by LV of Natural-Ness

In a utopia, wearing our hair naturally would be all roses… just perfect! In reality, many of us have either been or are currently in a war involving our hair. I call these the ‘Hair Wars’ (HW). I’m going to break these battles down in scenarios as follows:

HW I – You VS. Hair
You’ve been pouring over blogs, forums and You Tube videos. You finally decide that today is BC day. Your relaxer is cut and…wait, where are your curls? Why is it dry? Why is it fine and thin, rather than big and full?

Or, it’s been six months and you’re like, where’s the growth?! Or, it’s been growing pretty steady, and you’re just waiting to wear that big fluffy afro or rock some flyy two-strand twists, only your hair is too fine and your afro flops to the side or your twists are scalpy or won’t stay together. Still you continue growing your hair out, but the longer it gets, the harder it is to detangle. You begin to avoid washing your hair, because you’d rather walk on hot coals than attempt to detangle your hair. Do any of these sound familiar?

HW II – Hair VS. Environment
You’re rocking the cutest braid-out or wash-n-go ever. It’s well defined, its shiny and bouncy. You apply your makeup. You feel great! You walk outside and …BAM! It’s like someone set off a frizz bomb that landed in your hair. Or it begins to pour down raining and your braid-out swells until you are looking like Side Show Bob. You thought that “going natural” would free you, but you still find yourself running from the rain and avoiding swimming pools. You just can’t win once the humidity, the rain, the fog or the cold air hits your hair.

HW III – Hair VS. Others

You’ve built up your confidence and you’re finally ready to big chop. You like the result and you feel sexy standing in the mirror dancing, listening to your favorite CD. Hubby comes home and …record skip – he hates it. You are in love with your natural hair and he’s mourning the loss of your long relaxed hair. Or maybe it’s not your husband. Maybe you have a co-worker or boss that keeps making snide remarks about your hair. Or your mother is trying to force you to go back to relaxers. Whoever it is, if their remarks are bothering you and making you feel bad in any way, you are in a battle.

At Peace
Maybe none of these fit your current situation. You’ve conquered your battles (or never went through any) and now your satisfied.

My question to you is – are you and your hair in battle?