Julia writes:

I’ve BCd a few times in my life – the first time was in college. But until April of 2010 I’d had locs for 7 years. I loved them, but it was time for a change. I didn’t find out until a month later, but when I was having these strong feeling of needing to move out of this phase, I was pregnant 🙂

I thought I would end up getting braids come winter since I’d have a toddler AND a newborn. But it’s all worked out great. Check out the two strand twists I’ve been rocking for the past 4 days.

The other two times I’ve BCd I’ve kept my hair at TWA length and loved it. This time I’m planning on growing it out. Hopefully, by the time my daughter is old enough to care, she’ll be able to see me with a head full of natural hair and hundreds of pictures of every stage in between.

Nikki your site is my favorite natural hair site. I love the interviews and perspective but you also have great followers. The comments are typically thoughtful and positive. Keep up the awesome work!