it off the two textures were driving me crazy and i had a big team rooting for me to do it. I didnt know much about cowashing but i did deep treat whenever i remember (im lazy lol) I used olive oil on my hair, this stuff called growth lotion (it was awesome) and vaseline (with braid outs yeah i knew it was bad but my hair was dry and it worked for me, plus i was a broke college student). I did start usuing olive oil and aloe vera gel on my hair towards the end of my transition

    I kept it at about this length for about 6 months then decided to grow it out. Now im just short of bra strap length in the back and collarbone in the front ( i have layers). My hair is a bright ruby red now. My hair hasn't been this healthy since i was a child and i Loooooooove it

  • Bird says:

    1. super dooooooper kinky roots, I started when my hair was about collar bone length.
    2. It was in weave for the majority of the time so I cowashed about every 2 weeks. I'd use shampoo if I felt it was just straight up dirty.
    3. I transitioned using weaves and for the last few months I wore my favorite pony tail 🙂
    4. I had my mind set on a year. Once I took out my last weave and had to deal with both textures head on, there was no way I was extending my BC date lol.
    5. I transitioned for a year so with my ends it was close to APL if not there exactly. After I cut it I had about 5-6 inches of hair. I never actually measured it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have thick 4a hair. When I decided to transistion, my relaxed hair was BSL. I straightened my hair for the first 18 months…then I wore a modified WNG ponytail using straws to curl my ends. I slowly cut off random straight ends in the back. I am over 2 years into my transistion and I have about 10% of my hair left with about 4 inches of relaxed ends…I now wear my hair twist out in a low ponytail…I maybe cut a curl at a time if the straight ends are out of place.

  • Anonymous says:

    1. I have multiple hair types. The neediest and most fragile of my hair is extremely thirsty, coffee stirrer sized, fine strands that don't clump too much. It was shoulder length relaxed when I started.

    2. I didn't have a routine until the back half of my transition. Initially I was still wearing it straight with heat styling. Then I wore braids with added hair for a few months with mediocre attention paid. In the end I did wet 1" box two strand twists set on perm rods with a holding product every time I washed. The most routine thing was the regularly scheduled (~8 wks?) blowout+hot combing and major trim hair appointments.

    3. Box braids, twists, twistouts

    4. There was no big decision. Eventually one of the aforementioned trims chopped off whatever was left of the relaxed hair.

    5. I believe my hair ended up being the same length as when I started once my transition was completed. Of course it appeared shorter because it was now tightly curled. It was shorter at points during the transition though.

  • Moni says:

    (1) fine, thin(ish), coily, 4a/b(never sure if it's just 4a or both) hair. It was around shoulder length when I started transitioning.
    (2) I would either go to a stylist and have her flat iron it or wash it myself and then pull it back in a ponytail. I had no idea what I was doing for much of my transition and had a really hard time dealing with the two textures, especially detangling.
    (3) Ponytail :/ Occasionally worn out when straightened
    (4) I would wear my ponytail at the same spot at the back of my head during my transition. About 5 months into my transition, I went to a natural stylist for a straw set. She informed me that the breakage at the back of my head (where that damn ponytail sat) was so bad that I just needed to chop it all off.
    (5) I didn't measure, but probably around 3 inches. Definitely a twa!

  • Anonymous says:

    My hair texture is fine and thick – 3c with a touch of 4a on the crown of my head. my natural lenght reaches my colar bone on the back, below my ear on the sides and below my eyebrows in the front but I do have a lot of shrinkage.

    My current routine is pretty simple. Wash once a week with Suave's Shea & Almond, DT with Aubrey's Organic Honeysuckle and detangle with Suave's Shea & Almond. I use Curls milkshake as my leave in and use the Curls souffle as my styler sealing with my own mixed whipped shea butter mix.

    In between washes I co-wash with Suave's tropical coconut.

    Style of choice: because I recently BC'd, i'm dointg twist outs only. Too cold for w & g's rigth now.

    My last relaxer was end of February '10. I had planned to BC on my 1yr anniversary but I got itchy fingers and I cut about 2 weeks ago. My guess is about 4-6inces in length at the moment.

  • Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog says:

    I have tightly coiled (about the size of a pen spring) coarse strands. I started with about 10-12 inches of hair before my last relaxer around Christmas 2009. I now have ~4.5-5 inches of new growth and anywhere from 2-3 inches of relaxed ends throughout my head.

    I'm planning to big chop as early as June, but no later than my birthday in October. Throughout my transition I've been washing and conditioning 1-2 times per week and using Ayurvedic herbs as of late. I've been gradually trimming away my ends all year on no particular schedule, just whenever the mood strikes. I want to have enough hair to pull back into a ponytail before I BC, so I've been taking Hairfinity Vitamins to help me out in the home stretch. However, I'm realizing that my natural hair is super thick and sort of laughs at normal ponytail holders.

    For styles, I rocked Curlformers the first 5-6 months. And now I either do two french braids, curly puffs using Caruso steam rollers, or braidouts using the silk scarf method.

