Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I decided to do a fun Valentine’s Day style mixed with cornrows, heart ponies and colorful beads with heart snaps on the ends. A was thrilled to have hearts in her hair, she just kept giggling and cannot wait to show her friends! Read below for instructions.


  • I washed and deep conditioned A’s hair over the weekend. After washing was complete I moisturized and banded her hair in 4 sections. I spaced the bands out about a half inch to an inch apart to stretch her hair out for styling. The next morning I removed the bands (her hair felt so soft and moisturized!) and did a quick style for school.
  • When she got home from school I took the style out, added some Bee Mine luscious moisturizer and gently detangled with our modified Denman D3 Brush.
  • After detangling was complete I got to work on the left side of her head. I began by parting the heart on the left side, above her left ear. I used a metal rat tail comb as I would a pencil and parted the heart out of her hair just like I would draw a heart on paper. After parting the heart I tied it off and cornrowed the small section of hair that was infront of the heart, along her hairline.
  • I tied the rest of her hair off, untied the heart section and parted a little hair from the inside of the heart, all the way around. I cornrowed one section inside of the heart to the right, and the other to the left. After the heart had 2 cornrows in the inside, going the opposite direction, I smoothed down the remaining hair in the heart and tied it off with a rubberband at the base. I braided the remaining hair left in the rubberband.
  • After I was completely finished with that heart, I untied her hair and parted her hair straight across in the back. I tied the back section off and got started on the top section.
  • I parted the top section of hair to the side so I had a small remainder of hair near her right ear. I tied the small section of hair near her right ear off to get it out of the way.
  • I began by starting my top section parting from the middle of the heart going toward her forehead and along her hairline. I cornrowed that section then parted another section coming from the middle of the heart going in the same direction. After I cornrowed that section I moved to the back of the top section and again, started near the middle of the heart going to the back of her head then going off to the side. I cornrowed that section and parted another section going in the same direction. After she had 2 cornrows in the front of the top section and 2 cornrows in the back of the top section I parted another heart on top. Remember, part just like you are drawing a heart on paper, only you’re using a comb in hair.
  • After making the second heart, I tied it off with a rubberband at the base, as I did the other heart and braided the remaining hair.
  • At this point she only had a little hair on the outsides of the heart so I made a straight part in the middle of the heart and cornrowed each section going around the heart.
  • I moved on to the small section near her right ear and just made 4 cornrows going straight down the right side of her head.
  • Now the entire top section is done and all that was left to do was the back section. I simply parted medium sections of hair going straight down in the back, cornrowed them, and she was all done!
  • I added some fun Valentine’s Day themed beads and heart snaps at the ends.

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