AishaSaidIt writes:

This morning my husband asked, “What’s that smell? Is that your hair?” And then proceeded to stick his face in my hair only to find out it was (how embarrassing). Okay, first, the whole myth about being married negates you from any responsibility to “keep the sexy” (as Curly Nikki would say) is totally bogus. It just makes it harder to keep the mystery of me being the delicate flower that I am (giggles). For instance, the razors for shaving body hair, the creams for the “lady stach” removal, and other feminine products I care not to mention here, really sheds a light on what once was a mystery when I was a girlfriend vs. “The Wife”. Okay, back on topic- – that smell he pointed out was the fresh coat of a mix of essential oils I used that morning to untwist my hair. Mainly it was probably the Tea Tree oil which tends to smell like medicine when it’s not dry. I’m in the middle of a change in the way I take care of my hair, switching from Carol’s Daughter smelly goods to Ayurvedic powders and more basic products like shea butter and coconut oil. So far, it has done wonders for my hair but is it worth not smelling pretty for my Mr.? Should I eliminate the Tea Tree oil all together, should I try to mask it away, or should I just say deal with it fabulous hair has a price?

Can you relate? Help her out!

CN Says:
Hubby hates anything that smells of medicine, almonds, or Frankincense & Myrrh. I grew tired of him looking at me with the ‘I just caught the stomach virus’ face, so I nixed those products. For me, it was easier to find something that yielded similar results with a ‘frusher’ (as my cousin would say, lol!) scent. Gotsta be frush. He gets annoyed now, because every time I use something new, I ask “Are you cool… how do you feel about this one?” He rolls his eyes and says, “one time… one time I say you smell like a baby’s ass, and I can’t live it down?” My response, “not a chance”.