    At my current growth rate (about 1/3 inch per month), I expect to have anywhere from 6-8 inches of hair by the time I BC in either June or October (not accounting any growth boosts I might experience from the Hairfinity vitamins).


  • bludini1 says:

    My hair texture is fine and thin. I am some where in the 4 region, shoulder length hair.

    My routine is wash weekly with Shae Moisture and conditon with the volumizing conditioner. I DC twice a month. I use Kimmay leave in and KCCC, seal with coconut oil.

    Style of choice: braid out and spirals

    My last relaxer was Aug of 09. I just trim the ends every couple of months.

    I haven't completed my transistion.

  • KB says:

    Ohhh! I love these transitioning posts. On Wednesday, I will be 15 months post relaxer. Right now I am rocking a 5-day-old set of Senegalese twists and I plan to keep them until the end of March. So far my transition has been uneventful. When I had my last relaxer in November '09, my hair was APL. For the first four months of the transition, I wore my hair straight– I'd get my regular Dominican blow out and call it a day.

    Once I hit April/May, I started rocking braidouts. In June I had micros and I kept those halfway through August. Aug/Sept/Oct, I alternated between straight styles, buns, and braidouts, but mostly braidouts. In November and December I rocked crochet braids. For the first few weeks of January, I wore my hair straight…last week, I kept it in a bun, and now I have my twists.

    My regimen, for when I'd wear braidouts or buns: pre-poo with an egg/mayo/amla oil mix. Shampoo with Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo. Deep condition with Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment for 30 minutes under my hood dryer. Rinse and detangle with the GVP version of Paul Mitchell The Detangler. As a leave in,I'd use some Design Essentials leave in conditioner I'd had for a while. I'd do all this in the morning, then let my hair air dry in four pony tails, and braid in 4-6 braids at night.

    When I wore it straight, I always henna'ed– using Jamila henna– the night before, and would show up to the salon with my hair already washed/conditioned and ready to rollerset. I used Aveda Brilliant Damage Control for heat protectant.

    My hair is a mix of textures, from what I can tell. It's fine and VERY dense all over, but in the back it's particularly wavy, which surprised me. I have both tight pen-spring coils AND coils about pencil-width, and I have a patch of hair at my left temple which is sort of a Z-formation kind of kinky.

    I have never had short hair before, so I planned to transition for two years. Honestly though, since I haven't had much breakage, I could see myself just letting the perm grow out until it's all natural, trimming all the way. Every time I get my hair straightened, I have it trimmed. I know it's growing because I started at APL, and I'm still at APL, lol. In fact, after I took out my micros, it was closer to BSL. Right now, my hair is about 14 inches long in total, half natural, half relaxed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I started transitioning in 1998 and BC'd in 3/2000. So, it's been 11 yrs. My hair was relaxed and midback length when I started my transition. I gradually spaced out my relaxers starting in 1998 and stopped altogether in 1999. I BC'd down to approximately 1 inch in March 2000 and trimmed regularly at first then let it grow. It is now MBL (in the back, unstretched) and collarbone length in front (unstretched)

    Hair type: Now a 3a, but more like 3c-4a immediately after BC. I attriubte the change to weight of hair pulling it down, regular DCs (which I never did during relaxed or transitioning phase and first several yrs of being natural). I started overnight DCing 1x/wk and overnight hennaing 1x/month approximately 1 yrs ago- a good ten yrs into being natural. I know, I'm slow! Lol

    My process of caring for my hair has changed over the yrs of being natural, based on the information I come across and lifechanges.
    During the transition, I basically treated my hair the same way I did while relaxed- wash and conditioned in one step with Cream of Nature shamppo every few days. I have always been an updo person, so I really kept it bunned. After washing, I used Dudley's Hair moisturizing cream and left it in. As I got closer to BC, and right after BC, I would use Carol's Daughter Hair Mimosa Honey with an Aveda Gel. After BC, I washed my hair daily, slept with it uncovered. I shudder when I think of what I was not doing for my hair now, but at the time, it worked for me and it was so liberating. I lietrally decided to cut my hair on a spontaneous moment of frustration and excitement. Got tired ot 2 textures and wanted ALL my hair to be natural. I went from MBL to 1 inch in 30 min!

  • Latoya says:

    1) Description of hair texture, and starting length

    -4a/4b/medium/courase hair texture. Originally almost bra strap length, cut into Rihanna cut and THEN decided I was tired of relaxers
    (1) Transitioning routine
    -Routine was PJim throughout the journey. I washed, deep conditioned, and styled my hair once a week.
    (2) Styles of choice
    -Rod sets or straighten to blend roots.
    (3) Decision making process for when to cut
    -With a Rihanna cut, I only transitioned for 5.5 months. I bc'd due to frustration. With all the new growth, my relaxed ends were overpowered by my natural hair. When I tried to rod set, the relaxed ends would get smushed and tangled. I had to let them go.
    (4) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete
    -I didn't measure…oops

  • AfroDisiac says:

    When I was in transition, I basically did roller sets on my hair…the natural roots and permed ends seemed to blend better that way.
    I decided to do mini-chops on my hair, and it was basically when I was in a "crazy" mood to chop off the permed ends.
    Twistouts were also good when I was in transition…Now that I am 100% natural, I can say that twistouts are 500% better though.

  • CT says:

    1. I have a mix of 3C and 4A hair. Fine strands, but dense. I started with relaxed hair about bra-strap length.
    2. I didn't change my routine much while transitioning. I washed and conditioned weekly. I did begin learning about cowashing and no-sulfate shampoos, as well as highly-touted natural products such as raw shea butter and aloe vera gel. I eventually added these components into my transitioning routine.
    3. My hair curls up whether relaxed or not, so I mostly wore wash-and-go curly ponytails or buns while transitioning. Sometimes I wore half-wigs.
    4. I initially wanted to transition for as long as it would take me to have enough hair to put in a ponytail before chopping, but I was loving my new growth so much that I chopped after 11 months of transitioning.
    5. I had about 5 inches of hair after I chopped. That was back in January of 2010, and now I'm a couple of inches shy of being back at my starting length before transitioning.

  • MonnieD says:

    Description of hair texture, and starting length: Currently, I am 13 months post relaxer. My hair texture from what I am learning is actually fine and medium. I do have a apple head so I have a lot of hair so it is dense. I guess I have what most people would call 4a but i know its gonna change after I cut it so I just call it napps napps & straight. When I started growing my hair out, I would say it was at chin length in the front and Shoulder length in the back and bangs. I had layers and parts I thought that couldnt just grow for years.
    Transitioning routine:
    Currently, I clarify about every 2-3 weeks not a set schedule just whenever my hair feels like it needs to be clean. I use a sulfate free shampoo and ACV rinses
    I deep condition about 2-3 times a week
    typically after every cowash. I do a protein treatment about once a month and typically I henna but lately I havent since October 10'. I drink a half gallon of water a day and Weekly massages with coconut oil. I also excerise about 2-3 a week.
    Styles of choice: my go to style has been the bun but I try to fancy it up, with braids in the front, or flat twist, I also do flat twists out, braids out, bantu knots, Big ass ball of hair, and just a regular ponytail. Im starting to experiment with hats, caps, and headbands
    Decision making process for when to cut: I have not decided when I am going to cut it yet. I do get frustrated a lot though. My hair grows fast. But I honestly do not feel ready. My hair is healthy I do not get much breakage so I do not see the rush in trying to cut it. Im not sure if I am ever going to. It just more important that I ready and I do it for me 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Leslie (I love your site, it is an invaluable resource)

    Description of hair texture, and starting length
    1. 4a and 4b
    2. Hair was chin length as of last relaxer in May 2010

    Transitioning routine
    1. Wash/condition/detangle every two weeks alternating:
    — Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo/Aussie Moist Conditioner (detangle in sections with LOTS of the conditioner using a Ouidad Double Detangler Comb)
    — Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap/Aussie Moist Conditioner
    — Rinse and wrap hair in an old tee shirt vs. a terry towel to dry for 10 minutes

    2. Style:
    — Apply Giovanni Direct Leave-In to damp hair in small sections; brush through each section with a Denman brush
    — Apply Giovanni Hair Styling foam to each section; smooth each section with a rat tail comb and roller set using end papers/blue flexi rods.
    — Hooded dryer for 1.5 hour
    NOTE: Lately I have been lazier, so after applying the Giovanni Leave-In I tie my hair down with a scarf to dry. The next day I wear a protective style, then the next night I roller set by spritzing each section with water (omitting the styling foam altogether)
    — Remove rollers, coat hands with a dime-sized amount of jojoba oil and finger separate

    3. Maintenance:
    — At night I take larger sections, spray with a minute amount of water and re-roll with end papers/flexi rods…Or if I am lazy I sleep with it out (I use satin pillowcases) and it works as long as I don’t do it for more than 1 night in a row.
    — In the morning I remove the rollers, coat hands with jojoba oil and finger separate

    (2) Styles of choice
    — Roller set, roller set, roller set!

    (3) Decision making process for when to cut
    — I have had short hair and long hair. Right now I am not in the mood for short hair, hence the transitioning…Plan to transition 18 – 24 months, but we'll see!
    — I mini-chopped in December 2010, so I am relaxer-free from the middle of my hair to the kitchen

    (4) If applicable, your length once the transition was complete
    — NA

  • Anonymous says:

    Help me become the next vlogger! PLEEASE!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have fine to medium curly/coily hair. When I decided to go natural, I was at BSL. During my transition, I washed and DC every week. The products that worked for me were Carol's Daughter. I did twists with perm rods on the ends, roller/flexi-rod sets, buns, and cornrows in a bun without added hair. Towards the end, I did more twist outs. At 8 months, I decided to BC because I got tired of dealing with the two textures. I felt in love with my natural hair, I did not like looking at the relaxed ends. I had about 4 inches of new growth after I BC.

  • Rachel M. says:

    My natural hair texture is coarse and tightly curly. I did alot of braid outs during my transition. I washed and deep conditioned onced a week. When my hair started shedding like crazy is when I knew it was time to BC. I had six months of new growth and got kinky twists shortly after to allow more hair growth.

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